Popeye The Sailor Man: The Movie (FAKE MOVIE)

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Popeye The Sailor Man: The Movie is a Awesome 2027 Adult, Live Action, Delicious Film Produced by Monkey-Man Studios and Directed by Omco (FATTV) it premiered in my Grandma's basement on October 60th 2027. And is a Smokey Delicious reboot of the Popeye Comic Strip created by Marvel DC Comics and was Distributed by Disney in 2054.

Why it Rocks (If it rocks then why is it on here Instead of Greatest Movies Wiki? Are you drunk?)

1. Popeye is hotter and stronger than he is, making him the biggest badass bad boy he is after eating his Delicious spinach, making him Stronger than ever.

2. Olive Oyl is voiced by (Name and Address Withheld) and Is even Hotter And Even Sexier than her Original Appearance, Her Hips gives the boys the "Wacka Wacka."

3. Bluto is replaced by Hulk, which fits well for the Film. Because Bluto died a long time ago after taking a massive Dump that exploded his Butt in firey pieces, and He is based on Omco (FatTV)'s Version of the Hulk and says "Hulk Smash!" every time he tries to defeat Popeye with his Gaster Blasters and Bones. But is defeated after Chara kills him. Determination =)

4. Wimpy finally eats Spinach and becomes Shrek for the first time, Eating up all the Ogre Balloons in one bite. and Buurrrrpp!

5. Great Green Gobs of Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts becomes Spinach in this Film, and Makes Popeye eat all the worms and spit out the germs.

6. Toot Toot

7. The Scene Where Popeye Eats the Spinach with his Eyeball instead of his Crack-cob (Corn-Cob) Pipe is amazing, and gives him a eye filled with poison to make Bluto scream for his life.

8. I'm Popeye The Sailor Man.

9. BadlandChugs finally chugs the ocean, giving him the biggest burp, and defeats Thanos.

10. Big Smoke Vores Thanos and becomes even more fatter than ever. Making Big Smoke more Smokier than ever.

11. The Song, "We all smoke Weed." by The Kraglin Popeyes is played. and fits well for a crazy film like this.

Bad Qulatiewreaoirasri

1. They didn't put Shrek in the movie. But still is a good film regardless.

2. They brought back The Exographer, who ate up all the good cream cheese and he revealed that he was "Aiken Drum" Because he lived on the moon playing a ladle, But he is a good character regardless.


Popei Deh Salir Mint: Deh Moobie was positivity received by Fans and Critics alike for it's sexy tasty scrumptious Spinach, and even grossed $help me at the box office,


Poopeye The Pirate Min 2: Rise Of The Purple Man. 4051

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