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Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie
This film wasn't perfect.
Genre: Comedy
Black comedy
Buddy film
Directed By: Dr. Scratchansniff
Produced By: What is it with you!?
Written By: Ray DeLaurentis
Casey Alexander
Based On: Mary Sue
Starring: Whoever voices the characters
Cinematography: Color
Distributed By: Paramount Pictures (North America)
Warner Bros. Pictures (International)
Release Date: November 12, 2020
Runtime: 128 minutes
Country: United States of America
Language: English
Budget: $65-90 million

Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie is an American-Canadian animated drama action black comedy adventure film directed by Dr. Scratchansniff, produced by... I don't really need to tell you this... and written by Ray DeLaurentis and Casey Alexander, who both previously worked on The Fairly OddParents and SpongeBob SquarePants respectively. This film stars whoever voices the characters, with the actors reprising their roles such as Charles Martinet reprising his role as Mario and Luigi. This film was distributed by Paramount Pictures in North America and Warner Bros. Pictures in other parts of the world.

The film premiered on November 12, 2020.


Once upon a time, Mary Sue lived in a big kingdom where everything, including her life, was perfect. One day, Mary saw many people suffering in the kingdom, as much to her great devastation. Then, she sees a big fart cloud is the one ruining everything. As the big fart cloud started to destroy everything, everyone escapes the kingdom with everyone but Mary Sue almost starting to lose their touch. Then, Mary Sue comes up with a plan to go on an adventure to stop the fart cloud from ruining their lives as well as finding the true meaning of life.

Why It Sucks

  1. The "so-called" plot is very ridiculous and laughable, as well as the villain mostly resembling a fart cloud. There is also unnecessarily filler and padding, which makes the writing come of as bizarre and confusing.
  2. Many of the characters are either unlikable or has been flanderized beyond recognition.
    • Mary Sue is a very unlikable perfect girl stereotype who basically bosses everyone throughout the whole film. She practically never get any karma or misfortune.
    • Mario is basically portrayed as an Italian stereotype in most areas, even if he's likable out of the other characters.
    • Luigi became an overly childish and idiotic moron who jokes around too much, eats too much spaghetti, or IS IT THE BAGEL?
    • Wario is portrayed as a disgusting, manipulative and greedy slob who constantly farts at other people, as well as even telling Stimpy to lick his stinky feet.
    • Sonic is portrayed as an overpowered hedgehog, although his stunts are cools, who fights too much with Mario and even saying that his company Sega is better than Nintendo in one scene. Although, he's still a somewhat tolerable character compared to Amy and Knuckles.
    • Amy Rose became a sulky girl who complains a lot and would bash anyone who talks mad trash about her love interest Sonic, especially to Knuckles and Chilly Willy.
    • Knuckles is even more short-tempered than his original incarnation, and even more so than Amy. He also constantly tells people he doesn't like to "shut up!", which can pretty annoying after awhile.
    • Princess Peach is often portrayed as a pretty naïve and annoying character.
    • Ren Höek became more of a grumpy jerk than he was in his original incarnation, although not as much as in Adult Party Cartoon, thankfully.
    • Garfield became a lazy slob.
    • Nermal became an arrogant Gary-Stu, who praises himself too much thinking he's cute while he calls Garfield as well as everyone else "ugly". Although, his incarnation in this film is, at least, better than how he was portrayed in The Garfield Show.
    • Jon Arbuckle became a reckless (but in a bad way) and bumbling idiot who keeps on screwing up in everything. However, unlike The Garfield Show and Skung-Jilling Fung: Blueberry Bahama, at least he doesn't abuse or blame Garfield for his own mistakes.
    • Bucky Katt became an even more stubborn, cynical and malicious kitty than he already was in his original Get Fuzzy incarnation. He even abuses Satchel Pooch way too much for stuff he didn't do wrong, similar to how Ren beats Stimpy, but at least Ren has a good reason to beat Stimpy due to his low intelligence like in his original incarnation unlike Bucky.
    • Goat became an outright crazy bummer who takes things way too seriously and would snap whenever things doesn't go his way or when people doesn't pay attention to him.
    • Mr. Know It Owl is most portrayed as a typical know-it-all owl, and you probably get the idea.
    • Furball became a scaredy-cat who can't even defend himself.
    • Quack the Duck became an even more narcissistic and bragging character who almost can't go one scene without talking about ducks and will bash on people who aren't one, to the point he's less likable than his original incarnation. In fact, he is considered to be the one of worst out of all the other characters.
    • Chirp the Robin, while likable, is often portrayed as a snobbish and sulky bird, even though she has right reasons to act like this since Quack is the one being rude to her.
    • SpongeBob is even more immature than he was before. And no, not in a likeable way. But, at least his voice isn't high-pitched like in Season 6-8.
    • Patrick Star is reduced into a fat acceptance movement supporter who thinks that it's good to support the movement and calls out those who don't support is as fatphobes.
    • Squidward is even more grumpy than he was in the series he came from which makes him unlikeable.
    • Bob the Tomato becomes an overly serious tomato that keeps condemning people for being silly (he even calls out Larry the Cucumber for singing a silly song). He may be still friendly, but his flanderization makes him look like he's no fun at all and also a hypocrite.
    • Pink Quack is no better than Quack.
    • Blue Yoshi is portrayed as an annoying idiot, even more than Sheen Estevez.
    • Blocky became an outright bully who picks on other people especially for NO APPARENT REASON whatsoever.
    • Eraser is portrayed as an edgelord who thinks he too cool to do anything.
    • Professor Yaffle became a pretty rude woodpecker, although unlike a few other characters.
    • Grimm the Dog, while likable, is mostly portrayed as a childish numbskull.
    • Attila the Cat, while also likable, is pretty snobbish in some areas like Chirp and is also a butt-monkey.
    • Prairie Dawn became a bratty and spoiled little girl who whines about literally EVERYTHING.
    • Steven Universe himself is portrayed as this food worshiping idiot who somehow loves to eat.
    • The Narrator is extremely annoying and always states the obvious.
  3. It contains an ABSURD amount of filler, or even scenes that draw out for too long.
    • Mary Sue talking about what a perfect life is, which goes on for a solid 10 minutes.
    • Stimpy laying his ear, while drooling, near an old record player.
    • Grimm the Dog tap-dancing through fire hydrants, singing in a rather irritating voice.
    • The people from the Kingdom walking in a dark forest to get where they're going, which goes on for a very long time.
    • Mario and Pig (from Pearls Before Swine) singing "That's Amore" in this musical number. Things get weirder when Larry the Crocodile joins in.
    • Steven Universe ordering junk food ala Big Smoke.
    • Quack singing about ducks, and yes, that song is just as annoying and repetitive as the Waffles song from Teen Titans Go!, only that the word "duck" is repeated like 102 times. The worst part is that the songs goes on for 6 minutes until Chirp eventually called him out.
    • A pointless argument between Mary Sue, Tails, Sonic, Mario, Luigi, Knuckles, Attila, Quack, Fleegle, Bingo, Prairie Dawn and Ren about who should eat Buster's expired cake as a dare by Bucky until eventually Drooper told them "Maybe we should just let it go... It's not that big of a deal."
    • Stimpy talking about random stuff which completely makes no sense.
    • Prairie Dawn crying for 2 minutes, until eventually Knuckles telling her to shut up.
  4. Some mean-spirited moments, especially the ones that might even make Chicken Little look friendly and kind-hearted.
    • Amy making Chilly Willy cry simply for correcting Sonic. Even the latter didn't really like what Amy did to him.
    • Bucky beating up Satchel for things he didn't do, as mentioned before.
    • Bucky insulting the Banana Splits by calling them "murderous robots", even though Fleegle clearly confirmed that The Banana Splits Movie was all bogus and non-canon.
    • Mary Sue burning the charter school down.
    • Larry the Crocodile shredding Dannan's glasses in the shredding machine, which caused her to call him out for that.
  5. The teaser trailer of this film is pretty weird and cringeworthy as it's basically just Mary Sue dancing to "Shooting Stars" by Bag Raiders playing in the background for a minute, on par with Chicken Little's Turn Off Your Cellphones PSA.
    • The second trailer was no better and even had a scene where Blocky punches Woody in the face which caused him to fall through a woodchipper (there is actually gore!), which is disturbing. Even Buster Bunny called him out for that.
  6. The film can't decide weather it should be for children or an older audiences, especially considering the fact there is a lot of inappropriate moments (including swearing, violence, sex, etc.) that feels out of place for a PG-13 rated film and would rather belong in an R-rated film, but the majority of characters were originally from media aimed to children and there are still a lot of stupid humor in it.
  7. Hilariously awful dialogue, including the infamous "You seen the duck with flat toes?" line.
  8. Shameless product placement, such as the PlayStation 5, Zoom, YouTube, Marvel, The Los Angeles Times, Lay's Chips, Kellogg's, Apple, Microsoft, Hulu, HBO Max, McDonald's, etc.
    • There was even one scene where Fleegle salutes Kellogg's for 2 whole minutes.
  10. If that not bad enough, Wario shows his stinky feet to Stimpy and asks him to lick it, which is downright cringeworthy as hell.
    • Ren began to slap Stimpy because of this.
  11. There was one scene where Quack drops the F-bomb, when Woody gets gruesomely burned by the sun, which is very inappropriate, especially considering that he was originally from a kids' show.
  12. Many of the jokes in this film are either mean-spirited, cringeworthy, unfunny or makes no sense whatsoever, such as the scene where Yoshi makes a reference to the title "You'll Never Eat Food Pellets in This Town Again!" or the joke about Quack wanting to put a train instead of a hat on his head.
  13. Speaking of which, there are a lot of gross-out moments, especially the villain being a fart cloud and the aforementioned feet-licking scene.
  14. Billy Mays can be seen raiding Discord servers that Mary has created, and apparently everyone (except for Stimpy and Buster Bunny) blames Ren for this, even though he didn't do anything.
  15. The infamous scene where Cookie Monster throws up on Mario's face while trying to examine his throat, which is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND SICKENING TO WATCH.
  16. In the middle of the film, the characters goes through the rooms of emotions and actions, and while the concept of rooms making people feel and do something is pretty interesting, some of the rooms are rather poorly-executed, such as the crying room where people instantly starts crying whenever they walk inside the room. Not to mention, there is also a room that makes people sing "Despacito" by Luis Fonzi and Daddy Yankee.
    • Speaking of which, the scene where Stimpy, Bingo, Drooper, Luigi, Amy Rose, Nermal, Garfield, Chilly Whilly, Prairie Dawn and Grimm are crying in the crying room is very annoying and nothing more than pure filler.
  17. Questionable music choices, such as the scene when Stimpy and Furball gets stomped and smashed repeatedly by bad ass robots. During it, the song "El Farsante" by Ozuna plays in the background, which is very unfitting, especially for a scene where two characters gets beaten gruesomely and if you know the actual message of the song.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The final battle was somewhat entertaining.
  2. The voice acting is decent, as the voice actors reprises their roles of the majority of the characters.
    • Tara Strong's performance as Mary Sue is pretty good.
  3. There are still some funny moments once in a while, such as the scene where Garfield video-bombs a news report.
  4. The animation is top-notch, zany, colorful and perfectly captures the style of the characters, thanks to Yowza! Animation and Tonic DNA providing the animation services.
  5. Great and cartoony character designs.
  6. There are still some characters that are either likable, tolerable, not flanderized or have improved from their original personalities.
    • Mario still stays true to his original personality, even if he's mostly portrayed as an Italian stereotype.
    • Sonic is, at least, nowhere as bad as Amy and Knuckles, and there are some moments where he's likable.
    • Tails is still a sweet and kind fox who not only helps Sonic but everyone else.
    • Stimpy is still a dimwitted yet funny happy-go-lucky type of character.
    • Although Chirp can be a bit of a snob, at least she still a nice and caring character and does give good reasons to act that way such as the way Quack behaves.
    • Despite their flanderizations, Grimm and Attila are still likable.
      • There are also other likable characters such as Rat, Pig, Chilly Willy, Babs Bunny, Buster Bunny, Peep, Satchel Pooch, Foodar, Chubby Hugs, The Banana Splits (including Fleegle and Snorky), Piggley Winks, Dannan O'Mallard, Odie, Leafy, Firey, Pen, Ruby, Yoshi, Larry the Cucumber, Sandy Cheeks, Rosalina, Chuck E. Cheese, Helen, and a few others.
  7. A few heartwarming moments from here to there, such as when Ren and Rat wishes to be happy and are upset that they had to deal with the harshness of reality, despite the bad dialogue from a few characters.
  8. The scene where the characters goes through the rooms, can be entertaining for most people, however with a few exceptions.
  9. It can be usually considered so bad, it's good.
  10. The scene where Ren and Fred beat up the narrator was satisfying to watch.


Hilariously Bad Dialogue

Mario: Haven't I told you about the pizza pie?
Mary Sue: Uh, no... What about that?
Mario: Piggy, microphone me!

Quack: You seen the duck with flat toes?

Wario: Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!
Narrator: Wario is calling for Stimpy the Cat.
Stimpy: Wuh... wha?
Wario: Hey! You see my feet? Lick it for me!

Mary Sue: I ought to tell that there is fart cloud, probably heading towards you...
Mr. Know It Owl: A fart cloud, eh?
Squidward: Hasn't your mom read you that fairy tale during bed-time?!
Narrator: Oh Dear! Mr. Know It Owl’s mother didn’t read his son that fairy tale during bedtime!

Peep: Ooooh... That gotta leave a mark.
Quack: Know what? Fuck it. The duck is out!
Narrator: Quack leaves the room.

Fleegle: I can do magic tricks. I'm pretty sure that's impressive!
Garfield: How about you transport Nermal to Abu Dhabi?
Nermal: SWEET LORD, NO!!!
Fleegle: How about I pull something out my nose?
Narrator: Fleegle pulls a pencil out of his nose
Fleegle: Ta-Da!
Narrator: Fleegle says Ta-Da!

Ren: I wish to be happy...
Narrator: Ren wishes to be happy.
Rat: I know, me too... but we have to deal with this damn madness just for the sake of it.
Princess Peach: Woe is us.
Stimpy: Uh... Hey, Ren... Will you button me?
Narrator: Stimpy asks Ren to button h-
Narrator: Ren grabs an oar and starts beating the n- OWIE that hurt! OUCH MY FACE. OWWWW THE AGONY. MY LEG!
Fred: How dare you steal my catchphrase!
Narrator: Fred joins the fun and- HEY NOT YOU TOO. OH OH OH OH OH! YAOWCH! OHHHHH STOP IT YOU!

Quack: I guess I'll give my hat away... you know for charity?
Chirp: But, Quack? Isn't that thing important to you?
Quack: Well, yeah... But I found something even better for my head. Tada! A train!

Quack: Is there anything better than ducks? No. Nothing's better than ducks! Oh sing, hey, ho for ducks... WOW-
Quack: *gasp* You are full of stubborn shit, chihuahua.
Princess Peach: Uh, guys... I think there's someone behind us.
The Narrator: Looky there! Someone is behind them.



Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie received very negative reviews from critics, who criticized the film's plot, dialogue, humor, product placement and overuse of filler, while praising its animation and voice acting. Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports that 19% of 62 critics gave the film a positive review, with an average rating of 3.21/10. The site's critics consensus reads, "While there's actually charm in the film's voice acting and animation, Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie takes audiences to a very painfully flawed experience, to the point of leaving them groaning throughout the runtime. According to Metacritic, which assigned the film a weighted average score of 32 out of 100 based on 11 critics, the film received "generally unfavorable reviews". Despite this, audiences polled by CinemaScore gave the film an average grade of "B+" on an A+ to F scale.

IGN gave the film a score of 5/10, and wrote: "Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie certainly does a good job trolling its audience, while trying to bribe the critics with Warner Bros-esque animation and voice acting that still fits the characters very well. The film was definitely something, alright. A perfect mess of a masterpiece."


  • Mary's Perfect Adventure: The Movie was originally going to be live-action, but the producers decided that the film would look better if it was traditionally-animated, so the film eventually switched the format to being animated.
  • This film is written by Ray DeLaurentis and Casey Alexander, who both previously worked on The Fairly OddParents and SpongeBob SquarePants respectively.
  • The animation services were provided by Yowza! Animation and Tonic DNA using Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe After Effects, with the CG visual effects being done at Sony Pictures Imageworks.
  • The production officially begun on April 2019 and ended on February 2020, before the studio closing down temporarily due to the COVID-19 pandemic.





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