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Final Move

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Final Move is a 2013 Australian thriller produced by CineGear Productions. The film stars Richard Carwin, Chelsea Giles, Jai Koutrae, Ashleigh O'Brien, John Tarrant and Rosanna Easton, and written by Jon Cohen (who's also director, editor and producer) and Steve Willems.

A crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo to fund a press kit for the film and to be put into various film festivals. The campaign was able to raise $16,116 USD of its $15,000 goal.[1]

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible mess of a plot with awful dialogue.
  2. Horrendous acting as well as bad American accents. Sometimes the characters drop out from the American accent and start speaking Australian.
  3. Scenes that just draw out and don't add much to the plot. They could easily be cut down.
  4. Despite the film set somewhere on the East Coast of North America, it's obvious that they're in Australia. For example, the fact that people are seen driving with the steering wheel on the right side as opposed to the left and driving on the left side of the road as opposed to the right, signage on the streets with even Australian town names displayed, and the Sydney Harbor Bridge in the background of one shot. They could've easily set it in Australia and it wouldn't have affected the plot in the slightest.
  5. Terrible sound quality. Sometimes it's hard to hear what people are saying.
  6. Nothing is properly explained in the film at first. For example, whether the chess game Nick is playing is connected to the missing girls, the relationship between Nick, his wife and Aly (Rosanna Easton), why The Grand Master (Jai Koutrae) is kidnapping and killing, why Nick isn't on the force anymore, what his daughter Kate (Ashleigh O'Brien) died from.
  7. Whether Nick seeing his daughter Kate (Ashleigh O'Brien) after her death either as a ghost or in his imagination is never clear and doesn't add much to him solving the mystery of the killer other than to annoy him. The fact that in one scene she appears in lingerie emulating one of the missing girls and speaking in a sexy tone makes it incredibly weird.
  8. The missing people are kept free to roam in The Grand Master's dungeon. It makes no sense that they don't try to gang up on him when he's down there, especially when one of the victims is bigger in weight than him, yet they don't because he tortured and degraded them and because of the "rules". Yet two of them have the effort and energy to boxing train. They only then decide to stand up, though fail, because Lisa (Chelsea Giles) tells them to and then only after that he decides to chain them up.
  9. Nick somehow figures out where the killer is by comparing the placement of the chess pieces to a map on Google maps which the probability of that working is impossible. The chess pieces feature no indication of specific landmarks and how big the city is is never elaborated upon.
  10. In the final confrontation scene in the abandoned building, Lisa is stabbed in the stomach by The Grand Master, yet she's able to raise herself up whilst hanging off the ground and shows no sign of being stabbed.





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