Grease 2

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Grease 2
The music and feeling don't go on forever.....
Genre: Teen
Directed By: Patricia Birch
Produced By: Robert Stigwood
Allan Carr
Written By: Ken Finkleman
Starring: Maxwell Caulfield
Michelle Pfeiffer
Adrian Zmed
Lorna Luft
Didi Conn
Eve Arden
Sid Caesar
Dody Goodman
Tab Hunter
Connie Stevens
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Frank Stanley
Distributed By: Paramount Pictures
Release Date: June 11, 1982
Runtime: 114 minutes
Country: USA
Budget: $11.2 million
Box Office: $15.2 million
Prequel: Grease

Grease 2 is a 1982 American musical romantic comedy film and the sequel to the 1978 film Grease, which is based upon the 1971 musical of the same name by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey. Originally titled More Grease, the film was produced by Allan Carr and Robert Stigwood, and directed and choreographed by Patricia Birch, who also choreographed the first film and the Broadway musical. It takes place two years after the original film at Rydell High School, set in the 1961–1962 school year, with an almost entirely new cast, led by actors Maxwell Caulfield and Michelle Pfeiffer in her first starring role.


It is 1961, two years after the original Grease ended, and the first day of school has arrived ("Alma Mater" from the original musical) as Principal McGee and her secretary Blanche react in horror as the students, among them the new T-Birds and Pink Ladies, arrive at high school ("Back to School Again"). The Pink Ladies are now led by Stephanie Zinone, who feels she has "outgrown" her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Johnny Nogerelli, the arrogant and rather immature new leader of the T-Birds. A new arrival comes in the form of clean-cut English student Michael Carrington (a cousin of Sandy Olsson from the previous film). He is welcomed and introduced to the school atmosphere by Frenchy, who was asked by Sandy to help show Michael around. Frenchy reveals she has returned to Rydell to obtain her high school diploma so she can start her own cosmetics company. Michael eventually meets Stephanie and quickly becomes smitten with her. At the local bowling alley, a game ("Score Tonight") turns sour due to the animosity between Johnny and Stephanie. Stephanie retaliates by kissing the next man who walks in the door, who happens to be Michael. Bemused by this unexpected kiss, Michael falls in love with Stephanie so asks her out, but he learns that she has a very specific vision of her ideal man ("Cool Rider"). After realizing that he will only win her affections if he turns himself into a cool rider, Michael accepts payments from the T-Birds to write term papers for them; he uses the cash to buy a motorcycle. Following an unusual biology lesson ("Reproduction") given by Mr. Stuart, a substitute teacher, a gang of rival motorcyclists called the Cycle Lords (most of whom are members of the defunct Scorpions) led by Leo Balmudo, surprise the T-Birds at the bowling alley. Before the fight starts, a lone mysterious biker appears (who is actually Michael in disguise), defeats the enemy gang and disappears into the night ("Who's That Guy?"). Stephanie is fascinated with the stranger. Meanwhile, Louis, one of the T-Birds, attempts to trick his sweetheart Sharon, one of the Pink Ladies and Stephanie's friends, into losing her virginity to him by taking her to a fallout shelter and faking a nuclear attack ("Let's Do It for Our Country"). The next evening while working at a gas station/garage, Stephanie is surprised again by the Cool Rider, and they enjoy a romantic twilight motorcycle ride, which includes a kiss. Just as Michael is about to reveal his identity, they are interrupted by the arrival of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies. Before Michael leaves, he tells Stephanie that he will see her at the school talent show, in which the Pink Ladies and T-Birds are performing. Johnny, enraged by Stephanie's new romance, threatens to fight the Cool Rider if he sees him with her again. The Pink Ladies walk away haughtily, but this has little effect on the T-Birds' self-confidence ("Prowlin'"). At school, Stephanie's poor grades in English lead her to accept Michael's offer of help. Johnny, upon seeing them together in a discussion, demands that Stephanie quit the Pink Ladies to preserve his honor. Although still enchanted by the mysterious Cool Rider, interactions with Michael reveal that she has become romantically interested in him as well. Michael ponders over the continuing charade he puts on for Stephanie ("Charades"). At the talent show, Stephanie and the Cool Rider meet up but are abruptly ambushed by the T-Birds who pursue Michael on their respective motorcycles, with Stephanie, Sharon, Paulette, and Rhonda following in a car. They chase him to a construction site which conceals a deadly drop, and the biker's absence suggests that he has perished below, leaving Stephanie heartbroken and inconsolable. Johnny and his T-Birds remove the competing Preptones – preppie boys – by tying them to a shower pole in the boys' locker room and drenching them. During the Pink Ladies' performance in the talent show ("Girl for All Seasons"), Stephanie enters a dreamlike fantasy world where she is reunited with her mystery biker ("(Love Will) Turn Back the Hands of Time"). She is named winner of the contest and crowned the queen of the upcoming graduation luau, with Johnny hailed as king for his performance of "Prowlin'" with his fellow T-Birds. The school year ends with the luau ("Rock-a-Hula Luau (Summer Is Coming)"), during which the Cycle Lords appear and begin to destroy the celebration. However, the Cool Rider reappears. After he defeats the Cycle Lords again, he reveals himself to be Michael. Initially shocked, Johnny gives him a T-Birds jacket, officially welcoming him into the gang, and Stephanie is delighted that she can now be with him. Michael and Stephanie share a very passionate kiss and he whispers that he loves her. All the couples pair off happily at the seniors' graduation as the graduating class sings ("We'll Be Together"). The credits start rolling in yearbook-style, as in the original film ("Back to School Again").

Why It Sucks

  1. The film is basically a rehash of the original film, expect for minor changes, more specifically having all original characters replaced by new characters.
  2. Abysmal sountrack.
  3. Unnecessary removal and replacements of the characters: The two main characters Danny and Sandy are removed without any explanation and nowhere to be seen in the sequel because they are replaced by two new main characters, Michael and Stephanie, which they are rehashes of Danny and Sandy.
  4. False advertising: This movie is said to be a sequel to the first movie when in reality, it's more of it's own separate movie or a pilot episode for a TV show rather than an actual movie sequel.
  5. This so-called "sequel" doesn't have the same charm as the original film.
  6. The film totally ignores the events of the original film.
  7. The ending makes no sense and is tiresome to sit through.
  8. Because of the changes made in this film, it doesn't even feel like Grease. Instead it feels like another generic musical comedy movie.
  9. A lot of characters from the original film weren't even seen or mentioned, particularly Danny, Sandy, Rizzo, Kenickie, Vi, Vince Fontaine, Mrs. Murdock, Tom Chisum, Sonny, Jan, Marty, Doody, Putzie, Patty, Cha Cha, Leo, and Eugene.
  10. It killed the Grease franchise, at least Grease returned as Grease: Live! in 2016.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The acting is still decent thanks to four of the actors Didi Conn, Sid Caesar, Eve Arden and Dody Goodman for reprising their roles as Frenchy, Principal McGee, Coach Calhoun, and Blanche Hodel.


Grease 2 was panned by critics and audiences alike and holds a 37% Audience Score on Rotten Tomatoes.


  • This movie was in development for four years.

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