Ponies on a Train (Fake Movie, Stephen)

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Ponies on a Train (Fake Movie, Stephen)
Ponies on a train.png
Genre: Action
Directed By: Stephen Fisher
Written By: Stephen Fisher
Starring: EijiZeBoi
Masson Thief
Stephen Fisher
Distributed By: Stephen Fisher Productions
Release Date: May 8, 2020
Runtime: 159 minutes
Country: United States

Ponies on a Train is a 2020 action, horror, thriller film directed by Stephen Fisher, and it stars EijiZeBoi, WagetheUglyDoll12,


Eiji and his friends goes aboard on a 15-car long passenger Train from Los Pegasus to Fun Francisco, escorting a witness to trial. An onboard train assassin name Stephen Fisher, releases a crate of deadly serpents with angry ponies in an attempt to kill Eiji, and his friends. Eiji attempts to get out of the train, but when he tries to kill the conductor (WagetheUglyDoll12) and stop the train, but before he could, a mysterious figure sends the train down a track that leads to a cliff. It turns out it was Nightmare Moon, working with Stephen Fisher to kill Eiji for no reason. Pinkie Pie is trying to kill Eiji to sell him to Ms. and Mr. Cake. (Shia LaBeouf)

In an attempt to throw Eiji off the train, Kesner and Boah get the My Little Ponies to corner him, leaving Eiji with only one choice. He jumps off the train, and dies. Nightmare Moon and her fellow ghost ponies circle around him, until her sister, Celestia (Megan Fox), unbrainwashes her, and Luna then brings Eiji back from the dead.

Eiji approaches Stephen Fisher and turns his killer ponies against him. Stephen Fisher loses and realised that he was being a jerk. Stephen, Kesner and Boah realises the beauty of Miraheze, and they become users.

Why It Sucks

  1. The idea of a film about killer ponies on a train, yes, that's a stupid idea.
  2. It completely wastes a lot the talents of EijiZeBoi, WagetheUglyDoll12,
  3. The movie is filled with overreacting, especially from Eiji.
  4. Poor acting form Stephen Fisher.
  5. It most of the movie's just overloaded with fanservice to the younger male audience. Even worse, it's usually out of place and a total distracting as well.
  6. The movie also recycled a lot of scenes from films and shows like Thomas and Friends' episodes Dirty Objects, Trouble for Thomas, Busy Going Backwards, etc., Atomic Train, The Polar Express, etc.
  7. Stephen and Kesner are pretty much a dislikable character, It is so obvious that Stephen, Kesner and boahconstrictor are evil ponies and they're lame villain that they are an even creepy obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  8. Horrendus soundtrack, it also steals the soundtrack from Thomas & Friends' soundtrack like the Runaway theme from Season 5-6 and even the Lone Ranger theme!
  9. The movie is way too long, with the only runtime is 159 minutes with no fitting on a horror movie at all, and it's boring, and it's nothing scary, at all!

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Eiji's acting is great!
  2. Enough is ENOUGH! I've have had it with these mothing f**king ponies, on this motherf**king train!


The film was panned by critics, reaching a 0% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 2% audience rating on the same site. It is so bad that made Eiji ban Stephen Fisher from the non-reception wikis and the Outcast Network of Atrocious Youtubers Wiki, Amazing YouTubers Wiki, and Even Toxic/Healthy Fandoms and Hatedoms Wiki, and no more appeals for him forever.



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Yay at least I'm not in this :)


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me too

Mr. Dready

26 days ago
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I'm actually kinda glad, someone added me in a fake movie, although Salty did it before but it was a clone. Also although i haven't watch Snakes on a Plane, this looks better than Snakes on a Plane.


25 days ago
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I was the one who filled the train with ponies.



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That's right, downvote me. I'm EEEEVIL! >:D

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