DUH COOLEST MUVIE IN DA WORLD!!1!!!1 (Fake movie collab)

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hi i'm a 17 year old loser who likes to watch animated films. That's all.

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DUH COOLEST MUVIE IN DA WORLD 1 !1 (Fake movie collab)
Genre: Black Comedy, Action, Adventure
Directed By: Random alcoholic drug addict they found in a shack
Written By: A bunch of losers from a trailer park.
Starring: David Failburg, Imogen Bitchensen, EijiZeBoi, Mr. Dready, SaltylakeXD, Stephenfisher2001, Kesner, WageTheUglydoll12, DJ2006,Gub
Distributed By: Anusbutter Productions
Release Date: June 9th, 2023
Runtime: 420 minutes
Country: Alternativia, KPopia, Eggrollslavakia, United States

DUH COOLEST MUVIE IN DA WORLD!!1!!!1 is a 2023 KPopian-Alternativian-Eggrollslavakian-American black comedy film directed by a random alcoholic drug addict. It premiered at an abandoned strip club building on June 9, 2023. It gained controversy shortly after its release and was banned in several countries, such as Azerbaijanistanislavakiananania, for its racist and offensive jokes.


(W.I.P you can help write it if you want)

A group of Miraheze editors protest outside of Universal's HQ to release the Cats Butt Cut.

Enraged at the failure of their protest, they raid a Twitch Convention while riding My Little Ponies. Wanting to take out their anger on them, Kesner starts massacring the Twitch thots and force feeding eggrolls, soaked in blood and skin to Eggrollslavakian prisoners. This causes the Eggrollslavakian Communist Forces to retaliate. The main characters barely ran away alive, and became outlaws in Eggrollslavakia. They then resort to a life of alcohol and drugs, and beating up random people at Irish Pubs.

Eiji then wants to start a new life, so he enters the Jellicle Ball, and everyone starts hating his rather graphic and immature performances. Mr. Dready, SaltylakeXD, Stephenfisher2001, Kesner, WageTheUglydoll12, DJ2006,Gub, David Failburg, and Imogen Bitchensen try to help Eiji win the Jellicle ball by killing all the other performers. Old Deuteronomy finds the Ultimate Jellicle McGuffin of Mysteriousness to try to kill the Miraheze editors, but then all the cats start exploding for no reason.

All the Miraheze Editors, along with their loyal My Little Ponies, join Eiji in the Jellicle Ball, until it is interrupted by the CEO of Universal. He then uses the Jellicle McGuffin to summon a large killer Rubiks Cube to destroy the multiverse, so nobody else can protest for the Butt Cut.

Without any of the other main characters knowing, SaltylakeXD sneaks in the the Universal HQ and hacks into their computers, finding the Cats Butt Cut and releases it in cinemas.

The Rubiks Cube is about to approach Earth, so the main characters unite to stop the Rubiks Cube from falling. The CEO of Universal summons a disposable CGI army of Zombie Eggrollslavakian Communists to kill them in the ultimate battle of Good and Evil. David Failburg eats the CEO's baby child, causing the CEO to kill himself, disabling the McGuffin.

Why It Sucks

  1. It wasn't screened in advance... You know what I'm about to say.
  2. Wastes the talent of EijiZeBoi, Mr. Dready, SaltylakeXD, Stephenfisher2001, Kesner, and MINA FROM TWICE!!!??? HOW COULD SHE STAR IN THIS PIECE OF SHIT!!!???
    • Also, some of the cast were forced to star in the film without their consent!!! You can tell from their facial expressions and body language that they are clearly uncomfortable with being in the film!!!
  3. The title. JUST LOOK AT IT!!!
  4. The film's inspired by the works of David Failburg and Makunt Izichi. You can tell by the overuse of gross-out content, filler, and the runtime.
  5. This movie also has Eggrollslavakian propaganda and is insulting and racist towards Azerbaijanistanislavakianananians.
  6. The plot makes no sense at all.
  7. Random and useless product placement for several anti-depressants.
  8. Immature writing.
  9. It's overrated as hell (overrated is a bad quality STFU)
  10. Lots of pointless scenes.
    • There is a scene where SaltylakeXD runs around the room screaming and flailing her arms around. It goes on for three minutes, so it was probably only done as filler.
    • There's also a pointless scene where Eiji goes "REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" for 10 FUCKING MINUTES STRAIGHT!!!
    • At one point in the movie, Kesner raids a Twitch convention filled with thots and simps while riding a Long Starlight Glimmer and kills everyone with akimbo uzis which was obviously done for no reason but to please an internet demographic.
  11. When the Cutie Mark Crusaders sing their performance at the Jellicle Ball, they had a musical number about paint cracks for half an hour.
  12. Lackluster soundtrack that consists of songs like "Keep Rollin'" by Limp Bizkit.
    • There's also a scene where Eiji sings an extremely off-key version of "Wannabe" by ITZY.
    • There's even a scene where SaltylakeXD sings an off-key version of "Cry For Help" by Shinedown.
    • The ending has all of the characters doing Dame Tu Cosita. Yes, really.
  13. Several gross and disgusting scenes that are so hard to sit through. In fact, when this movie was released in theatres after its premeire, all theatres that played it needed to supply barf bags to moviegoers. Those scenes include, but are not limited to:
    • A man ripping open his stomach and his entrails falling out in a graphic, detailed manner!!!
    • Someone eating a baby on screen!!!!!
    • The scene where SaltylakeXD graphically beats someone to death and gouges their eyes out for making her trip!!!
    • After the already mentioned Twitch convention scene, Kesner throws hundreds of eggrolls on the corpses and then FORCES EGGROLLSLAVAKIAN PRISONERS TO EAT THEM WHILE BEING COVERED IN BLOOD AND DECAYED SKIN!!!
    • A man rounding up a few innocent pedestrians and beheading them!!! This scene also caused some viewers to commit suicide.
    • Worst of all is, this isn't even half of the horrifying content in this massive fucking pile of dogshit!!!
  14. This movie tries too hard to be edgy.
  15. Cheap, poorly done special effects. The blood looks like red corn syrup, the semen looks like milk, and the mutilated body parts and genitals clearly look like they were done in cheap CGI that looks like it came from a mid-late 90s/early 2000s computer game.
  16. Lots of pointless cameos, especially from Mike Shinoda, Fred Durst, Amy Lee, Brent Smith, several NASCAR drivers (much to Eiji's annoyance because NASCAR isn't a sport), Melanie Martinez, Billie Eilish, Plainrock124, etc.
  17. It runs for 420 minutes. This speaks for itself.
  18. The movie gained controversy due to its disturbing, disgusting content and was banned in 27 countries.
    • In fact, one time when this film was screened in China, someone destroyed the projector out of disgust. The film was shortly pulled from Chinese theatres and banned after that.
      • A similar incident happened in a theatrical screening of this film in Argentina. The film was pulled from Argentine theatres and banned after that.
  19. This movie is classified as an illegal weapon everywhere. It's known for causing the Twitch Massacre of 2025.
  20. IT'S TOO FUCKING LONG!!! In fact, when it was released on Blu-ray/4K Ultra HD (DVD was already obsolete by then), it took up around 3 or 4 discs because it was too long to store on one disc.
  21. Everyone who acted in the film ended up hating the final results and do not want to hear about, talk about, or be associated with the film ever again. Some have claimed it was the most unpleasant experience in their lives.
    • In fact, after the Twitch Massacre of 2025, everyone who starred in this film had to make public apologies so the fact they starred in this wouldn't ruin their reputations.
  22. There's a scene where Dready watches Gmod/SFM animations, only to be rick rolled, which makes him so mad that he tries to track down the guy who did it AND KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're not joking.
  23. During the post-credits scene, a female explains how to give a blowjob, while demonstrating, graphically, on a banana. WE'RE NOT FUCKING JOKING!!! Luckily, no nudity is depicted.

(W.I.P. you can add your own WIS reasons)

The ONLY Redeeming Quality

  1. This movie has been used as an interrogation device and has helped to solve many crimes and mysteries.




19 days ago
Score 2
Why tf does it say the strip club the movie premiered at was empty. There were tons of Twitch thots livestreaming and simps throwing money.


19 days ago
Score 2
It was abandoned for over 25 years, but for some reason they decided to have the movie premiere there anyways and the titty streamers and simps were like "count us in"


14 days ago
Score 1
i wish this is real. but that's why we have cool cat, right?


11 days ago
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Do you like the new plot...


11 days ago
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