Sesame Street: The Fucky Ending (FAKE)

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Sesame Street: The Fucky Ending is a film released in 6151729298


Elmo is on the verge of suicide because Jesse kicked him out of her house for shitting on her bed and he’s homeless now. He travels all the way to Hollywood where is preschool classmate Zoey is married to Rocco. He decides to kill Rocco and throw him into an incinerator. But that may have been a mistake……

Why It Sucks

  1. For some reason in the film, nobody is allowed to leave the street or they’ll be hanged, shot, burnt, and dropped of a cliff, which is stupid and Elmo gets out like it’s nothing.
  2. Rocco revealing to be reincarnated of Mao Zedong and being back as a rock so he can smash Americans and kill them is a really stupid plot twist.
  3. The fact that Zoe wants to go to war with her own country.
  4. The movie literally stops itself to play the Grubhub commercial with the characters.
  5. Shit dialogue: “That rock is SUS (sings among us theme)”
  6. The infamous part where Grover fucks a baby.
  7. Gus is a very annoying character. He has a severe phobia of gates and screams whenever someone touches him.
  8. The film characters scream “FORTNITE!!!!” at a random time for absolutely no reason.
  9. The Mitchells are in this movie and they suck too
    • Katie now tries to kill people who touch her computer and she’s also a stereotypical lesbian.
    • Aaron fucks Big Bird because he looks like a dinosaur.
    • Rick is an alcoholic that hates his family.
    • Linda’s dead and so is the dog.
  10. The credits play a song similar to “What'ya Say” except it’s now called “What'ya Gay” and it’s terrible because Jason Derulo MDDM sounds like he wants to die while singing it.
  11. Hooty from Owl House is so stupid, he ties himself in a knot and dies.
  12. Shit Final Battle, it only exists to promote COD by using their guns.
  13. Misleading title: despite the title saying “The Fucky ENDING” it is not the ending. Instead, we have something MUCH WORSE.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. There are still some funny moments, like when chairs with black cushions get canceled, which shows how hypocritical Cancel Culture can be.
  2. What’ya Gay is actually so bad, it’s hilarious.
  3. The Ending, where Elmo throws Zoe into an incinerator, is a nice ending.


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