Color of the Cross

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Color of the Cross
Genre: Historical
Directed By: Jean-Claude La Marre
Produced By: Ken Halsband
Jessie Levostre
Cecil L. Murray
Written By: Jean-Claude La Marre
Starring: Jean-Claude La Marre
Debbi Morgan
Elya Baskin
David Gianopoulos
Ananda Lewis
Caspar Poyck
Stephen Wozniak
Distributed By: 20th Century Fox
Release Date: October 27, 2006
Runtime: 88 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $2,500,000
Box Office: $85,802
Sequel: Color of the Cross 2: The Resurrection

Color of the Cross is a 2006 religious film written by, directed by, and starring Jean-Claude La Marre.


A retelling of the events leading up to the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who is portrayed as a black man whose death was a racially motivated hate crime.

Why It Sucks

  1. The movie tries way too hard to push its message about racism, to the detriment of the story.
  2. Bad script. A lot of the dialogue comes off as rather hamfisted, like "You're not black enough".
  3. Bad writing
    • The story jumps around a bit and leaves out certain events you'd expect in a retelling of the crucifixion.
    • It doesn't try to do anything new with the old story beyond making it about racism.
  4. The production values for the movie are really low. The sets clearly look like sets, and the costumes look cheap.
  5. There are a lot of historical inaccuracies.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The cinematography is at least okay.


The movie received mostly negative reviews, with criticism focusing on its low production values and incoherent storytelling.

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