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Bolívar El Héroe (English: Bolívar The Hero) is a Colombian animated movie made in 2003 that tries to make an homage to Simón Bolívar, a liberator who is a very important figure in South America's history.


The movie talks (apparently) about the birth, life and work of Simón Bolívar. It ends with the Battle of Boyacá in 1821, the battle that defined Colombia's Independence.

Why It Sucks

  1. Poor grasp of the source material.
  2. Lazy animation. In fact, some characters and animals are copy-pasted and the creators didn't bothered in doing complex expressions. The most infamous scene is the one with the "Cloned Horses", and the "General Rondón, salve usted la patria" sequence (included in the trailer), where the General Rondón is a palette swap of Bolívar.
  3. They tried to make an anime-esque movie, due to Japanese anime like Dragon Ball Z and Saint Seiya being in vogue at the time, but failed miserably.
  4. Terrible and inconsistent character design, with many characters being blatantly rip-off from Saint Seiya.
  5. Baby Simón pees in the face of his first tutor. And the peeing isn't animated correctly, it looks less than peeing and more like weakly trowing a glass of liquid.
  6. The colors are way out of place, examples being the horses looking like toy horses due to being in colors that real horses are not and Simón having purple hair.
  7. Save Bolívar, none of the historical characters looks like their real life inspirations at all.
  8. The violence is incredibly graphic, even for children's film standards. This by itself is not bad, but it happens a lot.
  9. The creators wanted to simplify the history of Simón Bolívar and invented characters. For example: Simón Bolívar in this movie gets a generic rival named "Tiránico" (Tyrannic). What kind of parents would give their son that name?
  10. Historical inaccuracies that don't amount for the simplification of history for plot's sake. One example was an scene where famous explorer Alexander von Humboldt meets with Bolivar and claims to have met a liberty-minded lady named Manuela Sáenz in Quito ; in real life, not only Humboldt never met Sáenz, but, at the time he visited Quito, Saenz was of toddler age.
  11. The movie itself killed the Animation industry in Colombia for several years.

Redeeming Quality

  1. The dubbing of the movie is quite good, at least on the main characters.


  1. The movie was considered lost for quite some time, due to the producer deciding to delete the whole movie out of shame, and gained a cult status. In 2015, YouTube user A. Ariza, uploaded the whole movie, along with another one by the same company called Deus Ex Magnífica.





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As a Colombian myself, I am ashamed of this movie's existence.


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funny to think that they looked at this and went like "yeah, release it, who cares about colombia anyway"

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yep lmao

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