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Home Away From Home is a film franchise which is first released in 1994 and ended in 2018, the South Africa film which is about loyal melmacians (Gordon, Flo, Bob, Curtis, Angie, Bob Jr. and Flo Jr.) who go on the adventure to the new life of the forest family which is almost impossible to find a real quest for rabbits.

The film is distributed by Waterlogged Films and Afternoon films.

Why It Sucks

  1. Terrible Plot.
  2. Terrible Acting.
  3. Awful Music.
  4. In the sequel, King Petty is actually awful and bland villain.
  5. In a Holiday Adventure, this movie feels like a rip-off of Alpha and Omega 2: A Howl-iday Adventure.
  6. Bad writing.
  7. Just like Norm of the North, the movie is insulting and terrible.
  8. Horrible script.
  9. Unlike Alpha and Omega: Dino Digs, the scripting and music are terrible.
  10. Generic music.
  11. In the final installment, Beast the Bunny and King Tiger are both awful villains.
  12. It killed the ALF: The Animated Series cartoon series.
  13. False advertising: It shows that all of these dvd covers have Bloop, Jay and Jim portrayed as orange and brown mice (resembles the character from Die Sendung mit der Maus) but in the movie, they’re blue birds, Also the Skip poster appeared to be on the first poster but he doesn’t appear in the 1994 film, also on the Italian DVD cover of the 1994 film, Skip appears on the cover of the film, and says “92 minutes” but the film it says “22 minutes” and Skip still doesn’t appear in the 1994 film either.
  14. Skip’s voice made it worse by voicing by the different actor instead of Rob Cowan.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The animation are decent and good.
  2. In the 1994 film, the original episode of ALF: The Animated Series has a good animation.
  3. Ginger and Rocky’s appearance makes a very awesome characters.
  4. Bob Jr., Bloop, Jay and Jim are likable characters.
  5. The Italian and German dubs are very awesome.
  6. The dvd covers which all of the animals while misleading are very cute to look at.
  7. The British version are interesting.
  8. The Paddy Kingsland music in the sequels are very catchy.
  9. The characters from ALF: The Animated Series are still likable characters.
  10. It Abused Disney's Stinky Rat Mascot Thing


  • the film maintains for the ALF: The Animated Series which is released in early 1994.


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even tho this is fake but most of the reason dumb like this like bad over this is bad only one i agree is 13 the rest is just crappy

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