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NOTE: This film is obviously fake, you can add your own reasons and improve the page as long as the characters and stuff have to do with the United Kingdom, BUT DO NOT VANDALIZE IT!

United Kingdom: The Movie

UK poster.jpg

20201110 132914.jpg

The Queen will not like this.
Genre: Comedy
Buddy film
Directed By: Reverend W. Awdry
Shigeru Ohmori
Produced By: Becky Sloan
Joseph Pelling
Written By: Sharon Miller
Andrew Brener
Based On: A lot of UK-related stuff
Starring: Joseph May
Casey Mongillo
Harley Bird
Cinematography: Color
Distributed By: BBC Films (UK)
Sony Pictures Animation (USA)
Toho (Japan)
Release Date: July 14th, 2023
Runtime: 320 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English
Budget: $270 Million
Box Office: $1.5 billion

United Kingdom: The Movie (also known as Thomas and Allister internationally except Latin America and Japan) is a British comedy-action-drama animated film based on various stuff that was created on or based on the UK, it was made by the same company that created Fireman Sam and The Miracle Maker with various licenses, including Thomas & Friends, Pokemon Sword and Shield, Peppa Pig, Danger Mouse, Wallace and Gromit, Mr. Bean, Banjo-Kazooie, Donkey Kong Country, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Perfect Dark, It's Mr. Pants, Don't Hug Me I'm Scared, Sabre Wulf, Jet Force Gemini, Killer Instinct, The Lord Of The Rings, Harry Potter, ASDF Movie, Hilda, Salad Fingers, Danger Mouse, Count Duckula, The Clangers, The Beatles, Horrid Henry, Iron Maiden, Gumball, Thunderbirds, and various others, the film was directed by a resurrected Reverend W. Awdry with the help of Shigeru Ohmori, the director of Pokemon Sword and Shield, the film mainly stars Joseph May as Thomas the Tank Engine, Ben Whitehead as Wallace, Baker Terry as Yellow Guy and Duck Guy, Chris Sutherland and Banjo and Kazooie, Harley Bird as Peppa Pig, Darren Walsh as Angry Kid, and Casey Mongillo as Allister.

The film was premiered in an abandoned spot of the Big Ben in July 14th, 2023


A bunch of UK or UK-based characters enjoy their lives until a mysterious evil force tries to take over the world, so the characters, lead by Thomas the Tank Engine and his now best friend Allister from Pokémon, must unite forces and stop the unknown villain.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film suffers from a lot of problems, mainly from the characterization of the characters and the fact it lasts 5 hours, which is unnecessarily long for an animated film, it shares some problems from Thomas and the Magic Railroad, this was mainly due to the fact the Reverend W. Awdry was an angelical viper, and since he co-directed the film with Shigeru Ohmori, caused conflicts due to the infamous "Pokémon is satanic" controversy, which caused disagreements until Awdry was convinced that Pokemon is not satanic, however, the damage had already been done as the film was in 70% percent of completion when it happened, this resulted on the characters having random personalities that do not stay true to the true pride of Mother England.
    • Thomas is even more bipolar than he used to be in the series, his anger can sometimes be exaggerated to the point it could compare to Donald Duck, but other times, he's possibly even more idiotic and happy-go-lucky than he used to be in the series.
    • Allister, while pretty likable, is no longer insanely mysterious and he now does non-ghostly stuff such as going skateboarding, smiling, being energetic and being a huge Thomas fan, albeit at the beginning of the film he starts as his usual self but is changed after he's shown a Thomas episode.
    • Bob the Builder is now an incompetent builder who always hammers his fingers by accident and he could be so stupid that he would be comparable to Bob from SMG4 albeit a lot smarter.
      • In fact, there's even a moment which ripoffs MarioTube 1 by showing Bob the Builder showing a movie of himself, and it's clearly a ripoff of Bob: The Movie, made by SMG4.
      • Another proof of this is the scene where he grabs two hammers and bangs them on a wooden board as he says, "I'm the next Keith Moon!".
      • In fact, all the machines are now a lot more flanderized, such as Scoop being an idiot who screams all the time, Muck being a genius who has the authority to shut everyone up, Dizzy is now more of a Punching Bag who hates Grass and threatens to squash "Mr. Grass" if he "Doesn't explain why he exists", Roley became a asshole who thinks that Fish are the Dinosaurs but modern, and Lofty became a Laughing and Joking Numbnut.
      • Even his wife Wendy is flanderized as well. She now disrespects the dead to people she hates.
    • Fireman Sam and Postman Pat are now Bugs Bunny/Daffy Duck like rivals but they become friends 40 minutes later.
    • Apple and Onion are now portrayed as preachy food. Though nonetheless they are still likeable. Mainly Apple, but Onion can often be dumbed down into a nerd
    • Conker became more of a bastard than he already was. Sure, Conker was still hillarious in Conker's Bad Fur Day, but his flanderization made him more of a clone to Davey from Eight Crazy Nights albiet he does not do mature stuff due to the target audience of the film.
    • Winnie the Pooh himself is a honey eating bear who won't share his honey. For instance, when Paddington wanted to try some honey, Pooh lied to Paddington.
      • Even some of Pooh's friends were flanderized as well. Piglet becomes more cowardly than he already was, Tigger acts more like SpongeBob in his seasons 6-8 counterpart, Eeyore is more depressed, Kanga is a generic mother, Rabbit is an scumbag, and Gopher is a stereotype to Whovian
    • Angelina Ballerina becomes this magical girl obsessed prick. Even though she rants on how anime isn't popular in UK when there are some legit reasons as to why. Despite this, at least she still respects the UK and isn't a weeaboo.
    • Fifi Forget-Me-Not acts like she always forget what she does. It's like she has short term memory.
    • Salad Fingers may not be flanderized that much, but he is reduced to a being that is kind yet is really annoying.
    • Danger Mouse and Count Duckula are very retarded and act like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck, Danger Mouse is now as retarded as Johnny English and can't do proper stuff, while Count Duckula is now a retarded vampire who is a toxic vegan.
      • Danger Mouse also has another flanderization in the film. He actually has his Johnny Test-like personality from the 2015 series, only worse. Penfold is even a bigger coward than he already was, you see it's like his fear is used for annoyance than humor. Penfold can't even take criticism as well with his fears.
    • The Battletoads only exist to be hip and become obsessed with English Football. What's worse is that they hate America for calling football soccer. They also contribute into toxic football fans.
    • Peter Rabbit is worse compared to his film counterpart as he wants to get rid of this person that he hates who is visiting UK and happens to be a Canadian going on a trip to the UK. It's like Peter Rabbit is racist. Though at least Peter failed to do so after Wallace, Wendy, and Funky Kong stops him.
    • Roobarb and Custard are super obsessed with UK politics thus being like rivals. Sure, Custard is Roobarb's rival, but not like this. At least Roobarb isn't completely flanderized.
    • Mr. Blobby is more of a overhyped moron who can easily be compared to Cool Cat albeit more tolerable thank god. At least Mr. Blobby does not do bad stuff unlike Cool Cat.
    • Randy Cunningham is now somewhat of edgelord.
    • The Koala Brothers Frank and Buster are reduced to Australian stereotypes. Either way, at least they still have a likable status as they do help other people as usual.
    • Da Easy Crew are bigger Jamaican stereotypes. Even Diddy Kong has a hate boner for them since Diddy is racist.
    • Roary the Racing Car becomes a speed demon who breaks the rules of the speed limit on the community road. What's worse is that he never get's punished.
    • Mr. Bean loves eating beans, hence his name. Though still likable.
    • Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are worse compared to their fladerization in the Donkey Kong Country TV Series. You see, Diddy is now racist and more of a troll (like harshly pranking on non-UK people for fun and it's not funny) while Dixie serves no purpose in this movie other than her talking about pets and doing more stupider stuff. Even Diddy is a big hypocrite like in one scene where Diddy Kong tells the Blue Meanie "look at the bright side, at least we're not going to Japan where they're obsessed with waifus and husbanos instead of real people" which is total hypocrisy since Diddy comes from a franchise that originated in Japan despite being created by Rare (even his uncle Donkey Kong was created by the Japanese).
      • Diddy and Dixie were not the only flanderized kongs, Cranky Kong becomes a lazy (though not completely lazy) asshole who uses the "im too old" as an excuse which is ironic since he did some adventures before like in Tropical Freeze, Candy Kong becomes an SJW, Funky Kong becomes an annoying idiot like Cyborg from Teen Titans Go! (only worse), Tiny Kong (her DK 64 Apperance) is a big crybaby, Chunky Kong is now a show-off who loves to admire too much on his strength which can get really annoying, and Lanky Kong acts like a stupid clown who teaches people false facts.
    • Wallace now becomes CRAZY OBSESSED about eating cheese and crackers instead of everything else that is important. It's like he has a drug addiction. At least Mr. Bean wouldn't go that far. That's further implying that Wallace chooses cheese and crackers over his friends, but at least he still likes to eat legit healthy food.
    • Paddington the Bear becomes addicted to marmalade that it seems like he can't go on without a maralade. Nonetheless, he's still likeable.
    • Gumball appears for some strange reason despite the fact he's mainly American and spends every second doing stupid stuff, much to the annoyance of Allister and Thomas.
    • Zippy has become so loud that he's not even funny compared to the Rainbow series.
    • Dougal, Zebedee, Brian, Ermintrude, and Dylan are now even more stupider compared to their appearances in Doogal.
    • Archibald Asparagus from VeggieTales now becomes somewhat a religious nut-job.
    • Scrooge McDuck now becomes as cruel as Mr Krabs.
    • Noddy now becomes a Gary-Stu.
    • Gollum becomes even more obsessed with rings and other kinds of jewelry than he was in The Lord Of The Rings. His "Precioussss!" line gets annoying very quickly.
    • Banjo becomes a jackass who is obsessed with the UK culture and instead would go after those that do not fit his taste in his UK list. Yes, this means that he's racist. This is shown in the scene where he wants to destroy Microsoft just because they purchased Rare and that Microsoft is an American company.
    • Kazooie becomes a useless comic relief. Though she's still likeable.
      • the Bear and Bird duo are not the only ones flanderized, various other characters from Banjo Kazooie are too. You see, Bottles is this know it all who acts like he wants to state the obvious. The Jinjos have turned into useless comic reliefs that act stupid on purpose and do nothing to contribute to the plot. Mumbo Jumbo on the other hand is implied to have a hate boner towards atheists that he would use his spells against them which is offensive to atheists (even Archibald Asparagus called him out despite being a character from a Christian cartoon).
    • Dudley Dursley has turned into a Princess Morbucks esque spoiled brat dialed up to 11, and he's even more unlikable than he was in Harry Potter.
    • Veruca Salt (from the Tim Burton Wonka movie) has also turned into a Princess Morbucks clone, though she later redeems herself at the end.
    • Professor Layton is now a professor who would become way too much of a gentleman that it makes him look like a stereotype instead of himself. Though at least he's still a gentleman as always.
    • Horrid Henry became even more horrid than he already was, to the point where he's extremely unlikable.
    • Eddie The Head has turned into a heartless psychopath who likes to kill people for fun.
    • Billy Kane is now a rabid rock/metal elitist that wants to kill Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith, Anne Marie, and other modern British singers.
    • B. Jenet is now became a homophobic girl which is way too out of character. Just because SNK made her a cheerful girl who is very comfortable around men, does not mean that she's homophobic. What were they thinking?
    • Tracer also shares a similar flanderization with B. Jenet, she becomes a heterophobe. Just because she's lesbian, does not mean that she has to go full on heterophobic! Though keep in mind that B. Jenet's and Tracer's flanderization only happens when they argue with each other. There's even an entire scene dedicated to their argument.
    • Bridget from Guilty Gear is now reduced as a femboy stereotype.
    • Some of the Rubbadubbers were also flanderized as well. Tubb (though he's the most likable) now worships The Beatles like their gifts from God, Sploshy is now reduced as an annoying starfish toy who is a jerk that wishes death on those who hate the UK, Terrance has bad manners, Finbar is now a mindless shark who earrapes everytime he says "arr, arr, arr", Reg is now a know it all numb nut, and Amelia is now an annoying comic relief.
    • Nunu has become an annoying robot that shoots tubby custard everywhere he goes.
    • The Chief Blue Meanie has become a racist xenophobe who thinks all Americans are lazy. To prove this point, when Thomas decides that everyone should go on a trip to America, The Blue Meanie immediately says "Are you talking about the country where they eat nothing but hamburgers and hot dogs?".
    • Birdie from the first Street Fighter has also turned into a racist and said that his one wish was for "all fat Americans to be beaten up to a pulp".
    • Spud The Scarecrow has turned into a generic punching bag, and almost everyone ignores him (except Travis the Tractor), though he is still likeable.
    • Eric Feeble from Stressed Eric went from a Butt-Monkey, to being a Star Butterfly wannabe, who is energetic, optimistic and enthusiastic, and his actions bordering on being recklessness, to the point of endangering the people around him, though this change was probably for the better.
    • Whizzo is even more obnoxious and annoying that he originally was.
    • Henry's Cat is basically nothing more than a Garfield clone.
  2. The trailer of the film was a straight-up copy of the Star Wars: The Phantom Menace trailer, complete with Horrid Henry screaming NO a-la Obi-Wan, albeit Henry's scream is cut very shortly by Thomas and Allister telling him "SHUT UP" (which is actually pretty funny)
    • The second trailer was a lot more comedic featuring the same song used in the Thomas and the Magic Railroad trailer (The World is New), and it had a cringy scene of Wallace singing the UK national anthem but he's punched by Peppa Pig.
    • The trailers were also pretty inconsistent, some of them were action-themed and others were comedy themed, albeit there was one based on the infamous Mario film of 1993 that was actually pretty fun to watch.
  3. Some scenes in this movie are just pure filler and have nothing to do with the story at all. It's just there for no reason whatsoever and they do not make any sense.
  • A scene where Angry Kid says every swear word in existence at a fast pace. from words like "Darn" to "THE N-WORD". Luckily it is censored.
  • Pingu shouts a really loud "NOOT NOOT!" from on top of the Big Ben, only for Allister to attempt to shoot him and for some reason, Pingu starts flying even though penguins don't fly. Later Pingu joins the ever growing UK gang.
  • Yamper, Kipper The Dog, and Spot The Dog participate in the Westminster dog show during in the middle of the film, and after that, they aren't heard from again until way before the climax where they join the UK gang.
  • The fight scene with Billy Kane and Cammy White, (though epic), only serves as filler and lasts for a whopping 20 minutes. The same can be said about the boxing match with Dudley and Steve Fox.
  • All of the characters do an awful cover of "Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen which adds nothing to the story.
    • When Wallace sings his parts, his singing is very off key, and sounds absolutely nothing like Freddie Mercury.
    • The instrumental break is done by Banjo and Kazooie and it sounds really annoying.
  • There was one scene where Thomas And Alister insults Jody and Johnny (from Tracy Beaker Returns/The Dumping Ground and they were in there animated versions) just because they are in care...this can offend people that are in the care
  • Several characters eat fish and chips while the Thomas song "Gone Fishing" plays.
  • When Thomas, Banjo, and Allister watch this video and when they see Banjo-Kazooie winning against Super Mario 64, they announce it to the UK Gang and they all make a party that Sir Topham Hatt quickly interrupts as he ate all of the food, and then they go back to the mission.
  • Despite not being a sports film, there is an ENTIRE scene where most of the characters have to compete in football. It's almost as long as an entire game of football.
    • Additionally, there is a scene where everyone participates in a game of Quidditch that last for 40 minutes.
    • Then there was another scene where most of the cast play a really good game of Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympics on the Wii.
    • Though epic, even the scene when Banjo & Kazooie and Diddy Kong team up with each other to fight in a game of Smash is long too since they are the only members of the UK Gang to join Super Smash Bros.
  • A really cringe worthy scene where Allister dances to "Come for the Ride" (a Thomas song) and it lasts as much as the actual song.
  • There is an entire scene where the UK gang were at class learning about the United Kingdom Ironic Hatedom. Though they do have a point about xenophobes, it's still Naruto levels of filler.
  • There is a scene where the 2005 version of Veruca Salt inflates into a blueberry exactly like a certain character from Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryGMW. Though pointless, it was a good callback to where she comes from. Even Nessa, Melony, Alice, Lara Croft, and Bea inflate into blueberries in later scenes, which traumatizes Allister, albeit they revert back to normal at some point of the film.
  1. The film can't decide if it was to be for kids or for an older audience, the film has multiple highly intense battle sequences, but it has a lot of stupid humour and the fact the majority of characters in the film are for kids (Mainly from preschooler shows), plus the characters don't swear despite some of them acting rudely.
  2. As mentioned earlier, the film lasts 5 hours with 20 minutes (with 10 minutes of credits), and the intro lasts a whopping 6 and a half minutes! That is too long for a film supposedly rated PG.
  3. The infamous scene where Nessa and Uka Uka go on a killing spree because she found B O N E S in her pizza while the UK gang go around the world to search for the evil menace and confront it, in fact, the killing spree almost resulted on Bea getting killed, albeit Allister saved her. Later on Nessa regrets doing this and apologizes to Thomas, Bea, and Allister and they forgived her. Thus she joined the UK Gang. Ironically enough, she actually didn't kill anyone.
  4. The characters going around the world, while a creative idea, can make the film misleading especially since it's named "United Kingdom: The Movie", albeit the amount of time they are outside the UK are 38 minutes out of 190 minutes.
  5. The plot can be confusing at some points, to the point Postman Pat mocks it by comparing it to the most confusing roads he's been in, in fact, the producers had to explain the plot better in interviews.
  6. A lot of focus on Thomas and Allister, to the point a lot of characters who had potential such as notibally George Pig (who is Peppa's brother) Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig didn't have a lot of screentime, the character that's most revelant to the plot apart from the two protagonists is Peppa , who is luckily redeemed after her rude moments in the actual series. Thankfully, everyone that isn't the latter 2 main characters do get fair amounts of screen time since the movie is LONG AF.
  7. This movie has some UK stereotypes despite taking place in the UK, such as some characters being addicted to tea and crackers. That is hypocrisy at it's finest.
  8. Shameless product placement in the form of Tesco, Costa Coffie, Holliday Inn, Compass Group, Royal Mail, ITV, The Guardian, BBC, Rareware, and Cadbury chocolate.
  9. Even if this movie takes place in the UK, it has some historical inaccuracies involving the UK, such as claiming it was created by Arceus and that the UK and USA are enemies.
  10. The film hints at the rest of the Steam Team and the Galar Gym Leaders being a part of the team, and while it happened, they barely get any screen time as the focus of the film is made to Thomas and Allister, in fact, the original scripts were supposed to have the focus on various characters apart from those two, but for unknown reason, it was changed.
  11. The poster is misleading because it has John Lennon's incarnation from The Beatles: Yellow Submarine, yet he's nowhere to be scene or mentioned in the movie. Nigel "Numbuh 1" Uno from Codename: Kids Next Door is also on the poster, yet he does not appear anywhere in the movie, nor is he mentioned
  12. The counterparts for the trainers and trains are as follows.
    • Milo/Percy
    • Kabu/James
    • Bea/Emily
    • Nessa/Toby
    • Gordie/Gordon
    • Opal/Edward
    • Melony/Henry
    • Piers/Rebecca
    • Raihan/Nia
  13. Some jokes feel out of place or are forced like when Wallace hears someone fart and says "Ugh! You did cut the cheese".
  14. The trailers for the film hint that Rob from Gumball, alongside Zeebad, Diesel 10, for some reason King K. Rool from Donkey Kong, Glomgold, Gruntilda Winkybunion from Banjo Kazooie, and the Cybermen from Doctor Who, were gonna be the main villains, but it's H.Bomberguy who is even a bigger SJW than he was. Even though the Cybermen, Diesel 10, Zeebad, Rob, Grunty, Glomgold, and King. K Rool still appear in the movie as villains (though not the main ones).
    • The only trailer that portray him was the one based on the 1993 Super Mario Bros. film, but the others treated Rob as the villain.
  15. The film tends to be too unrealistic at times, since in the trailer parodying Super Mario Bros., there's a chase scene where Thomas and Allister (the later of which is Thomas' conductor during the film), alongside Brum, Roary and Train from The Magic Roundabout are escaping from Gordon Ramsay, Simon Cowell and the other villains, and at one point Gordon activates a trap that makes a bended track appear in the railroad Thomas and Allister were in and for some reason, Thomas actually makes a full 360 degree spin and somehow manages to get back on track, which is even more unrealistic than the accident he had in the Big World, Big Adventures movie.
  16. There's a close-up of Allister's feet in one scene.
  17. This movie is pretty racist toward Australians, portraying them as stupid, dumb, copycats and thrown-away characters, there's even a scene where Gromit attacks PhantomStrider and a scene where Thomas and Allister attack Luke and Kevin Lerdwichagul (the SMG4 duo) after the latter two called Thomas and Allister "pommies".
  18. This film is also very offensive to Americans, as they are depicted as racist, messy, overweight, lazy, redneck, disgusting, junk food eating slobs.
  19. They often mispronounce words incorrectly which is terrible, to begin with. For instance, "car" is pronounced as "cah". Why does this sound familiar?TTSW
  20. The musical numbers feel forced and most of (if not all) the soundtrack is nothing but songs by British rock and metal bands, mainly The Beatles.
    • Though to be fair, it's nice to listen to some of the characters sing their covers of Beatles music.
  21. A stupid attempt to use Of Montreal's "We Will Commit Wolf Murder" in a scene featuring Thomas and Allister realizing life is not always shit's and giggles, this is worsened by the fact that song is inappropriate for children, and there are two more sequences featuring Thomas and Allister albeit one of them is nice.
  22. Allister in one part tries to murder a whole bunch of Shy Guys due to fact people compared him with one instead of Thomas, albeit Kabu luckily stops him.
  23. Some dramatic scenes can be very stupid and are instead followed by really stupid things.
  24. Few characters that had potential of appearing only had cameos or didn't even appear at all, such as Florence, the Goose from Untitled Goose Game, Humba Wumba, Wrinkly Kong, and Pudsey Bear, who only appears once. Though it's understandable since the goose in that game is a generic goose.
  25. A lot of references to stuff that is inappropiate for children such as the Monty Python films or Spitting Image, in fact there's a scene where King K. Rool and Gruntilda imagine Melony getting the Mr. Creosote treatment (albeit she doesn't explode), as well as "Allister getting so drunk on tea he went completely off the rails", a reference to a scene of Spitting Image where that thing happens except it's Thomas
  26. There's murder in a kids film, as in one scene, Allister uses Thomas to push Wilson from Chuggington and Circle from Underground Ernie to a scrapyard, albeit it makes a reference to Star Wars 3: Revenge of the Sith. What's worse is that they didn't get punished.
    • A similar scene happen when Tiny Kong attempted to murder all the bees.
    • A similar and mean-spirited scene where Henry Stickmin distracts all Fortnite fans so that Luke Skywalker could kill them.
    • There was a scene where Hilda and Lara Croft argue about the mysterious animals that lurk around the UK. Hilda thinks it's real while Lara think's that they're not. That plot line is somehow forgotten as they started to forget about the debate.
  27. During the final hour of the film, Allister and Thomas (alongside Bea and Emily) change themselves to look like crowned form ghost/fight type gym leaders (Allister and Bea) and having both of each other's colors (Thomas and Emily, albeit both keep some of their original colors), just to enter a place that only allows crowned forms in order to search for more clues about Gordon Ramsay's evil deeds, and they stay like that for the rest of the film, however the crowned forms are cool.
  28. Allister in one scene mentions he's in love with his friend Tommy, before Thomas stares at him in a weird manner and then quickly changes it to Acerola, which is disturbing
    • Same thing happens in one scene where Train from The Magic Roundabout claims he's secretly in love with Thomas, and Allister almost says "Dude, that's gay!", luckily Doogal interrupts when he asks Allister for candy.
    • Also it proves hypocrisy, as Allister hates people from the USA, yet Acerola is a character from a region based on a part of United States
  29. There is a scene where Billy Kane meets his female counterpart from The King of Fighters All-Star and they both start to argue with each other which is a rip-off of a certain scene from Toy Story 2 and also copies elements from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse as well like when male Kane said "this could literally not get any weirder" and the female version said "It can get weirder".
  30. There's a subplot about Percy the Small Engine and Tommy (Allister's best friend) trying to get the trust of the gang, but they fail into doing so until 4 hours in, which is kinda mean-spirited, also, why is Percy allied with Tommy and not Milo in the subplot?
  31. The ending credits rip off both the credits of Monsters Inc. and Monsters University, using both Gospel by MarchFourth Marching Band and showing outtakes on the left side of the screen
  32. The first part of the ending itself is just a freaking DANCE/MUSICAL NUMBER akin to The Emoji Movie, Saving Christmas, and Open Season: Scared Silly.
  33. The Scene of Eric Feeble using his stress vein to strangle Funky Kong is very long and uncomfortable to watch.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Every character is voiced by their proper voice actors except the ones whose voice actor died prior to production. So the voice acting is good.
  2. A really funny promo for the USA release of the film where the characters are forced to sing the USA national anthem but they refuse, with Thomas exclaiming "I'm a british tank engine" and Allister proceeding to make his Gengar attack the person in charge of the promo.
  3. The scene where Mr Bean meets Johnny English is very funny.
    • Same thing can apply to Banjo & Kazooie meeting Yooka & Laylee which turns out being wholesome.
  4. The scene where Murdoc does a 5 minute bass solo is epic.
  5. The animation is nice and well done. Even the characters stay true to the series.
    • The CGI backgrounds are also visually stunning.
    • Speaking of how the characters stay true to the designs, it's nice to see how the people behind the film used the original Bob the Builder designs rather than the CGI designs for the Bob the Builder characters and it's still looks good.
  6. One of the sequences with Thomas and Allister, this time featuring "Just The Two of Us" by Grover Washington Jr., is actually pretty nice and relaxing
  7. The only few characters that were not flanderized or have improved from their original personalities were Yellow Guy, Red Guy, Duck Guy, Perfect Peter, Boj, The Sun Baby, Draco Malfoy, James the Red Engine, Edward the Blue Engine, Gordon the Big Engine, Shaun the Sheep, Bilbo Baggins, Victor, Gloria, Pink Panther, a Fall Guy, Sackboy, Captain Blubber, George (Rainbow), Alice, Bungle, The Rest of the Galar Gym Leaders, Mr. Pants, Big Chris, Farmer Green, Flash the Rabbit, Mr. Carburettor, Marsha, Luke Triton, Timmy, Kiddy Kong, Gandalf, Jeremy Hillary Boob, Harry Potter, Dumbledore, Jake Tweenie, Mac Manc McManx, Bagpass, Ferb, Cammy, Travis the Tractor, Morph, Angry Kid, Owl, Roo, Hilda, Spot (Spot Goes To Hollywood), the Pigs from Shaun the Sheep, Agent Honeydew, Bumble, the Tracy Family, Lara Croft, Yooka, Laylee, Joanna Dark, and Johnny English.
    • The Pigs from Shaun the Sheep are a lot more friendly to Shaun since they both know that they are going to a quest with the UK Gang. Even the Pigs still do their silly antics to Shaun and Timmy.
    • Sackboy is one of the cutest characters in the movie despite being a silent character.
    • The Pink Panther is still silent as always and does deliver some classic funny moments.
    • James now legit cares for others and not his red paint.
    • Kiddy Kong doesn't make that loud ear piercing cry unlike in his appearance in Donkey Kong Country 3
    • Cammy is still beautiful in her own right. Albeit she does wear pants just like her cameo in Wreck-It Ralph.
    • Perfect Peter now becomes likable and has a reason of accusing Horrid Henry, and he doesn't scream "MUM, DAD!" in an earrape tone.
    • Johnny English becomes more competent than he was in the original films.
    • Mac Manc McManx, despite still speaking in a confusing British slang, is still a likable character as usual.
    • Bagpuss is still a funny character.
    • Draco Malfoy has become less of a jerk than he was in Harry Potter, and has gained lots of likability.
    • The Sun Baby is a lot less creepy than he originally was in Teletubbies.
    • Jake Tweenie has became less of a punching bag, and is a lot more mature than he was in Tweenies.
    • Angry Kid is still a very funny, clever and troublesome boy as he was in the OG Show. "So can i say......BUGGER?:
  8. The song, "I'm Still Standing", serves as a somewhat fitting song for the film's climax.
  9. The scene where Thomas sang the song "Someday" by Keisha White (and it from the show "The Story of Tracy Beaker") is amazing.
    • And the scene where Thomas, Wilson and Circle get into a rap battle was funny.
  10. The Narrator from LittleBigPlanet (which is of course Stephen Fry) appears as the narrator for the film which is a nice callback to the LBP series. Even Stephen Fry does a good job at being the narrator.
  11. Entertaining action sequences like an awesome final battle in London.
    • Another one would be how Jeremy Hillary Boob and Gruntilda do a rhyme battle.
  12. The scene where Professor Layton and Luke solve various puzzles is lengthy but well done. Also well animated.
  13. There is a really nice post-credits scene where most of the characters sing Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds by The Beatles and they all sing good.
  14. The actual second part of the ending is actually nice, calm and relaxing, as it involves Allister asking Thomas if he could take a private ride on him for the last time before the movie ends, to which Thomas accepts, and then it cuts to Thomas travelling around multiple famous UK locations while Allister looks outside Annie and Clarabel's windows, complete with an instrumental rendition of "The Island Song" and having the scene take place at night. Same goes for the rest of The Steam Team and the Galar Gym Leaders who get the same treatment. There Thomas & his friends give the Gym Leaders a nice ride back home.
  15. The short film that came before the movie played (Mick's Birthday Blast) was really great. It featured Mick, Planty, Thomas, Allister, Bob the Builder, Bob the Tomato, Larry the Cucumber, Mario, Luigi, Futaba Sakura, Morgana, Nessa, Fireman Sam, Postman Pat, Mr. Bean, SpongeBob, Patrick, Mickey Mouse (the character), Gumball, Darwin, Shaun the Sheep, Timmy the Sheep, Banjo, Kazooie, Wallace, and Gromit celebrating Mick's birthday.
  16. It was nice to see some characters return to animation and the big screen.
  17. The movie introduces a new character named Redneck Kong who was a likeable character despite being a kong/UK gang memeber created for the movie. Though there is a lot more to him as said in the trivia section.
  18. Thomas, Allister, Emily and Bea's crowned form redesigns used in the last hour of the film are actually cool, despite them being pretty pointless.
  19. At the end, Diddy Kong interrupts a scene where he says maybe the UK Gang should get a racing game and I can see it as a sequel to Diddy Kong Racing. Trust me, this should be a fun crossover.
  20. The climax scene where Thomas, Allister and Tommy (the later of whom is now Thomas's secondary conductor), alongside the rest of the UK Gang (with many of them being separated into many trains) escape from an infernal London being bombarded by H.Bomberguy


While this film was proven to be a box office success in the UK and the USA, this film has gotten some mixed but mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences alike due to story problems and the flanderization of many beloved characters thus leading Rotten Tomatoes giving the score of 35%. Even though this film gotten some negative feedback, it did managed to win a Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Award blimp for best animated feature, the film was also nominated at the BAFTA awards for "Best Film", "Best Animated Film", "Best Actor in a Leading Role" (for Joseph May) and "Best Actor in a Supporting Role" (for Casey Mongillo), winning the later three. The film also had a cult following.

Cast (Because Why Not)

  1. Joseph May as Thomas the Tank Engine
  2. Casey Mongillo as Allister
  3. Amelie Bea Smith as Peppa Pig
  4. Darren Walsh as Angry Kid
  5. Caitlin Glass as Cammy
  6. Laura Stahl as Bea
  7. Zach Aguilar as Milo
  8. Edward Bosco as Piers
  9. Nazeeh Tarsha as Raihan
  10. Anairis Quinones as Nessa
  11. Dorothy Elias-Fahn as Melony
  12. Peter Capaldi as Kabu
  13. Candi Milo as Opal
  14. Robbie Daymond as Gordie
  15. Roman Lutterotti as Bede
  16. Robbie Williams as Dougal
  17. Jim Broadbent as Brian
  18. Joanna Lumley as Ermintrude
  19. Bill Nighy as Dylan
  20. Ian McKellen as Zebedee
  21. Ben Whishaw as Paddington
  22. Stephen Mangan as Postman Pat
  23. Steven Kynman as Fireman Sam
  24. Ben Whitehead as Wallace
  25. Mark Heap as Eric Feeble
  26. Phil Vischer as Archibald Asparagus
  27. Chris Sutherland as Banjo and Kazooie
  28. Grant Kirkhope as Mumbo Jumbo
  29. Bret Iwan as Bottles the Mole
  30. Alexander Armstrong as Danger Mouse
  31. Rasmus Hardiker as Duckula
  32. Nicolas Cantu as Gumball
  33. James Corden as Peter Rabbit
  34. Gordon Ramsay as himself
  35. Simon Cowell as himself
  36. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean and Johnny English
  37. David Tennant as Scrooge and Cheif Blue Meanine
  38. Lee Ingleby as Bob
  39. Blake Harrison as Scoop
  40. Vicent Tong as Muck
  41. Richard Ian Cox as Lofty
  42. Claire Corlett as Dizzy
  43. Ian James Corlett as Roley
  44. Ronnie Le Drew as Zippy
  45. Mark Mander as George
  46. John Leeson as Bungle
  47. Andrew Sabiston as Diddy Kong
  48. Damon D'Oliveria as Funky Kong
  49. Joy Tanner as Candy Kong
  50. Stevie Vallance as Dixie Kong
  51. Lewis Black as Cranky Kong
  52. Kate Micucci as Tiny Kong
  53. Patrick Seitz as Chunky Kong
  54. Tom Kenny as Lanky Kong
  55. David Firth as Salad Fingers
  56. Christopher Robin Miller as Professor Layton
  57. Lani Minella as Luke Triton
  58. Bella Ramsey as Hilda
  59. Charlotte Spencer as Angelina
  60. Camilla Luddington as Lara Croft
  61. Louis Ashbourne Serkis as Noddy
  62. David Sant as Pingu
  63. John Gordon Sinclair as Tubb, Reg, and Terrance
  64. Maria Darling as Sploshy, Amelia, Winona, Dan, Whizzo, Pink and Delilah
  65. Charles Martinet as Finbar
  66. Bruce Dickinson as Eddie The Head
  67. Kath Soucie as Agent Honeydew
  68. Larry the Cable Guy as Redneck Kong
  69. Baker Terry as Yellow Guy and Duck Guy
  70. Joe Pelling as Red Guy

Sound Track for the film

  1. Sadeness - Enigma (Thomas/Pokemon cover)
  2. God Save the Queen feat. Laura Wright
  3. Thomas & Friends Theme Song Orchestra Version
  4. Thomas, You're the Leader - Thomas
  5. The DK Rap (New Version)
  6. I'm Bean, Mr. Bean
  7. Donkey Kong Jungle Level (New Version)
  8. Shaun the Sheep Theme Song Remix
  9. Bob the Builder Theme Song Remix
  10. Spiral Mountain (Banjo-Kazooie) Orchestrated Version
  11. Yellow Submarine - The Beatles
  12. The Trooper - Iron Maiden
  13. Engine Roll Call - Galar Gym Leaders Cover
  14. Mr. Blue Sky - Electric Light Orchestra
  15. Professor Layton's Theme Remix
  16. Pingu Theme Remix
  17. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds - Elton John cover
  18. Ne! - King of Fighters 94
  19. Don't Bring Me Down - Electric Light Orchestra
  20. Bohemian Rhapsody - UK Gang Cover
  21. Wild West Hero - Electric Light Orchestra
  22. Xanadu - Electric Light Orchestra
  23. Gangplank Galleon (SSBU)
  24. Showdown - Electric Light Orchestra
  25. Snakey Chantey (SSBU)
  26. Crocodile Cacophony (SSBU)
  27. London March (KoF AS ver)
  28. Viva la Vida - Coldplay
  29. Alright - Electric Light Orchestra
  30. Another Break In The Wall parts 1-3 - Pink Floyd
  31. Hey Bulldog - The Beatles
  32. Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin
  33. Rock Solid (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
  34. Theme of Cammy - Street Fighter IV
  35. Livin' Thing - Electric Light Orchestra
  36. Battle Tower (Pokemon Sword and Shield) - Toby Fox
  37. Gone Fishing - Thomas & Friends
  38. Rock 'N' Roll is King - Electric Light Orchestra
  39. Final Battle (Banjo-Kazooie) Remix
  40. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da - The Beatles
  41. I'm Still Standing - Elton John
  42. Rockaria! - Electric Light Orchestra
  43. Gospel by MarchFourth Marching Band
  44. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (UK Gang Cover)


  • There was originally going to be a scene featuring Thomas and Allister getting mad at each other and separating due to a misunderstanding and then try to convince the rest of the UK Gang to leave either one of them aside, only for them to (separated from each other) stare at a nightly sky while an English cover of the song "Himawari no Yakusoku" from Stand by Me: Doraemon plays, and then they manage to reunite, the scene was cut due to it being considered pointless and kind-of depressing, albeit a Japanese PSA promo for the film used a newly created scene similar to that one, complete with the same song, with the PSA teaching about the values of friendship.
    • Another Japanese promo for this movie features the UK gang singing a parody version of the Fire Emblem theme song which is in both the English version and the Japanese version.
  • Some of the posters of the film parodied other famous posters, like one with Fireman Sam and Postman Pat which referenced Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, one with Allister which parodied the famous poster of Thomas and the Magic Railroad, and a poster with Mr. Bean parodying Charlie Chaplin films. There is also another one which features most of the UK Gang parodying the Toy Story 3 poster.
  • The film started development the same time as Pokemon Sword and Shield did and was gonna be released in January 17th, 2020, in the original scripts, Thomas' companion was gonna be Gumball, but due to early secret test audiences reacting positively to Allister and seeing his similar face to Thomas, it was ultimately scrapped, the film was also originally gonna be distributed by The Weinstein Company but it went bankrupt during production in 2018, so it was changed to Sony Pictures Animations and Columbia.
    • Unlike The United States Movie, Thomas was always planned to be the protagonist, but there were many candidates for his companion before Allister was selected for the final cut.
  • The film uses an altered instrumental version of Sadeness by Enigma for the opening credits (using instrument sounds from Thomas & Friends and Pokemon Sword and Shield), despite that, the opening uses comedic scenes, which was done so it wouldn't be as boring and because many people would mistake the song for a satanic ritual.
  • The film's name in Japan is "トーマスとオニオンの素晴らしい大冒険", which literally means "Thomas and Onion's Fantastic Big Adventure", the film was also edited so the four finger characters would have five fingers as well as some scenes being changed to have some pre-existing characters be introduced as new ones, since some of them are unknown to Japanese audiences, the film's scene where Allister and Thomas meet each other was also moved to be one of the first scenes of the film.
    • The film's Latin America Spanish name of the film is "Reino Unido, La Pelicula: La Gran Aventura de Thomas y Alistair" which translates to "United Kingdom, The Movie: The Great Adventure of Thomas and Allister", that dub is considered to be a mix of the original version with the Japanese version.
    • The film's international cut is actually the Japanese one (excluding the Latin American release), as most countries are also not aware of many of the characters on the film.
  • This film takes place during the events of The United States Movie: Patriotic Palooza!.
    • Speaking of the said movie, PlantyB0i in an interview said that he would love to see the US Movie and the UK Movie to get a really big crossover that will be worth watching. In fact, the crossover already came to existence as shown here.
  • The original ending was going to consist of only the scene where Thomas gives Allister a final ride, but the dance sequence was added to make the ending a little bit happier
  • The ending of the Japanese version of the film was one of the first scenes to be actually made, it can be seen here, however it was later edited to have the redesigns.
  • Donkey Kong was planned to appear in this movie simply because Rareware redesigned Donkey Kong himself for Nintendo in order to work on Donkey Kong Country, but he was scrapped because of an ongoing debate if the creators wanted Donkey Kong in the film despite being created by the Japanese and redesigned by the British.
  • Casey Mongillo was originally supposed to also voice Thomas, as Joseph May initially declined the offer to star in the film, however he changed his mind and decided to participate, despite this, Casey's lines for Thomas were completed before Joseph came back, and they were leaked in 2026, Joseph recording Thomas' lines were one of the reasons on why the film was pushed from 2020 to 2023.
    • The first teaser trailer released privately on a British film festival also showed a screen saying the words "Casey Mongillo" over Allister and Thomas pictures, further hinting Joseph wasn't gonna be on the film.
    • Before Joseph May came back, Yuri Lowenthal was briefly considered to be Thomas, but the change is unknown.
  • Two Weeks before the UK Movie was released the UK Gang did a cover of two songs for each week. The first week was a cover of Jump Up, Super Star from Super Mario Odyssey and the second week was a cover of Last Surprise from Persona 5.
  • This movie makes the official debut for Redneck Kong who was originally going to appear in a canceled GameBoy Advance game Diddy Kong Pilot. Ever since the game was cancelled, this kong never appeared in other media related to Donkey Kong until the United Kingdom movie was in production. So this movie gave Redneck Kong a chance to shine on the spotlight.


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United Kingdom, Your spirit shall shine Across the generations Now, and for all time!

United Kingdom, Heroes bringing us hope's light Journey from distant worlds To still the coming night.

With sacred relics at your side, See old champions fall from on high In this land where timeless heroes live And their legends never die!

United Kingdom, Great pals of the ages, With my desire, your heart's true, Let's start anew.

The end is within our reach, Take up my fight, 'cause I beseech. Two kingdoms ravaged by senseless war. Bring us peace, forever more!

La Lalalalaa Lalalalalala Lalala Lala Lala Lalala Lalalalaa

The strong await your brave commute. All survive for the light we seek. Hear my voice, great hero, hear my plea!

Come to me, come set us free! Oh!


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These are the Crowned Forms of Allister and Bea

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