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Miu Portokalli që Jetoi në një Qytet (also known as The Orange Mouse Who Lived in a Town) is the Albanian dub of popular 1992 film The Mouse: The Movie. The dubbing was released in July 1, 2005 and This film’s dub was illegally produced by "Jess" Discographic, which means that it is unauthorized and not official.

Why This Dub Sucks

  1. This dub was made without Warner Bros. or WDR’s permission.
  2. Terrible voice acting in Albania, as for reasons, The Mouse in this dub sounds like a mentally ill version of Spongebob, The Bear in this dub is aggravating, The Cat in this dub has no emotion to put in him, Bugs Bunny in this dub doesn’t have no idea where he had to put an emotion to it, and Dafty Duck in this dub is annoying.
  3. There are music and sounds that are stolen from other media without consent, as they used Die Sendung mit der Maus theme song and Looney Tunes music as the background music as well.
  4. The voices are faintly heard.
  5. The songs are not dubbed in Albanian.
  6. In the intro of the movie, the logo freezes as the text appears, following its appearance.
  7. The dubbing in the sequels are terrible.
  8. Awful adding when The Mouse gets hit by a ball, but instead unlike the Persian dub of the film, he gets struck by lightning which was stolen from Space Jam.
  9. While adding The Cat’s collar to his neck, the editing is terrible.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The film is still good, but the dubbing is awful.
  2. The comedy is here in this dub, so the Albanian kids would see it.
  3. At least this dubbing in the sequel is still legal like the 3rd Persian dub of The Mouse: The Movie.
  4. The second dubbing is improved in 2007 which removes the vocals, creates instrumentals of this soundtrack and voices are improved and so does the songs that are impoverished-ly dubbed.

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