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Down and Dirty Duck
Down and Dirty Duck.jpg
The poorman's Fritz the Cat.
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Charles Swenson
Produced By: Jerry D. Good
Written By: Charles Swenson
Starring: Howard Kaylan
Mark Volman
Distributed By: New World Pictures
Release Date: July 8, 1974
Runtime: 70 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $110,000

Down and Dirty Duck, promoted under the abbreviated title Dirty Duck, is a 1974 American adult animated comedy film written and directed by Charles Swenson and starring Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan (Flo & Eddie) as the voices of a strait-laced, low-level white-collar worker named Willard and an unnamed duck, among other characters. The plot consists of a series of often abstract sequences, including plot material created by stars Kaylan, Volman, Robert Ridgely, and, according to the film's ending credits, various people Swenson encountered during the making of the film.


Willard Isenbaum, a lonely insurance man with wild sexual fantasies, decides to propose to the new secretary, Susie, whom he has only known for a day and to whom he has never spoken. He spends the entire morning before work fantasizing about having sex with her, but his attempts to approach her fail. His female boss sends him to investigate a claim filed by Painless Martha, an aging tattoo artist, who works in a prison. Martha believes in a Ouija board message saying that she will be killed by a wizard on a Tuesday.

When Willard tells her that the insurance company will not pay until her death, she dies of a heart attack. Her will stipulates that her killer must take care of her duck. After the duo spend a night in jail, the duck takes Willard to a brothel. After a wild night of partying, they wind up in the desert, where the duck dresses Willard in women's clothing in an attempt to get a ride. After several encounters with an old prospector dying of thirst, a racist police officer, two lesbians, and a short Mexican man, they are finally picked up by a trucker.

Back at his apartment, Willard creates a makeshift sex object, which the duck eats. Shortly after, Willard discovers that the duck is female, and has sex with her. The following morning, Willard and the duck go to Willard's job, where Willard has sex with his female boss and quits his job shortly after. Willard and the duck leave, and the movie ends with Willard saying that Duck was a good duck after all.

Why It's a Dirty Duck

  1. The film was only made to cash in on the very popular "Adult Animated Movie" Faze of the early 1970's.
  2. Insubstantial plot.
  3. Limited and choppy animation that feels cheap (No Pun intended).
  4. Most of the film consists of Big Lipped Alligator Moments.
  5. The characters (except Willard and Dirty Duck) have very little personality.
  6. The Vulgar humor felt forced.
  7. The Art Style, While decent, is poorly drawn.
  8. The incredibly uneccesary, yet also disturbing plot-twist where Duck is revealed to be female, causing Willard to have sex with her, on top of that, Duck being female doesn't make any sense considering she has a deep male voice.
  9. The over usage of the word "cheap" can get old pretty quickly. Since it has been mentioned a lot of times throughout the movie especially at the beginning of this movie. In fact the reason why it's mentioned a lot is because it was the prototype title name for the movie before it was changed to "Down and Dirty Duck".

Good Qualities

  1. The art style, While poorly drawn, is decent.
  2. A few good jokes, Like the "Keep on Truckin" moment.
  3. The Duck is a funny and likable character. Willard is also pretty tolerable.
  4. Great ending.
  5. While it felt forced, the adult humor actually made sense to the plot, unlike most adult films.
  6. Decent Voice Acting, especially Mark Volman as The Duck and Howard Kaylan as Willard.
  7. It had a really catchy, humorous, and acceptable soundtrack. Such as "Cheap".



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