My Top Five Disaster Films Worst than Armageddon (1998)

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Armageddon (1998) is a movie that has got a lot of hate from critics, with a 38% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but it was loved by the audiences, Yes, on Rotten Tomatoes, it got a 73% of audience score rating on RT, and the audiences enjoyed it, and so do I. At the very end of the day, I actually enjoy this film and don't think its the worst disaster movie ever. Guys, you think this is the worst? Oh please! It's fun, It has an awesome soundtrack, action, and more fun! :)

Number #5

The Swarm
The Swarm poster remastered.png

The Swarm is one of the examples that it ruined the disaster movie gerne, and its reputation, it's a huge inferior to Irwin Allen's films, the story is terrible, characters are blind, and idiotic, and it's not too scary.

Number #4

The Core
MV5BMTY3MTY3MzkzNl5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTYwNTAwNDk2. V1 .jpg

The Core is a movie that involes that the diggers try to save Earth by trying to spin the core of the Earth, but with generic disaster parts, boring story, and the characters make stupid decisions.

Number #3

Atomic Train
Atomic train poster.jpg

Atomic Train has multiple plot and factual flaws that show the creators did no research about anything, with a generic story about a train carrying a nuclear bomb in Colorado.

Number #2

Independence Day: Resurgence
71WyWRTxisL. AC SY679 .jpg

This movie is very unnecessary for multiple reasons. The primary reasons it didn't need a sequel are because the previous film feels like a perfect ending where it didn't need a sequel since the two main characters destroyed the mothership thus defeating the aliens and ending the first movie on a very high note, but the movie came out twenty years after the first film, so the idea for a sequel was basically stale by the time it was released.

Why? ID4 is a great action disaster movie that it's one of the best Roland Emmerich films! Will Smith is killed off, so sad. Some of the characters from the original are forgotten (Russell Casse's family, Jeff Goldblum's ex-wife) or brought back just to die (Will Smith's widow).

Lazy and contrived ending: it turns out the colossal giga-ship, which realistically would have ended life on Earth by simply landing on it, is set up so that if the alien Queen dies, it simply leaves. Literally everything the Queen did after her ship arrived was unnecessary and did nothing but give the humans chances to beat her, and there is a sequel baiting, the sphere convinces the humans to join her resistance so they can launch a counter-attack on the harvester's planet. However, since the film was a box office disappointment the resistance was never resolved.

It's the worst thing that It had ever done to the first film.

Number #1


First of all, it's not a horror movie. It's a generic disaster action film that leaves no room for any scares at all. The only "scary" things they can come up with are the gore and jump-scares from the alligators


Declan Kearns

7 days ago
Score 1
Nice list. But I think that Crawl should be lower. Granted its a film that I have mixed feelings on and compared to most horror films nowadays it's a cakewalk.


7 days ago
Score 0

Even The Swarm (1978) is the same thing as Crawl, but with murder African killer bees.

But thanks for saying that it's a nice list, Kearns.


7 days ago
Score 0
What about Geostorm?


7 days ago
Score 0
Are you excited for greenland?

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