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Donkey Xote (known as Donkey X in North America) is a 2007 Spanish-Italian CGI adventure/romance/action/comedy film directed by José Pozo and distributed and produced by Filmax and Lumiq Studios. The film is loosely based on the Spanish novel Don Quixote; this is notable because the title is a pun on it. The film was released theatrically in 2007, but later shown at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival five years later. Despite this and even having its own Europe-exclusive video game published by Virgin Play, the film was not well-received, but was somewhat successful at the box office making $18,000,000 on a €13,000,000 budget.


The film follows the "true" story of Don Quixote, as explained by the donkey Rucio. Don Quixote, with the help of Rucio, his horse Rocinante and his squire Sancho, travels to Barcelona to search for and learn the true identity of a beautiful woman named Dulcinea.

Why It Sucks

  1. The main character, Rucio, looks somewhat similar to Donkey from Shrek.
    • While that just might be a coincidence, in the beginning of the film, Rucio exclaims "The only talking donkey I know is a friend of mine who hangs out with some green ogre." In other words, he mentioned Shrek.
  2. Annoying and surly characters (the only redeeming and nice ones are Don and Sancho).
  3. Misleading Title: While Rucio is the main character of this film and he gets a fair amount of screen time, the film mainly focuses on Don, making Rucio rather a supporting character.
  4. Terrible voice acting and dubbing.
  5. Animation that ranges from passable to really mediocre.
  6. Broken plot that disrespects the source material in every way possible.
  7. Really unfunny jokes mainly consisting of fart jokes or couch gags.
  8. Lame action scenes.

Redeeming Qualites

  1. Clever title pun.