Inanimate Insanity: Fuckin' Potatoes Man (Fake movie collab (SaltylakeXD))

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hi i'm a 17 year old loser who likes to watch animated films. That's all.

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NOTE: I don't hate Inanimate Insanity or BFDI. This is based off of some April Fools joke I made in 2019. If you don't watch Inanimate Insanity or BFDI, then you might not understand this. Anyways, you can edit this page, add your own "Why It Sucks" reasons, etc. However, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DO NOT VANDALIZE IT.

Inanimate Insanity: Fuckin' Potatoes Man (Fake movie collab (SaltylakeXD))
Genre: Black Comedy, Action, Adventure
Directed By: Fired Porn Set Janitor
Produced By: Holden Makok
Written By: A bunch of gobrats who happen to watch BFDI/II.
Based On: Inanimate Insanity, Battle For Dream Island
Starring: Adam Katz, Taylor Grodin, Justin Chapman, Brian Koch, Cary Huang, Michael Huang, Samuel Thornsbury, Niall Burns and more
Cinematography: some film school dropout
Distributed By: Anusbutter Productions
Release Date: April 1, 2022
Runtime: 169 minutes
Country: Alternativia, United States
Language: English
Budget: 100 vigintillion dollars
Box Office: 500 million vigintillion dollars
Franchise: Inanimate Insanity, Battle For Dream Island

Inanimate Insanity: Fuckin' Potatoes Man is a 2022 adult animated action adventure black comedy film directed by a fired porn set janitor. It is based on, and is a crossover of the 2011 web series Inanimate Insanity and the 2010 web series Battle For Dream Island. It premiered at ObjectCon 2022.

Why It Sucks

  1. It wasn't screened in advance for critics... EVERYBODY FUCKING KNOWS WHAT THAT MEANS!!!
  2. The animation fucking sucks. It looks better than the animation in Inanimate Insanity's earlier episodes, but is still awful.
  3. The poster is awful. It's just a compilation of several weird faces in Inanimate Insanity put together with the title on it.
  4. The infamous sex scene between Match and Paintbrush.
  5. It runs for 169 minutes. This speaks for itself.
  6. There's a scene where Steve Cobs kidnaps Balloon, Nickel, OJ, Marshmallow, Salt, Lightbulb, Suitcase, Match, Leafy, Coiny, Eraser, Ice Cube, and Pin, and then forces them to watch Freddy Got Fingered. After the movie skips to the end of Freddy Got Fingered, they all look scarred for life.
  7. Barely any of the jokes are funny.
  8. This movie contains so much pop culture references that will date it horribly. SOME OF THEM WERE ALREADY DATED BY THE TIME THE FILM CAME OUT!!!
  9. Everybody has rocket launchers for some reason.
  10. Everyone who acted in the film hated it. Adam Katz and the Huang twins disowned this film and confirmed it was not canon.
  11. It tries too hard to be edgy.
  12. It was released on Inanimate Insanity's 11th anniversary, which is very insulting!!!


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