Godfrey Ho

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Godfrey Ho
The Chinese Tommy Wiseau
Nationality: Hong Kong
Gender: Male
Born: 1948
Occupation: Film director
Years active: 1980–2000
Notable works: The Ninja Force
Ninja The Protector
Full Metal Ninja
Ninja Terminator

Godfrey Ho (born 1948) is a former Hong Kong film director, notable for his many ninja movies. Working together with Joseph Lai and Thomas Tang, he is believed to have directed more than one hundred films, under many different names.

Notable Work

  • The Ninja Force
  • Ninja The Protector
  • Full Metal Ninja
  • Ninja Terminator

Why His Movies Suck

  1. His movies consist largely of cut-and-pasted footage from unknown or unfinished Asian films with a handful of ninja fight scenes edited in.
    • As a result, there are numerous continuity errors, and the plots are incoherent.
    • Dialogue is poorly dubbed, due to Ho only hiring actors based on whether they were billingual in English and Mandarin, and the new dialogue frequently makes no sense.
  2. False advertising: a lot of the titles have nothing to do with the movies. City Ninja, for instance, doesn't take place in a city, and Bionic Ninja has no bionic ninjas or robots.
  3. Terrible costuming; some of the ninjas literally wear headbands with "Ninja" written on them.
  4. The new scenes he adds in have terrible acting.
  5. Silly-looking fight scenes.
  6. Ho's low budgets forced him to use off-the-shelf props, much of which look ridiculous such as the infamous Garfield phone.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. His movies are so bad they're entertaining to watch.


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