Bratz Babyz the Movie

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Bratz Babyz the Movie
Genre: Musical
Directed By: Davis Doi
Produced By: Issac Larian
Jonathan Dern
Carol Monroe
Paul Sabella
Written By: Adam de la Peña
David Eilenberg
Starring: Ashleigh Ball
Kathleen Barr
Lisa Ann Beley
Alexandra Carter
Ian James Corlett
Brian Drummond
Maryke Hendrikse
Britt McKillip
Kelly Sheridann
Chantal Strand

Sam Vincent

Photography: Color
Distributed By: Lionsgate
Release Date: September 7, 2006 (TIFF)
September 12, 2006 (United States)
Runtime: 64 minutes
Country: United States


The twin bratz babyz, Nita and Nora, get ready to join Cloe, Jade, Sasha and Yasmin at the daycare center in the mall. Snappy, Nita's puppy, jumps into Nora's bag when no one's looking, and Nora, hurrying to keep up with Nita, rushes out without knowing Snappy is in her bag. Once at the daycare center Snappy gets out and escapes into the mall. The babyz escape too and find Snappy has been dognapped by Duane, the mall bully. He demands $50 from the bratz babyz as a ransom for the dog. They all have different ideas, and Jade, Cloe and Nora try to get Snappy back one way, while Sasha, Yasmin and Nita try to get her back another. When time starts to run out, they decide the only way to get $50 is for Nora to win it in the karaoke contest. The babyz learn to team up and overcome the bully, and get the puppy back.

Bad Qualityz

  1. The designs of the Bratz Babyz are poor and look nothing like there teenage counterparts. Especially Sasha, who skin tone does not match her character at all. Sasha is suppose to represent an African American girl. But the animators decided to give her tan skin color.
  2. While the traditional animation is average, there are a handful of animation errors.
  3. The scenery and atmosphere looks out of place and like nothing of what you would normally see in a Bratz Film.
  4. All the characters are given generic personalities and have no character development what so ever especially Yazmin, Cameron and Harvey. These characters in particular, are given little to no lines and are only seen to advance the plot. Yazmin is supposed to be the pacifist, yet she never did anything to prevent Sasha and Cloe from fighting. Harvey also isn't any better, as the only things he really does through out the film is follow Sasha, Nita and Yazmin around, and start a food fight in the mall.
  5. There are some plot holes in the film, such as the "Catch me If You Can" Montage, where Cameron and Harvey are seen with the girls, they are not seen after that, then later in another scene, Yazmin acts shocked and orders Harvey to tell her what he's doing at the mall.
  6. Nora and Nita are just the dolls from the Bratz twins doll line, Phoebe and Roxxi but as toddlers and with different names. They couldn't have just use Phoebe and Roxxi?
    • Nora would eventually get her own older doll later on, though Nita never did.
  7. The outfits that the Bratz are wearing are way too skimpy and revealing for infant toddlers. Especially during the end of the film, "The Ready or Not" and "We Can Do It" Montages.
  8. The Bratz Babyz are bad examples for young kids, as they are showing them that it is okay to go anywhere without telling an adult or without having any adult supervision.
  9. Even though the main four Bratz are Miss Calabash's special helpers in the movie, they are never seen helping her or doing anything to prevent the kids from acting rebellious and didn't say a thing when they took her glasses.
  10. Nita and Sasha are the most unlikable characters in the whole movie. Nita is a complete jerk to her twin sister Nora, claiming that Nora has no chance of winning any contest, calling her names and even calls her "a drowned hamster having a bad hair day.", Whilst Sasha acts very controlling and stuck up.
  11. Poor and unfunny attempts at comedy, such as Jade being blamed for Snappy urinating on the floor, Nita pretending to be a superhero, Nita kicking a lamp, Nita throwing a tantrum, Sasha mimicking the way someone walks, Harvey starting a food fight, Snappy peeing on Dwayne and Nora's atrocious makeover.
  12. The bully, Dwayne is an extremely unlikeable main antagonist who kidnaps Nita and Nora's dog, Snappy to keep the Bratz out of trouble, and has an unnecessarily and ugly character design that does not fit the Bratz universe. His insults towards the Bratz like "Burp Twerps" "Teething Tots" "Snot Tots" and "Diaper Droopers" sound like outdated insults from the 90s.
    • Speaking of Dwayne, where the heck are his parents?
  13. Halfway throughout the film, there is a complete disregard for their main goal of getting Snappy back. As Cloe and Jade decide to give Nora a makeover so she can win the karaoke contest. The whole makeover just consists of the girls following Nora and Nita's sister Jillian around and copying her, and once again, Cameron suddenly disappears and is only seen after the makeover.
  14. The animation during the song "All Together Now" is lazy as the characters seem to flicker in and out the screen.
  15. The fact that apparently the other Bratz Babyz' pets are allowed in the mall but Nita's dog, Snappy, isn't. Doggy discrimination, much?

Good Qualityz

  1. Some of the songs like "Ready or Not" are catchy.
  2. Nita is redeemed at the end of the film and realizes how her hurtful words effected her twin sister.
  3. Characters like the Mall Security Guard are quite funny.
  4. There is a slightly muddled yet good message to kids about friendship and sticking up for yourself.


  1. The movie received a 10% score on Rotten Tomatoes and 3 out of 5 stars on, with a score of 3.7/10. It has a 1/5 on Common Sense Media, saying, "Disturbing twist on already creepy Bratz dollz."


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