The Lion King V:The Return of Scar (Fake Movie)

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The Lion King V:The Return of Scar (Fake Movie)
Genre: Music
Directed By: Troy Bobber
Produced By: Troy Bobber
Written By: Troy Bobber
Starring: Troy Bobber
Photography: Color
Release Date: March 16, 7242
Country: Unknown
Language: English
Franchise: The Lion King
Prequel: The Lion King:Kion is Now An Adult

The Lion King: The Return of Scar is a hated sequel to the Lion King IV. It was released by Troy Bobber in 7242.


During the Egyptian rule of the pride lands, Scar increases power and try to defeat the Egyptians with the Hyenas, so there was many battles during the war of the pride lands, many lions started a revolution, the revolution failed, the Egyptians won the war and Lions and other African animals went extinct in the pride lands.


Troy Bobber as everybody


Troy Bobber did everything

Why It Sucks

  1. Scar is the most unlikable character in the movie and that's saying something as 99.99% of the characters are extremely unlikeable as he started many wars and he caused the lions to go extinct and tried so hard to defeat the Egyptians but failed to do so instead lions were keep losing and killed many lions that were in a revolution and the worse of all he erases history from the story line, we are not even kidding.
  2. Scar's son Kovu is also unlikable as he defends Scar and doesn't support ideas that the revolutionist lions does doesn't care about revolutionist lions dying and wants you to have well you know what with Scar but he is evil, and he is unfitting to be king.
  3. Misleading Title:Despite Scar returning his powers, Scar doesn't return in this film, he returned in the previous film what makes it worse is the last movie was also made by Troy Bobber.
  4. The Movie is a 3 cent budget.
  5. Like Aladdin 5: The Divorce, the voices again Troy used nails on chalkboard.
  6. Random pauses of voice of animation.
  7. The Movie is almost a rip off of Aladdin 5: The Divorce due to sometimes having the same issues with that film, Aladdin 5 was made by Troy Bobber and so does this one.
  8. The scene where Simba II cries is pure filler what makes it worse it is a 10 minute out of the 110 minutes with no animation or sound.
  9. Like Aladdin 4: Jafar May need glasses, Aladdin 5: The Divorce, and The Lion King IV:Kion is Now An Adult, it uses many tech that didn't exist until thousands of years after the movie takes place.
  10. Horrible Ending: When Scar was killed in the final battle, The Egyptians started the Animal Holocaust that killed all animals in the pride lands and caused them to go extinct, we are not even kidding.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The pharaoh Rameses III has a reason to start a war with the pridelanders is also likable.
  2. Simba II is likable, sadly those are the only two likable characters.
  3. In The Lion King:Kion is Now An Adult, Kiara was the 2nd easily most unlikable character even if all the characters were unlikable thankfully she is a background character.


The Lion King V:The Return of Scar was made to be by everyone the 2nd worst movie of the 7240s with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 1/10 on Imdb which is impossible because it had made $98 million dollars but it was a 3 cent budget film.


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