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Bubble (2022)

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Bubble (2022)
Bubble (2022) poster.jpg
To think this is the same studio behind three seasons of Attack on Titan and Spy × Family.
Genre: Anime
Directed By: Tetsurō Araki
Produced By: Tetsuya Nakatake
Mirai Kase
Written By: Gen Urobuchi
Naoko Sato
Renji Ōki
Starring: Jun Shison
Alice Hirose
Mamoru Miyano
Yuki Kaji
Tasuku Hatanaka
Distributed By: Netflix (International)
Warner Bros. Pictures (Japan)
Release Date: April 28, 2022 (Worldwide)
May 13, 2022 (Japan)
Runtime: 1h 28min
Country: Japan
Language: Japanese

Bubble is a post-apocalyptic anime film produced by Wit Studio. It was first released on Netlix worldwide in 2022 and was released theatrically in Japan later that May.


One day, Tokyo was covered by tons of bubbles, but after a big explosion in the Tokyo Tower, a bubble huge in size covered the city and strange anomalies happens in this one. Today, boys with life's issues enters in the big bubble and makes clandestines parkour challenges for foods and possessions. The main protagonist, Hibiki, after reach the bubble's center, fell off in the water, but an odd bubble-girl named Uta saves him and became friends.

Why The Bubble Is Popped

  1. The main problem with this anime is that, at some point, one feels obligated to love it, and after anime films for niche like Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, which have received universal acclaim for their originality and good story, it's easy to understand that this film tries in every way to attract critics to show all its history, characters and their stories, resulting in a weak and predictable first impression, also due to the problems that will be listed.
  2. On this subject, the film lacks originality, because it shows things that people have already seen a lot of times in the cinema or in other media, because the film is wannabe inferior to other franchises that share similar ideas but done before and better. For example, the film borrows elements from The Last of Us, Your Name, Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, When Marnie was There, Ponyo and even SpongeBob episodes like "Bubble Buddy" and "It Came from Goo Lagoon".
    • By the way, the plot of the film is just another one of those generic anime love stories between a boy and a girl who suddenly know each other, have nonsense here and there at the beginning but then manage to love each other. Even the ending is predictable, because we know that then they will have to separate for generic reasons and live in their worlds.
  3. The pacing throughout the film is poor, with useless plot's scenes receiving more time than useful ones, and poor camera movement that lacks energy in most non-parkour-centric scenes. Even the way the plot is structured is questionable: for example, at 3/4 of the film, the protagonists will have to rescue Makoto from the Denki Ninjas with a lethal parkour contest, and it sounds like the ending of the film due to the huge climax and of the choreography of jumps between Hibiki and Uta, only for the viewer to find that there are another 30 minutes left before the end of the film, resulting exhausting and poorly executed.
  4. The film has many petty and questionable moments, such as the scene where the boy opens a food drawer and is nearly strangled by another for "not respecting good manners" and the scene where Uta discovers, plays and jokes with chicken eggs in the hen house, infuriating a rooster who later attacks Hibiko for literally no reason!
  5. The characters are pretty clichè and uninteresting:
    • Hibiko is the protagonist that nobody understands and is antisocial.
    • Uta is a generic girl who wants to discover the world the love at first sight of the protagonist and the girl he will have to leave behind in his world.
    • Hibiko's friends, the Blue Blazes, they are only there to support the protagonist and make jokes.
    • Makoto is the besieged and intelligent scientist who tries to discover the causes of the event of the shower of bubbles.
    • Denki Ninjas are the generic opponents who hides their identity and barely do anything about the plot.
  6. Mediocre writing that requires more work.
  7. The film obviously doesn't know what logic is, as it has so many inaccuracies that it makes it seem like the producers hadn't studied physics. For example:
    • In the scene where Makoto talks about the bubble event, he mentions that inside the giant bubble there is a strange force field, which makes no sense because, apart from the black hole in the Tokyo tower, there is no a real center that attracts the elements, so it would be more correct to say "a strange gravity" rather than the other.
    • By the way, the strange force field makes cars, trains and pieces of buildings levitate as if they were soap bubbles (no pun intended), in all of this, it does not fly neither humans nor water, which should definitely be lighter than other bodies.
    • What's a black hole doing in the bubble? Don't the makers know that black holes are formed with the death of a specific star? And if the black hole was created by some strange event in the bubble anyway, why hasn't it already sucked up the entire world?
    • The falling bubbles event itself is out of place and makes no sense, because there is no gravity in space, so it is too unlikely that they all fell to Earth without even the effect of the atmosphere. Also what are these bubbles made of? It can't just be water, because it's too dense a substance to make them fly.
  8. The reason Tokyo is flooded and full of bubbles doesn't come until 12 minutes after the film, where Makoto states the whole event in a flashback that looks rushed.
  9. While the soundtrack is catchy and relaxing, it becomes extremely annoying, because (we're not kidding) it plays 16 times in the movie.
    • Speaking of music, after the title of the film, an opening theme song is played which, while also great, feels extremely out of place for an anime film and would fit better in a series. Indeed the film is as if it was originally intended to be an anime series, but that eventually became a feature film. Just like Ice Age The Adventures of Buck Wild!

Good Qualities

  1. The animation is great thanks to being animated by Wit Studio, the same animation studio behind Spy x Family and Attack on Titan.
  2. The soundtrack, while repeated ad nauseam throught the film, is catchy and relaxing, with Bubble feat. Uta, the film's opening being the hightlight, despite being out of place.
  3. The voice acting is great in both Japanese and English, especially from Zach Aguilar (Tanjiro from Demon Slayer) and Erica Landbeck (Loona from Helluva Boss).


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