The Lion King IV:Kion is Now An Adult (Fake Movie)

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The Lion King IV:Kion is Now An Adult (Fake Movie)
Genre: Animation
Directed By: Troy Bobber
Produced By: Troy Bobber
Written By: Troy Bobber
Starring: Troy Bobber
Photography: Color
Release Date: January 31, 7240
Country: United States
Language: English
Franchise: The Lion King
Prequel: The Lion King 1½

Kion is Now An Adult or The Lion King 4 is a Lion King Movie that doesn't make sense to the Lion King franchise and is meant to be a cash cow It came to Theaters late and made by Troy Bobber


Kion starts to turn into a strong leader until then how now everything strange is going on and Scar comes back to life. Kion got kicked off the throne, Scar takes over ruins everything weakens the kingdom of Lions or The Pridelands and caused some lions and animals to die and a month later tribes moved to something better, another month later Egyptians take over the Pridelands.


  • Troy Bobber as everyone


  • Troy Bobber did everything

Why It Sucks

  1. It makes zero sense to the past Lion King movies
  2. Very predictable plot and another generic retelling of a Kion and other characters and based on a random book which was never looks like in the book.
  3. In the return of Scar, he was killed, but now he's back?
  4. Plot Hole: It never showed how the pride land dried up and it effected the weather because of Scar, which doesn't make sense.
    • It never showed how Simba shrink in the film, and doesn't make sense.
  5. Kion has no father, even there was in the past movie.
  6. Kiara now acts if she never wanted Kion.
  7. Back when the movie take place in where there were no diapers but there's also disposable diapers.
  8. Ugly animation, even for the 7240s standards as it looks like it's on a 2 cent budget but it was the budget of $1.234.567 dollars when the average movie budget for 7240s is 2 cents.
  9. There is now health care when the Egyptians take over even though there wasn't where the movie take places.
  10. Many characters flanderized.
  11. Scar is a coward.
  12. It showed tobacco products in films which includes cigarettes, when Egyptians took over and Egyptians smoked it, which doesn't make sense because tobacco originated in South America, it also not meant for Disney Movies.
  13. Horrible ending,Kiara walks to Kion to tell him to die, and Kiara throws him off the cliff.
  14. The movie is a 2 cent budget film like Aladdin 4: Jafar May need glasses.


The movie is by everyone to be the worst films of the 7240s with a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and a 1/10 on Imdb.



one month ago
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I'm proud someone loves my Troy Bobber fake films so much epically the Aladdins they made a film made by him that was Lion King sequel :) thanks!


one month ago
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Due to this I'll make the 4th Lion King for you as a gift


one month ago
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I already made a Lion King 4 page, you can make a Lion King 5.

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