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I can't believe it's not Alien!
Genre: Horror
Directed By: David DeCoteau
Produced By: David DeCoteau
John Schouweiler
Written By: David DeCoteau
Buford Hauser
Starring: Linnea Quigley
Ken Abraham
Kim McKamy
Michael Aranda
Distributed By: Urban Classics
Release Date: October 2, 1987
Runtime: 72 minutes (US)
69 minutes (UK)
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $150,000

Creepozoids is a 1987 American science fiction horror film, the first 35mm film directed by David DeCoteau, and starring Linnea Quigley, Ken Abraham, Michael Aranda, Richard S. Hawkins and Kim McKamy (later known as Ashlyn Gere). It was remade in 1997 as Hybrid.


Set in 1998, six years after an apocalyptic nuclear war, a group of five U.S. Army deserters take refuge from acid rain in a seemingly abandoned laboratory complex in the ruins of Los Angeles. They soon discover that the lab was a top-secret government research center, where a hideous (if rather fickle) genetically-engineered monster still lurks.

Why It Sucks

  1. The movie is infamous for ripping off and cashing in on the Alien franchise.
    • Even the design of the Creepozoid looks way too similar to a Xenomorph.
  2. Much of the acting is the personification of cheese.
  3. Some of the dialogue is questionable, such as when Butch says: "They left this place in a hurry" when the building there staying at is a few years old, or Jake saying "Let's hump it" or "Let's shag it".
  4. Forgettable and uninteresting main characters that suffer from clichéd movie tropes (the dumb jock, the nerd, the sexy blonde etc).
  5. Plot hole: It's never explained how Jesse escapes from the Creepozoid, we see him get caught and in the very next scene we see him sleeping in his bed.
  6. Laughable and cheap puppetry with the giant rats and the Creepozoid baby.
  7. just like what happened with Mac and Me, Dino Time, and Child's Play (2019), the movie's ending is nothing more than just a pointless sequel-bait.
  8. It's a massive red flag to know the entire film was shot in just twelve days.
  9. The opening sequence with the protagonists walking along the railroad tracks was shot in downtown Los Angeles without a permit.
  10. Like most horror films, it has a pointless but cliché sex scene.
  11. A harness can clearly be seen on the actor when the Creepozoid is supposedly holding up the guy as they are fighting.
  12. During a chase scene with the Creepozoid, Jake gets trip over by absolutely nothing.
  13. Misleading title: There's only one Creepozoid in the film.
  14. Somehow a shoulder injury enables one character to sense when it’s raining.
  15. The Creepozoid looks too rubbery to be frightening or convincing.
  16. Bizarre and nonsensical storyline.


Critical reception for the film has been mostly negative. TV Guide awarded the film 1 star out of 4 calling it another Alien imitation.


  • Ashlyn Gere was doubled by a stunt woman in prosthetic make-up for her fight scene with Linnea Quigley.
  • Linnea Quigley said in a couple Fangoria interviews how there was supposed to be more sexual scenes in the film involving her and the monster, which would result in her character being impregnated by it. This actually happens to one of the female characters in Hybrid (1997), which is the remake of Creepozoids, and another film by David DeCoteau, The Killer Eye (1999) also has few sexual scenes between couple girls and the monster which impregnates them.
  • The original title was "Mutant Spawn 2000". Director David DeCoteau intended to use the title "Creepozoids" for another project, but producer Charles Band liked the title so much he suggested DeCoteau use it for this film.
  • Linne Quigley's feet were so small they had to buy child's size boots for her.
  • Kim McKamy was originally cast as Blanca and Linnea Quigley was cast as Kate. Kim McKamy decided she wasn't comfortable with the nudity, so they switched roles. McKamy would later go on to a career in adult films under the name Ashlyn Gere.
  • There's a Pac-Man reference in one scene where Jesse is going through the bookshelf.


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