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EMO the Musical

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EMO the Musical
EMO the Musical.jpg
Genre: Comedy
Directed By: Neil Triffett
Produced By: Lee Matthews
Written By: Neil Triffett
Starring: Benson Jack Anthony
Jordan Hare
Rahart Adams
Jon Prasida
Lucy Barrett
Craig Hyde-Smith
Ben Bennett
Geraldine Viswanathan
Bridie Carter
Cinematography: Ellery Ryan
Distributed By: Gunpowder & Sky
Release Date: August 1, 2016 (MIFF)
Runtime: 94 Minutes
Country: Australia
Language: English
Budget: AUD$1.9 million
Box Office: AUD$8015

EMO the Musical is a 2016 Australian comedy musical by Matthewswood Productions and based on the 2014 short film of the same name. The film stars Benson Jack Anthony, Jordan Hare, Rahart Adams, Jon Prasida, Lucy Barrett, and Ben Bennett, and written and directed by Neil Triffett who was also one of the songwriters.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film's premise feels like one of those fake movie trailers that you see in comedies like Funny People or Tropic Thunder: An emo kid wants to be accepted by the other emos but then falls in love with a girl from the religious clique who are the emo's enemies.
  2. At the beginning of the film, Ethan (Benson Jack Anthony) tries to hang himself with him then falling and immediately going to black only for the titles to play, and then the next scene with him completely fine. SPOILER: He later reveals that he pretended to hang himself only in hope of gaining attention as emo. First of all, it's a complete cop-out and second of all, the fact that it's not at all hilarious undermines how serious suicide is in real life.
  3. Every main and supporting character is an exaggerated stereotype with no other defining traits. The "emos" are always depressed, the religious kids are always talking about god, the gay characters are constantly stating that they do not yet keep hinting that they are, and the only black character is secretly good at sport.
  4. The way the emos dress and talk feels more like they're either punk or scene. The songs they sing are also upbeat rock with lyrics about emotion instead of being purely emotional. This feels very misleading based on the film's title.
  5. Obvious love subplot between Ethan and Trinity (Jordan Hare) straight from the beginning. Immediately when they first see each other the camera moves slowly showing them in awe.
  6. The humor relies heavily on the expense of stereotypes to the point that you're constantly going "We get it, they're emo/religious/gay despite saying they're not."
  7. The whole subplot between Peter and Josh (Kevin Clayette) pretending they're not gay but are secretly in love adds nothing to the main plot and is just there.
  8. In two scenes, Peter (Craig Hyde-Smith) uses a pulse oximeter on his finger attached to a smartphone to electroshock himself when he has homosexual thoughts. They do not attempt to hide that it's a pulse oximeter.
  9. Both Ethan and Trinity are only secretly dating each other because they find each other attractive and that's it. They even admit later in the film that they only find each other attractive and haven't talked or gotten to know each other that when their big break-up happens it feels pointless.
  10. Isaac (Jon Prasida) is a complete hypocrite. Despite being a devout Christian, he has no remorse over having revenge on Ethan and others and getting Jamali (Geraldine Viswanathan) pregnant out of wedlock. He isn't even reprimanded for his actions either.
  11. Ethan actually tries to commit suicide by throwing a radio into a bathtub full of water he's in, however despite being powered on, when he drops it in it doesn't kill him but then he takes it out and it's powered back on. No reason why it didn't kill him other than because someone calling himself Jesus was on the radio station talking before he drops it.
  12. It's a recurring "joke" that Isaac keeps calling Jamali Indian despite her constantly correcting him that she's Sri Lankan because…
  13. Laughable dialogue that doesn't make sense: "This song is called poison. Because life sucks." and "This song is called: I'm so sad, I'm so very, very sad."


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