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Can't Stop The Music

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Can't Stop The Music
Let's stop this by ourselves, shall we?
Genre: Musical
Directed By: Nancy Walker
Produced By: Allan Carr
Henri Belolo
Jacques Morali
Written By: Allan Carr
Bronté Woodard
Starring: Village People
Steve Guttenberg
Valerie Perrine
Bruce Jenner
Paul Sand
Tammy Grimes
June Havoc
Barbara Rush
Altovise Davis
Marilyn Sokol
The Ritchie Family
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Associated Film Distribution
Release Date: June 20, 1980
Runtime: 124 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $20 million
Box Office: $2 million

Can't Stop The Music is a 1980 musical film starring The Village People in their first (and only) feature film. The film is most infamous for inspiring the Golden Raspberry Awards (as its creator attended a double feature of this and Xanadu).


The story of how the Village People was formed.

Why It Stopped The Music

  1. Boring story, filled with several clichés and contrivances.
  2. Terrible acting, especially from Bruce Jenner (years before he became Caitlyn).
  3. Inappropriate content, even featuring brief nudity, despite it being PG.
  4. Related to the first statement, the movie is not sure if it wants to fully embrace the camp gay overtones that made the Village People famous, with things such as a heterosexual love story.
  5. Nothing really special about a Village People film, especially one that came at the wrong time (when disco backlash was on full force) and does not really tell their story (their founder Jacques Morali becomes the more American sounding Jack Morell, original singer Victor Willis is ignored).
  6. Bizarre scenes that drag on.
  7. The only famous Village People song featured is "YMCA", and the rest of the soundtrack is Village People filler at best.
  8. Poor timing: It came out when disco was suffering a massive backlash.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The ridiculousness makes for unintentional comedy more effective than the actual attempts at jokes.
  2. Decent musical numbers, specially the non-Village People songs.


Can't Stop The Music currently holds a 7% "rotten" on Rotten Tomatoes with an average of 2.3 out of 10, but doesn't hold a consensus as of right now. TV Guide awarded the film a rare zero out of four and stated in the review "This botched affair... goes absolutely nowhere and failed to cause much of a stir with moviegoers who, by the time of its release, were jumping on the disco backlash bandwagon." Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert also deemed the film as one of their "Dogs of the Year".

Box Office

The film had an estimated budget of about $20 million, the film flopped after it only made $2 million at the box office.

Awards and nominations

Can't Stop the Music was nominated for six Golden Raspberry awards including Worst Song "(You) Can't Stop the Music" by Jacques Morali. The film won two Awards for Worst Picture and Worst Screenplay.


  • This and Raise the Titanic (which was a Worst Picture nominee) caused the dissolution of Associated Film Distribution.


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