Blocky's Adventures of Awesome and Crazy (Fake Movie Collab (Anonymy)

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Blocky's Adventures of Awesome and Crazy



Blocky's Misadventures of Boring and Mediocre.
Genre: Comedy


Directed By: Kanna Biss
Produced By: Kanna Biss
Long Wang
Jeffiny Gaeborn
Written By: Kanna Biss
Distributed By: Kid Movie Epic
Release Date: April 20, 2023
Runtime: 96 minutes
Language: All Languages

Blocky's Adventures of Awesome and Crazy is a PENISLANDIAN action movie directed by Kanna Biss and distributed by Kid Movie Epic.



Why It Sucks

  1. The animation. It is horrible. It's so bad that it makes II's early animation look like Pixar.
  2. Confusing plot that makes no sense whatsoever.
  3. The titular characters (Blocky, Coiny, Eraser, Pen, and Snowball), are completely unlikable.
    • Blocky is by far the worst character, as he constantly bullies Eraser, and physically abuses his friends.
    • Pen, while the most likable out of the five, shouts most of his lines and is obsessed with Leafy plushes.
    • Eraser is now an emo, and not the good kind.
    • Coiny is a smooth-brained idiot who thinks the earth is flat and unicorns are real.
    • Snowball is a gary-stu who has no flaws whatsoever.
  4. Horrid voice acting.
  5. The movie's poster is abysmal, as it was made in 5 minutes and has typos.
    • Kanna even admitted it was made in Kleki, a low quality art website.
  6. The backgrounds and facial expressions are lifeless.
  7. The supporting characters have also been flanderized.
    • Nickel has been dumbed down, like, a LOT.
    • Pencil is now a one-dimensional feminazi.
    • Match has no personality outside of saying "omg" and "like" every 3 seconds whenever she talks.
    • Firey is now a one-dimensional himbo.
  8. Sex scenes and drugs. In a kids movie.
    • The infamous orgy scene between the titular characters.
    • Another scene where Match and Pencil smoke marijuana.
  9. (W.I.P.)

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