Pokémon Strange Journeys: Adventures in Minecraft (Fake Movie Collab, YTF43)

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Pokémon Strange Journeys: Adventures in Minecraft
Two of the most well-known video game franchises crammed into one movie! Too bad it's executed poorly.
Genre: Anime
Directed By: Michael Valenti
Based On: Pokémon
Distributed By: 1happycats Productions
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Runtime: 1 hour, 40 minutes
Country: Japan
United States
United Kingdom
Language: English
Franchise: Pokémon Strange Journeys
Prequel: Pokémon Strange Journeys: The Rise of Dr. Eggman
Sequel: Pokémon Strange Journeys: Mystery of the Missing Kid

Pokémon Strange Journeys: Adventures in Minecraft is a 2016 Japanese-American-British-Swedish animated film and the second in the Pokémon Strange Journeys film trilogy. It was produced by Satsuki Film Company in association with Yoshi Animation Studios and released on June 17, 2016, after the second season ended. It is a crossover with Minecraft.


The gang, after playing too much Minecraft, gets teleported into the game. Along the way, they try to build a decent shelter, mine minerals in a cave whilst fighting mobs, create a strip mine to find diamonds, enchant their new diamond tools, go to the Nether, take on the Ender Dragon, and finally, kill every mob in the game. They also raid a woodland mansion and an ocean monument, and finally go through the End gateway to kill some Shulkers.

Bad Qualities


  1. Much like the TV series, this movie rehashes elements from other properties. Some of this movie appears to be a re-hash of The Lego Movie and Season 81 of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures.
  2. The decision to crossover with Minecraft seems questionable.
  3. Poor writing, with several plot holes and severe padding (again, like in the TV series). There's even a pointless scene where the girls hang out with Psycho Girl and her friends.
  4. It doesn't feel like a Pokémon film at times, as there doesn't seem to be any Pokémon battles or anything that you would expect from the anime.
  5. Like in the TV series, the narrator says obvious things or things characters are about to say or have already said, however this rarely happens here.

Good Qualities


  1. The art style and animation, while definitely inferior to the source materials, are admittedly nice to look at. The blending in with the Minecraft characters isn't too bad.
  2. The voice acting for some characters is fairly decent.
  3. The music is actually well done.
  4. There are some entertaining moments here and there.


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