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Los ilusionautas

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The Illusionauts

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When your movie has 4 names, you know that you can't make good decisions on it, because you can't decide in the first place.
Genre: Family
Directed By: Eduardo Schuldt
Written By: Kathy Borland
Starring: Moisés Suárez
Moisés Iván Mora
Julio Morín
Photography: Color
Release Date: January 26, 2012
Runtime: 82 minutes
Country: Peru
United States

Los ilusionautas (English: The Illusionauts), also known as Fantastic 4orce in the UK, Freedom Force in the US, and Max Heroes in Japan, is a 2012 Peruvian-American computer-animated film. There are multiple English-dubbed versions of this movie. The more common English dub goes by the name Freedom Force (or in the UK, Fantastic 4orce, seemingly to capitalize on other popular properties), which features Sarah Michelle Gellar and Christopher Lloyd amongst other established American voice actors. A separate English version released under the film's original title also exists, and although it's missing the more well-known American voice cast, it appears to be a more faithful translation of the original film.


There is a plot under way to change the course of history. Four kids are chosen to be the Freedom Force, a gang of unlikely heroes who travel through time to change the outcome of sacred stories. Their great adventure takes them to the deepest jungles, outer space, and underwater cities, but things go horribly wrong when a mad scientist tries to stop them. The kids have to battle cannibals, runaway hot air balloons, and a giant octopus before they can complete their quest and save the world from complete chaos!

Why It Sucks

  1. Insufferable and low quality animation that is very cheap even for 2012, with unfinished backgrounds, blurry visuals, stiff character animation, and effects that look more like GIFs.
  2. The character designs are very poor and laughable and look like "Knock-off Jimmy Neutron" in the words of The Cinema Snob.
  3. Barely any originality, as the film steals elements from other movies:
    • The suits, in particular, are a rip off of the suits from Tron.
    • It is a ripoff of The Incredibles and Fantastic Four, and the front of the box art even rips off The Incredibles box art as well (as clearly shown in the infobox).
      • The final action scene is almost identical to the city battle scene from the aforementioned film, just with a giant octopus.
    • One sound effect sounds so similar to another that it's almost plagiarism. Most notably, the suit disguise sound is almost identical to the doors from Dead Space.
  4. Pointless narration that feels forced and out of place, especially in the first scene.
  5. Terrible lip syncing, mainly because it was made in Spanish and then dubbed into English.
  6. Unfunny and bad jokes smuggled in. For example, when the scientist is showing the kids the suit, he accidentally activates a bikini disguise.
    • Speaking of humor, three characters exist only for this sole purpose: Profiterol for fart jokes, his dog, Houston, for one space joke and the main villain for laughing and accidentally swallowing a bug jokes.
    • There are also references to incest and pedophilia. For example, a character mentions that he fell in love with his baby cousin.
  7. Very annoying and terrible voice acting.
  8. This movie is a mash of random lines, random characters and transitions with no point whatsoever, making this film extremely hard to follow.
  9. The story is extremely poorly-written and has so much filler and plot holes. For example, how did the Freedom Force know where the stories were in the time machine?
  10. The main villain is an absolute joke, as he wants to destroy the stories because...he is right handed and he hates the people who wrote the stories, who are all left handed.
  11. Constant name changes, in the UK, it's called Fantastic 4orce, and in Japan, it's called Max Heroes, while the title of the movie on IMDb and in earlier releases of the film it's called "The Illusionauts", and in the US, it's called "Freedom Force", indicating that the movie does not even know what its real title is nor what it wants to be called. That's 4 different names!
    • Speaking of the title "Fantastic 4orce", it sounds so awkward that some people (e.g. I Hate Everything) pronounce it as "Fantastic Four-orce."
  12. False advertising: The posters of the film would fool audiences into thinking that the film has decent CGI, but in the film, the CGI is actually terrible. What's also misleading is that Nicole, one of the main characters, has long hair in the poster, but in the film, her hair is shorter and in one of the posters/DVD covers of the original English dub with the "Illusionauts" name, Aristotle is seen with glasses, when he only wears glasses for a short period of time in the film.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The CGI in the posters looks decent.



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