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The Room of the 2010's

Fateful Findings is a 2013 low budget fantasy drama. The film stars Neil Breen (who's also writer, director, producer, editor, set decorator, make-up, sound, casting and costume), Klara Landrat, Jennifer Autry and Victoria Viveiros (credited as Victoria Valene).

Why It Sucks

  1. Non-existent plot and terrible dialogue which is mostly exposition. It's just a bunch of ideas cobbled up together. Things make no sense like the special pebble that Dylan (Neil Breen) is given.
  2. The plot is exactly similar to his previous film Double Down: wife dies, he's a computer hacker. Like all of Breen's movies, he plays a character that's superior than the others.
  3. God awful acting. You thought Birdemic: Shock and Terror's acting was bad, this is just BAD. It has no direction.
  4. Non-existent editing.
  5. Terrible effects and green screen.
  6. Terrible shower love scene.
  7. The indoor locations, despite meant to be different, are the exact same places, just with different lighting.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The acting can be very bad, it’s good


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