Decline of drive-in cinemas

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It was a time when the 1970s films have tons of amazing culture films that showed in most movie theatre's across the planet, but Drive-In theatres in this decade was no different.

Drive-in theaters or drive-in cinemas are a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor movie screen, a projection booth, a concession stand, and a large parking area for automobiles.

In the early 1970s, the drive-in theatres as decline as the result of improvements and changes to home entertainment, from color television to cable TV, VCRs and video rental. Additionally, the 1970s energy crisis led to the widespread adoption of daylight saving time (which caused drive-in movies to start an hour later) and lower use of automobiles, making it increasingly difficult for drive-ins to remain profitable.

However, from the beginning of the late-1970s to the 1990s, drive-in theatres begin to go up a bit, and as of the 1990s decade, it went more improve than the 1970s, and it is still going on today, and it has no declines of Drive-In theatres...yet.

The popularity of drive-in cinemas in recent times has increased due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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