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Dingo Pictures was a German animation company based in Friedrichsdorf, formed by the musician Ludwig Ickert (born March 30, 1944, died November 14, 2019) and the book author Roswitha Haas (born January 28, 1940, died December 8, 2015). The studio is known for creating traditionally-animated cartoons based on fairy tales and concepts plagiarizing the works of big animation studios like Disney, Pixar, and DreamWorks. These cartoons are highly regarded as some of the worst animated films ever, often looking as if it was traced from another cartoon.

Originally distributed in German by Jünger Verlag, the cartoons were dubbed into many languages and released on VHS, DVD and audiobooks. During the early 2000's, they were also released in Europe as part of video games (which were actually just the movie and some minigames) by Midas Interactive Entertainment (they stopped publishing them sometime in the PlayStation 2 era) and Phoenix Games (they continued to publish them until their bankruptcy in 2009) for PlayStation, PlayStation 2, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS. Though some of their cartoons did get individual English language DVD releases (most notably by East West Entertain­ment in the United States), they are cheap but rare to find.

Notable Work

  1. Griechische Sagen: Perseus (1992)
  2. Die Nibelungen Sage: Siegfried (1992, storybook movie)
  3. Die schönsten Geschichten vom Osterhasen (1993, storybook movie)
  4. Aladin (1993)
  5. Lustige Weihnachten: Max' wundersames Geschenk (1993, storybook movie)
  6. Sing mit Aladin (1993)
  7. Neue Geschichten vom Osterhas' (1994, storybook movie)
  8. Goldie: Abenteuer im Zauberwald (1994)
  9. Der König der Tiere (1994)
  10. Hampie, ein kleiner Wal entdeckt seine Welt (1994, storybook movie)
  11. Es Weihnachtet sehr... (1995, storybook movie)
  12. Artige Katzen (1995)
  13. Pocahontas (1995)
  14. Ein Fall für die Mäusepolizei (1995)
  15. Toys: Das Geburtstagsgeschenk (1996) (Remake of Es Weihnachtet sehr)
  16. Wabuu der freche Waschbär (1996)
  17. Der Glöckner von Notre Dame (1996)
  18. Janis das Schweinchen Baby (1996)
  19. Peter und der Wolf (1996)
  20. Der gestiefelte Kater (1997)
  21. Auf der Suche nach den Dalmatinern (1997)
  22. Balto (1997)
  23. Hercules (1997)
  24. Die Bremer Stadtmusikanten (1997)
  25. Anastasia (1998)
  26. Das unglaubliche Fussballspiel der Tiere (1998)
  27. Das Schwert von Camelot (1998)
  28. Ein Prinz für Ägypten (1998)
  29. Der König der Tiere: das grosse Abenteuer (1999)
  30. Tarzan: Der Herr des Dschungels (1999)
  31. Im Tal der Osterhasen (2000) (Remake of Die schönsten Geschichten vom Osterhasen)
  32. Winkie der kleine Bär (2000)
  33. Abenteuer im Land der Dinosaurier (2000)
  34. ...noch mehr Dalmatiner (2000)
  35. Atlantis: Der verlorene Kontinent (2001)
  36. Benni und seine Freunde (2004) (redub/re-edit of Peter und der Wolf)
  37. Die kleine Hexe Arischa (2005)

Why Their Films Sucked

  1. Crappy animation. It's indescribable. The animation itself is incredibly choppy and only moves at a few frames per second throughout every one of their films. It's like it was done in five minutes!
  2. Some of their films and characters in them are complete or rip-offs or stolen from famous film companies and animators, like Walt Disney and Don Bluth.
  3. Extremely low film budgets, which clearly shows.
  4. Lack of a wide variety of voice actors, since there are only around one or two actors in any of the movies.
  5. Terrible voice acting; many of the actors show little emotion, mispronounce words, and there are frequent flubs that aren't fixed.
  6. The lip syncing for all of their films is practically non-existent, as it doesn't even sync up with the audio.
  7. Terrible editing, as some sounds play too early or too late, as well as certain characters having parts of their design disappear. In one of their films, cellphone interference can be heard in the background and in another film, a bug can be seen crawling on the screen. In Aladin, you can actually hear one of the actors turning the page of the script after reading one part. Also, some of their films have visible garbage area.
  8. Tons of characters and assets are recycled constantly in every single one of their films, with little change except the colors of their clothes, or small details.
  9. Most of their movies are comprised of filler, with the plot taking a while to get along or even start.
  10. Despite translating their films in English, there are some cases where signs and even vehicles remain in their original language.
  11. The English translation usually has mild profanity despite the fact that these movies were made for kids.
    • The most common swear words in these movies are "damn" and "hell". However, this words are not considered profanity in other languages, so it's understandable. But…
    • ...the English dub of Wabuu the Cheeky Racoon made by Art Media actually has a scene were a character says "shit", which unlike "damn" or "hell", this word is not okay for a kid's movie.
  12. The story-line of their movies can range from extremely dark to downright idiotic. For example:
    • Janis the Little Pig is probably the darkest Dingo movie. It actually has a part in the story were Janis is sent to a slaughter house, where there's a scene where you can see a dead pig. The ending is nothing better, the films ends with Janis leaving the farm and living with an old pig in the forest, abandoning her brothers and his mother in the farm.
    • King of the Animals is an example of a pretty stupid Dingo movie. The whole plot is about a bunch of animals arguing and fighting over a mine of diamonds that they found in the jungle. Why would the animals need diamonds? The sequel, King of the Animals 2, commonly known as Lion and the King, is also quite dumb.
  13. The cover art for their movies outside of Germany is usually misleading, as they usually look completely different to the actual product.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Most of the cover art for their movies, while misleading, they can be nice to look at.
  2. Despite sometimes being repetitive, their music tracks are actually decent.
  3. The Spanish and Italian dubs, among other, are competent.
  4. Some unintentionally funny moments here and there.


  • A scene of the Italian dub of the film Dinosaur Adventure in which the character Oro says "Peek" (a character's name) in a way that sounds like "Yee" became a highly popular internet meme in 2015.
  • Phoenix Games published some Dingo Pictures' movies as part of video games, featuring the cartoon and some minigames using stills from the movie.
  • The studio was located in Haas and Ickert's own house in Friedrichsdorf, and the crew mostly comprised their family and friends and local theatrical actors.




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I call it Dildo Pictures


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I like their movies.


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In wis #7 what is the meaning of "some films have their visible garbage"?


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It means their films have certain background cels and things like that visible in their films.


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Most of the Dingo Pictures movies are soooo stupid, he he he he he!

"Even if that's a joke, then it's not done"

-King MAHGOD, 1999


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At least they gave us one of the most famous internet memes.


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This is Germany's worst crime against humanity post-WW2.


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This company is a GameMill and Stellar Stone of Animation... (except Dingo is old than these two i mentioned)


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Dingo Pictures? Dummy Pictures, is more like it!


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DoDo Pictures

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yee pictures


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Ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba



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The animation and voice acting are so bad, I can't believe a real company made these flaming piles of crap.

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