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NOTE: This film is obviously fake, also you can edit to add your own reasons but NO vandalizing

The Mickey Mouse Movie is a black comedy-action film released by Disney under their 20th Century Studios subsidiary and stars Jess Harnell as the eponymous protagonist, the film is based on the Mickey Mouse franchise with special appearences by characters from other media (most notably Peacock from Skullgirls) albeit this film contains a lot of mature stuff similar to The Banana Splits Movie and Peppa Pig 4 Life.

Why It Sucks

  1. The film creators decided to turn the Mickey Mouse series which was family friendly into an R-rated film with tons of pop culture references which was an horrible idea, the characters (albeit not frequently) swear and it even contains a scene where Mickey Mouse snorts cocaine and Peacock giving Avery (his blue bird pal) A BLOWJOB.
  2. Despite being made by Disney, Chris Diamantopoulos doesn't voice Mickey and instead he is voiced by Jess Harnell, Mickey's voice actor from Drawn Together.
    • As a sidenote, DT Mickey appears in this film and he gets murdered by Mickey alongside all his other parodies (including the one from Rubber Hose Feud).
  3. Donald Duck and Goofy, despite being Mickey's best friends, only appear for 24 (out of a 156 minute lenght) minutes each and instead Mickey teams up with characters such as Bugs Bunny, Peacock, Cuphead, Felix the Cat, Bendy, SpongeBob and Gumball.
    • In fact, the biggest thing Donald did in the film was trying to murder Mickey upon learning that his favorite NCAA team are the Ohio State Buckeyes
  4. There's an absolutely heartbreaking scene where Mickey murders Morgana from Persona 5 just because Mickey thought he was a ripoff of him, same goes for the scene where Peacock murders Hat Kid from A Hat In Time.
  5. The infamous "Maybe it's my turn to fuck Peacock" line made by Donald in the scene where Mickey snorts cocaine, in fact, Donald claimed Peacock is his waifu which is incredibly disturbing.
  6. Wastes the talents of Jess Harnell, Tom Kenny, Eric Bauza, and Nicolas Cantu.
  7. This film is hypocrital, Mickey says he dislikes his negative parodies yet this film portrays him negatively, also, it mocked the Banana Splits Movie for being mature yet this film has the same problem
  8. It was released in 2028, aka Mickey's 100th BIRTHDAY! Which is super insulting.
  9. It contains multiple pop culture references including, but not limited to: Uglydolls, EarthBound, Persona, Tomorrow's Pioneers, Super Mario Bros, Pokemon, Phineas and Ferb, SpongeBob, Popeye, Sr. Pelo, SMG4, The Emoji Movie, The Banana Splits Movie, Backyardigans, Peppa Pig, Mortal Kombat, South Park, Klonoa, multiple NCAA teams, Death Battle and EVEN Bring Me The Head of Charlie Brown.
  10. An absolutely insulting moment when the main villain is revealed to be..................................................MARIO, yes, it would have been much more sensical that the villain was Farfour or some Mickey parody, but no, did they have to choose the most famous game character to be the villain?
  11. Mickey and Peacock, while a good duo, sometime lacks chemistry between them.
  12. Mickey also shows that his fanatism towards the Ohio State Buckeyes is extreme to the point where he compared the state of Michigan to a fusion of North Korea and Syria, albeit Donald also has this problem with the Oregon Ducks' rivalry with the Washington Huskies.
  13. Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales appears in one scene and he...FORCES THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF JAPAN TO TURN CHRISTIAN!
  14. There's a scene where SpongeBob and Pac-Man get into a crack-smoking contest and then they go ape-shit.
  15. Also, there's a stupid subplot about Donald Duck and Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6 (who in the film created an internet account named CaptainKirb) fighting each other because they both have crushes on Peacock and it contains multiple highly violent scenes, such as Donald beating up Hiro in this manner, and there's even blood.
  16. Sonic also appears in the film, but he is the bumbling idiot helper of Mario that can compare to Patrick Star in terms of idiotness.
  17. The infamous scene where the gang (except Peacock and Mickey) murder and rape the creator of Project X Love Potion Disaster
  18. Speaking of porn; Hiro, in his internet account, makes a bunch of images about him having sex with Peacock and that causes Donald to go bersek and ALMOST KILL HIM.
  19. The humor is nothing more than violence, extreme slapstick, drugs and swearing.
  20. Pointless side-characters in the forms of Thomas the Tank Engine and Allister from Pokemon Sword and Shield

Redeeming Qualities

  1. A satisfying scene where Mickey teaches the 2000 Grinch a lesson after he regrets saving Cindy Lou, and the scenes where he murders Josh Berman and the other Mickey parodies are unintentionally funny.
  2. Good voice acting.
  3. The fight between Mickey and Mario is epic and it surpasses Anakin vs. Obi Wan from Revenge of the Sith.
  4. Mickey (BUT only because of his violent portrayal) has a good duo with Peacock.
  5. It does mock Article 13 and COPPA all at once.



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