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hi i'm a 17 year old loser who likes to watch animated films. That's all.

deviantART: xXC00LKlDSXx

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This is based on a totally true event that occurred on Decemberween 69, 2420.

also you are free to add to this and insert yourself in the story, but don't vandalize it or else I will get your Club Penguin account banned and steal all of your bobux.

Chapter 1

It was a dark and stormy night. A few Miraheze users, such as EijiZeBoi, Portrock1566, Anonymy, Trevor807, DeciduousWater534, Mr. Dready, ItMeansNothing, and others I haven't mentioned (because I'm a shitty narrator) stood inside a meme dungeon.

"Goodnight, cunts!" xXSeph_MySpaceXx said, before walking out, slamming the door and locking it.

"Hello Seph!" Trevor807, Portrock1566 and ItMeansNothing said together. And others also said hello for xXSeph_MySpaceXx

"So, today i bring four guys to interact with you" xXSeph_MySpaceXx said

"Who's those four guys?" Mr. Dready questioned to xXSeph_MySpaceXx

"Stephenfisher2001, Declan Kearns, FreezingTNT and Blader07" xXSeph_MySpaceXx answered to Mr. Dready

then xXSeph_MySpaceXx forced all of them to watch the "USA is mine" Trump AMV on loop for 69 hours bcus yes

(feel free to write more)

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