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Death of Stan Lee

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"I'm... going to miss him. We were friends, you know?" - Stan Lee in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
"Dedicated with love to the man who nourished the hearts, minds, and souls of True Believers everywhere. Excelsior!"
Spider-Man: Miles Morales' tribute to Stan Lee

Stanley Martin Lieber, or better known as Stan Lee, (December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018) was the founder, a writer, publisher, media show host, and the editor for Marvel comic books.

Throughout many Disney and Marvel movies, he's best known for making cameos as he's the creator of most of the Marvel characters in the films. He started his career in the 1940s after Stan Lee served in the U.S. Army, he became a worker for Timely Comics and became a comic book publisher. During the 1970s, his career started to grow and he became a successful icon.

In the 1950s, he began his career with Marvel, where he became the founder of the comic book studios. During the early years, he co-created many soon-to-be iconic characters, like Spiderman, the Fantastic Four, Hulk, X-Men, Thor, etc. As his business and comics started to grow, he became more recognizable and was highly praised for his creativity, the superheroes he co-created, and his comic books. Stan Lee was well known for his charismatic and optimistic attitude, even in his 90s he remained an energetic individual that frequently appeared in events and was kind to everyone he met, even if his actual impact on the comics themselves is a little shaky.

Stan Lee made several cameos in movies based around the Marvel characters he helped create, over time as Superhero movies became more prominent in mainstream culture it became a tradition for Stan Lee to make a cameo appearance in every Marvel movie, including the ones made by other studios such as Sony (Spider-Man films), FOX (X-Men 1 and Last Stand, Fantastic Four duology, Deadpool), and Lionsgate (Kick-Ass, which is technically a Marvel film as the source material was published under a Marvel imprint), as well as some cameos in TV shows like Agent Carter, the Netflix MCU shows (But not in person here), and even animated shows like Spider-Man: The Animated Series and The Spectacular Spider-Man. He even made cameos in non-Marvel movies like Teen Titans Go: To the Movies, Mallrats, and The Princess Diaries 2.

Unfortunately, Stan Lee died on November 12th, 2018 of pneumonia in a hospital in Los Angeles, California. News of Stan Lee's death quickly spread and was covered by countless forms of media, including media outside superheroes and comic books.

Not long after his death, several Marvel and superhero movies that came after it started to pay their respects to and made tributes to Stan Lee, who was responsible for co-creating so many iconic characters that'll go down in Marvel history. Despite the long history of heated "Marvel vs DC fanboy wars" over the years, fans of DC comics also paid tribute to Stan Lee as well.

It was confirmed that several Stan Lee cameos had been recorded before his death so he made two more post-humous appearances in Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.


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