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Warning this is a joke page of me so don't go in the comments OMG I can't believe how bad you are because very few of these are true also there is a ton of swear words and stuff for adults so only people older than 25 can see this

Why he's the worst miraheze user of all time

  1. To get the elephant out of the room he kills birds for no reason on a regular basis each and every day granted there's nothing wrong with hunting for food he f****** does nothing but bring the bee and bird population down purposely forget jerkass Homer or Jerkass Cartman or jerkass Peter he's the real jerkass
  2. Hypocrisy he says nobody can criticise Troy Bobber for his s**ty movies but he f**king does it himself
  3. he thinks he's the best miraheze user because he's the only user who criticises Troy Bobber but literally everyone on Miraheze does I'm not f**king kidding
  4. A reason he sucks is because I say so!
  5. He says he hates swearing so he bleeps them out when it's severe swears but he swears ten beeping times every beeping second granted I just did but it was just a beeping example he's a douche!
  6. He stole miraheze admin's money
  7. Each time he gets f**king called out for his behavior he says "What the f**k that's false" then when people know it's true he says " I'm sorry you Sandy little "fuckholes" trying to fake remorse
  8. He is so dumb as he raped someone on camera and said I f**king hate everyone but me then said pshhh that's false fuckasses when he got called out and people believed him
  9. People most still like him despite his actions only due to his pages
  10. Hypocrisy he hates each kinds of person gender sexuality religion but he's a gender and sexuality despite not being in religion but he loves himself so much to the point he f**ks
  11. He's in no religion
  12. He's male
  13. He only likes girls he's not bisexual or gay!!!!!!
  14. He's not Christian yes that's a problem because I'm Ned Flanders from popular cartoon The Simpsons
  15. He's so arrogant to the point he suggested to make 3 wikis good miraheze users, bad miraheze users, and average miraheze users so he could put himself on the good miraheze users luckily the admins declined it
  16. He spends most of his days saying he's bishrekual and making fun of bisexuals
  17. He admitted the only reason he says he's bishrekual is to have an excuse to make fun of bisexuals
  18. Not only that but he f**king overreacts of how bad Troy Bobber movies are sure there the worst but he overreacts of them in real life just not on Miraheze f**k him f**k him right in the ear
  19. The overall reason he sucks is he exists ahsjajsjdhajasjsjsjajajsjdjsjakakskjdjakakskdisakaisiakoaskdjiakajshsjaiajjsjajajasjjwjwjsjsjwiaksjsjajajsjsiaisjejsjwjekekwkdkwkwkwkdjjsjwjwiwidjdjdjwjsjdjdjajajdjdjdmmsoaksjdjamwkjdkakwkskskskakakwkskdjsjajsjrjdjdidksiiwiwowkdkdkfkdkskskskskskakqkwkskdjdjsjajajqjqkujjjjjjjkskwjakakakqkaksjkakaksjdjdiehidheuhciehudheujdiejfejifjrifjirhfirhifhrifjirhfiehfirhifjrifhirjfrjfirugituigjrifjrivjirfjirjfirjfirjgijrighrighirgjrghirhgirhgithgit


He's claimed as the worst Miraheze user that will ever set foot on Miraheze ok this is reality the only real things is that I'm male only like girls so far that I exist and am not in a religion and I accept any sexuals genders and religion even if miraheze is popular among any religion gender and sexuality it's fine because Miraheze can be enjoyed by almost anyone anyone can enjoy it if they'd like

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