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Devilman (デビルマン) is a 2004 Japanese superhero film directed by Hiroyuki Nasu, based on the Go Nagai manga of the same name.

Why It Sucks

  1. The acting is so wooden and monotone, everyone in this movie sounds and looks bored out of their minds.
  2. Bland cinematography.
  3. Forgettable scoring.
  4. The pacing is too fast, which makes the movie feel really slow.
  5. Inconsistent tone.
  6. The direction is a complete and incompetent utter mess.
  7. The writing tries so hard to be a tragic story about anti-war and the lesser of two evils and completely botches it, making it awkward and corny as hell.
  8. The special effects alone are enough to prevent anyone from watching this movie.
    • Half of everything is on a green screen.
    • Sometimes, things are green screened over things that are already green screened.
    • Other times, there's green screen at places that shouldn't even have green screen.
    • The CGI looks like cutscenes for a really bad video game.
  9. The same sets are reused over and over and over.
  10. The action is so unconvincing and nauseating to the point where they're so visually noisy, that you can hardly even make out what's happening.
  11. It lacks everything that the original story so compelling and iconic it's greatest moments are severely watered down and have very little impact due to how poorly the film is written and directed.
    • In the manga, Akira's encounter with the turtle demon Jinmen really took a toll on him when he comes to grips with the fact that even as Devilman, he can't save all of humanity and people will die in the process. In the movie, Akira just kills him without a second thought, while learning absolutely nothing from that encounter.
    • The plot point where Ryo was revealed to be Satan was put at the worst moment imaginable. Also earlier on in the movie when Akira was about to become Devilman, Ryo tells Akira that he has become pure evil and tries to get Akira to kill him. So when Ryo was revealed to be Satan, this twist was completely meaningless as he already mentioned that he was evil.
  12. This movie is so bad, that people actually mourn the fact that it was made every year on it's anniversary October 9th.
  13. A movie magazine published a list of filmmakers that died and director Hiroyuki Nasu was at the top for directing Devilman. Even though it turned out to be a joke, Hiroyuki Nasu actually died of liver cancer months after the film's release. This movie is cursed. It's almost as if the movie itself is a demon, plaguing any movie self with evil.
  14. Not only was Devilman voted the worst Japanese film of 2004, it was actually voted the worst Japanese film of the entire decade.
  15. The English Dub on the Tokyo Shock DVD is even worse than Ghost Stories' English dub (except the latter was done in a comedic way due to the original being so mediocre, the former is on Dingo Picture levels of voice acting.)
  16. There's an entire subplot about the character Miko and this one kid with her, which serves absolutely zero purpose to the story and is only slapped in for the sake of padding the runtime. Also, they somehow survived towards the end of the movie, even though they should clearly be dead.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. It did somewhat inspire the use of track in Devilman Crybaby.
  2. Devilman creator Go Nagai makes a cameo appearance in the movie.


The movie topped an annual poll by the magazine Eiga Hihō for the worst movie, attracting five times as many votes as the second-place film, and also got first place at the Bunshun Kiichigo Awards and Sports Hochi's Hebi-Ichigo Awards. It was voted the worst Japanese film of the 2000s in an online poll, which noted that the excitement of the manga series getting a film adaptation increased the universal disappointment with the film.