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Elementary Detention:The Movie (Fake movie)
Genre: Animation
Directed By: James Ton (Fake)
Written By: James Ton
Starring: James Ton
Photography: Color
Distributed By: James Ton Studios (Fake)
Release Date: March 2, 2022
Runtime: 70 Minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: 5 Cents

Elementary Detention:The Movie is a 2022 low budget American Comedy film produced by James Tons Studios, it was known for its low budget animation and action and James Ton Studios had only one film and got the studio shut down.


  1. Matthew
  2. Andrew
  3. Jake
  4. Teacher
  5. Detention Teacher
  6. Bully one
  7. Bully two
  8. Patricia
  9. Others


Andrew, Matthew, and Jake went to school, they got into trouble for saying they like Looney Tunes, so they get detention. They were hated by the detention teacher and they were forced to do 1000 school work, the teacher left. They went to escape the detention, they meet two bullies, on the playground they escaped the mean two bullies, they went into the forest, the bullies came back, they chased them and wishing to kill them, they were caught by killers, the bullies were dead, The three kids survived. Jake, Andrew, and Matthew meet a girl Patricia, they almost made their way back to the neighborhood until they find an abandoned temple of Mandionak built by Comanche Native American Group, it had five floors and one basement. They went inside the temple, they went through the basement until they find a dead body with two packs of Winston Cigarettes full flavor. There was no cigarette lighter, they keep making their way to the end of the temple, until they get trapped inside a huge flood chamber, Patricia gets trapped in a small tiny flood chamber, she drowns and Matthew, Andrew, and Jake survives, while Jake has a broken bone. They went into the 5th floor until they find Comanche treasure cups, Matthew drinks the water, he chosen wisely, he heels jake, Jake returns to normal. Andrew puts them in the treasure bag, he finds a lever that was meant to drain water, but it does and also cause the temple to collapse, Jake ends up being spiked by the rock slide, he dies and Andrew and Matthew escapes. The temple collapsed and they were captured by Native American Group gods that were part of the Comanches, they escaped them and returned to the neighborhood and they went to go home.

Why It Sucks

  1. Its pretty much another generic and forgettable animation adventure film thats only based on detention at a elementary, which relies on the plot too much, even more on the character development and effects.
  2. It only involves a group of kids trying to find their way out of detention and make their way back home but after the climax, it boils half of the filler into more than 60 minutes of movie time, which barley anything is going on.
  3. The characters are flat as a cardboard, with little to no likability or progression to be seen through the entire film, which includes many unlikable characters such as every character in the film.
  4. Awful voice acting, especially from James Ton who did it all by himself.
  5. A rather poorly written script and it looks like it made by somebody who watches low budget films.
  6. There are fifth-teen minutes of filler moments that could easily be removed without effecting the nonexistent plot.
  7. The main problem of the film that it has no reason to exist at all, and its based on elementary school detention, which will rather be a poor plot idea.
  8. It features scenes that include deaths and gore in a PG rated film, which is not suitable for children.
  9. Anachronism, it said to take places in 2011, but everything shows stuff from post 2011.
  10. Terrible villains that includes a Comanche god that tried to kill the two remaining kids but has no name to the Comanche god, which we won't understand the villain's name.
  11. Mediocre soundtrack that was performed by James Ton and his friends.
  12. Terrible Comedy.
  13. Awful Sound and visuals effects done by James Ton.
  14. Misleading Title,Dispite taking places in a Detention Center, It focuses more on a adventure to the kids way home instead of being in a detention center for a long time.
  15. Poorly done poster done by James Ton, the characters designs are misleading , and doesn't qualify as a poster.
  16. The films also suffers from fifth-teen minutes of useless subplots that only exists just to extend the length of the film;come on, remove subplots and the characters and plot won't be effected what so ever.
  17. Many bland lines through out the entire film.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. The poster is so bad its hilarious.


It was received a 0 on Rotten Tomatoes, and a 1/10 on Imdb, and it had got mixed reviews and had got no positive reviews, and its made to be the worst film of all time. The budget was 5 Cents.



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how the hell was it five cents?

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