Christmas in New York

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This article is about the 2005 Italian animated film. You may be looking for the the 2006 Italian film starring Christian De Sica as well as the 2016 film titled A Christmas in New York.
Christmas in New York
Christmas in New York.png
I am not going to New York for christmas anytime soon.
Genre: Fantasy
Directed By: Kim J. Ok
Orlando Corradi
Written By: Loris Peotas (Screenplay)
Clelia Castaldo
Release Date: 2005
Runtime: 88 minutes
Country: North Korea

Christmas in New York is a 2005 North Korean-Italian animated christmas film released in 2005. It was directed by Kim J. Ok and Orlando Corradi, produced and animated by North Korean-based SEK Studio and distributed by Mondo TV S.p.A.


In the middle of Fox Forest, a stray poodle named Winner that likes to play ball, along with Ari – a magical boy brought into the forest for protection from the forces of evil – have vague memories of a decorated tree and the gifts exchanged on one particular day of the year. The wise old owl, in his great knowledge and insight, reveals to them that it is all about Christmas! Thus begins a story in which Ari and his friends demonstrate their good-hearted nature.

Why It Sucks

  1. This film barely has any continuity with Winner and the Golden Child, as if it were non-canon at this point.
  2. Low-quality voice acting:
    • The voices of Ari, Winner, Fox, the wise Owl and Arbor sound nothing like they did in Winner and The Golden Child, in the English-language dub at least, with Ari in particular being the worst offender.
    • The characters keep talking over each other all the time (like The Magic Voyage)
    • They also make a lot of grunts and noises throughout the film, which will give you alot of nerves very fast.
  3. Completely incoherent plot. At first, Ari and his friends wanted to send a letter to Santa Claus to realize their gifts, but after that, there's a dog catcher with a awful cockney accent who turns into a good guy for no explicable reason and a snow fairy that never shows up again to make a wish for them, a sub-plot where Ari and another dog (with a Neapolitan accent in the Italian dub) solving a mystery, the orphanage one, and the one where Ari gets help by an older Bucktooth (one of the protagonists from Simba the King Lion) to find the names of the reindeers, almost all of which contributes nothing to the main plot and only serve as filler. Basically, it's just a bunch of random events after they get New York.
  4. Ari's reason to go to New York because is snowing here is just so idiotic and stupid.
  5. Plothole: If Ari wanted to sent his letter to the letterbox, shouldn't he be doing it from the start instead of the third of the film? Another plothole is when Ari forgets to pay the Hot Dog Vendor, who Fox constantly steal hots dogs for many years.
  6. Much like Simba the King Lion and its sequel, they way the characters enter into Arbor is very inappropriate, with the hole almost looking like a vagina.
    • Same goes to two scenes where Fox kisses a black chef, twice, which is beastiality in a children's animated film!
    • Also shoutout to the catholic priest, who's mannerisims and quotes makes him look like a pedophile.
  7. In the scene where Ari and his friends are seeing the toys outside of the toy store, there are ovbious cut-outs of real-life toys in the background with no shadows in place, three of them are Mickey, Minnie and Winnie the Pooh plushies, which could cause a lawsuit from Disney without permission.
  8. As noted by Phelous, some of the background characters are reused in some shots, including the dancing dogs.
  9. Crazy ending: After Ari, Winner and Fox goes to sleep in a large cathedral, they wake up seeing the real Santa Claus riding on his sleigh with Ari's parents in it, who where very happy to see their son again, while Fox and Winner sneak into the sewers to see alot of dogs in a celebration club, who gift them with hot dogs, then they dance (conducted by a dressed dog, who was supposed to be based on Amerigo Vespucci), but it turns out it was actually all a dream, or was it? Because a few seconds later, the two dogs that appear in the sewers shows up. It makes no sense!

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The animation is pretty decent.


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