U Got 45’d: The Fucky Ending

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U Got 45’d: The Fucky Ending
This should be the fucky ending.
Genre: Musical
Sex Comedy
Directed By: TilleyParis
Written By: People that nobody gives a shit about
Starring: People that nobody gives two fucks about
Photography: Color
Release Date: March 10, 2024 (United Kingdom)
March 30, 2024 (United States)
Runtime: 3000 minutes
Country: United Kingdom
United States
Budget: £9999999999999999999
Box Office: £0
Franchise: U Got 45’d
Sequel: U Got 45’d: Love Isn’t in the Fucking Air

U Got 45’d: The Fucky Ending is an 2024 British-American shit movie. it is the fifth and “final” movie of the franchise. It stars people that nobody cares about still.


Brazil got kicked out of the house when he should stay in Nationalist China’s house due to his lighthouse being destroyed. Because Nationalist China founds out that he had 12 girlfriends and thought that Brazil will be her boyfriend. Brazil is homeless again. While Germany was getting even more angry about people leaving Drunk Street after the ruled the country to the point he added even more rules. Brazil goes to Bridlewood (without Germany known until the end of the movie) and sees Cuba, Czechoslovakia and Philippines. Who had moved before Germany added more rules. He later told this friends that the country, Drunk Street is losing population due to people dying for leaving the street. He goes on an adventure with his friends by looking for the Penis Crystal and the Vagina Crystal. (yes. We are not joking.)

Why It Should Be The Fucky Ending

  1. Germany (or Nazi Germany) puts some rules that are extremely pointless, dumb or nonsense.
    • For some reason, nobody (Expect for Germany) is allowed to leave Drunk Street or they will be hanged, shot, executed, arrested, brunt, get hanged up in a cross and even get thrown of a cliff!
      • Brazil even managed to leave Drunk Street and guess what happens to him? NOTHING.(until the end of the movie)
    • Nobody is allowed to get at least 12 girlfriend or else they will get brunt or get killed by Germany. Again, Brazil didn’t get that punishment despite having 12 girlfriends.
    • Every four-five years, nobody is allowed to have vote a different president besides Germany. If Germany died? Then who will be the new president of Drunk Street?
    • Everyone under the age of twenty one is allowed to smoke weed, drink beer, vine etc and play free money games to earn free money. Which sounds shit.
    • Nobody it allowed to get married. Which is hypocritical since Germany had a wife named Japanese Empire (despite her being 16-years old) as a result in the series.
  2. The film wasn’t screened for critics again…… HOW MANY TIMES DOES THIS HAS TO HAPPEN?
  3. All of the characters still suck.
    • Germany is at his absolute worst in this film. As he adds more rules, kills or arrests people who tries to leave Drunk Street, HAVE SEX WITH YOUNGER CHILDREN, executes people who leaves the street and says the n word a lot.
    • Brazil, the main protagonist isn’t any better. He left Drunk Street without known that their rules in the country now, is still in his perverted behaviour and is now mean to this friends.
    • Philippines is still a pedophilia supporter.
  4. MISLEADING FUCKING RATING!!!! Despite the movie being rated PG, the film feels more like a R or NC-17 film instead.
    • Not to mention there is SWEARING in the title of the film. (Oh shit we didn’t spotted that out in the other films of this shitty franchise) which you can easily tell this movie shouldn’t be rated PG.
  5. It is bad. Just bad. LET THAT SINK IN!!!!!
  6. The most infamous scene where Brazil FUCKS A SIX-YEAR OLD IN BRIDLEWOOD!!!!!! Not only that this scene is extremely disgusting but also graphic and disturbing. Which people from strong stomachs can’t handle them.
    • Apart from many sex scenes, there’s ALOT OF REALISTIC VIOLENCE in this film. Such as Brazil murdering a teenager brutally.
    • The first poster shows Brazil putting the emoji middle finger to Nationalist China mainly because she kicked him out of the house. But that never happened in the film.
    • The poster even said that there’s mild violence and mild language. When in the film, there’s way to many violence and overuse of swearing in EVERY SINGLE DIALOGUE OF THE FILM!!!! (such as “fuck, fucking, fucky, bitch, bitches, shit and shitty)
    • The third poster shows Brazil, Japanese Empire, Poland, Facist Italy and Norway dead but in the film, Brazil is the only one who died while the rest are in prison.
    • The fourth poster said that is the end of the franchise, when it’s not.
  8. The animation is still bad. Just bad.
    • There is even animation errors in this movie. Such as Brazil’s bag turning into blue, then tens back brown in the next scene. (Although Brazil’s bag was supposed to be changed into blue in the next sequel.)
  9. The movie literary stops itself to play the Grubhub derlivery dance commercial, but with the U Got 45’d characters and plays some seven-year old singing intro songs after the scene where Brazil goes to bed. Which is nothing out pure filler.
  10. Everyone (expect Nazi Germany and Brazil) screams “FORTNITE!” at a random time for no reason.
  11. The movie’s length isn’t one hour, five hours but 50 hours.. Which is way way WAY WAY WAAAAAAAAYYYYY TOO LONG. EVEN FOR A PG RATED FILM. Causing many filler into it, such as the film stopping itself to play random clips as mentioned earlier. (But just wait until the next film in 2029.)
  12. The ending… Do we need to explain. After Brazil came back from Bridlewood, Germany told him where have he been for the last seven days. Brazil explained what happened then Germany ACTUALLY THROWN HIM OFF A CLIFF, BUT SPIKES THERE IN THE BOTTOM OF THE CLIFF!!! HE THROWS BRAZIL OF A CLIFF, AND EVEN WORSE, YOU CAN EVEN SEE HIM GETTING MURDERED BRUTALLY. WHAT THE FUCKITY FUCK!!!
  13. There is no credits. Like any of the other films. Instead, the screen is just black while this abomination is playing. Do they really need to put this music?
  14. Misleading Title: Despite the title being named The Fucky Ending, it's not the ending. The franchise is still continuing despite being detested worldwide.
    • Speaking of misleading title, I Hate You Entertainment did this so they can trick everyone into thinking the franchise is ending.
    • The title is a rip-off to Sesame Street: The Fucky Ending, and half of the plot is stolen from it.
  15. The fifth movie poster is just an image of the Three Brazilian Heros. What makes matters worse, the poster was STOLEN FROM A VIDEO THAT THE FRANCHISE IS BASED ON!!!!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!
  16. I hate it. That’s it.
  17. This movie deserves no redeeming qualities whatsoever.



1/10 on IMDb, 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and 0/100 on Metacritic. Do I have to say more! UNDER DESTRUCTION


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