Anamaniacs The "Anamainy" Totally "Insaney" Movie (FAKE)

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Anamaniacs the movie was made by Troy Bobber in 7245 and Troy Bobber says "This movie will make you laugh till you collapse! That's all the facts!"


  1. Yacko Warner as Yacko Warner
  2. Wacko Warner as Wacko Warner
  3. Dot Warner as Dot Warner
  4. Troy Bobber as everyone else

Totally Increwie

  1. Troy Bobber did everything


There's so much plot changes that if I listed all the plots this page would be too long to make and I'm not playing favorites by putting one of the plots ok?

Why this movie made us cringe till we collapsed and that's all the facts

  1. Dot is unlikable as she wants to have sex with every man she says luckily everyone except Justin Bieber of all people decline the offer
  2. Speaking of Justin Bieber is unlikable despite only appearing for a minute as he has sex with Dot a minor hand then abandons her when she gets pregnant
  3. Yacko and Wacko are also unlikable as although the start they're likeable when Dot's pregnant they do nothing not even care and when the baby's coming they don't bring her to a hospital which causes a really disturbing and disgusting scene of the baby boy ripping out of Dot's stomach and then becomes the butt monkeys of the movie
  4. The baby is also unlikable as the only thing he does is abuse Yacko and Wacko for no apparent reason and is also extremely ugly as it looks like those worms spongebob adopts and everyone is disgusted to look at
  5. Rather disgusting and disturbing scenes like SpongeBob seasons 6-8 most infamously when the baby rips out of Dot's stomach
  6. The plot changes for the sake of filler
  7. Speaking of most scenes are filler literally like the scene where Yacko twerks for 9 hours
  8. Rather inappropriate things and lines for a kid's movie most infamously ah shit my dab went in my baststard little "fuckhole"
  9. There are many scenes dedicated to Dot's baby abusing Yacko and Wacko to the point they look disturbing and disgusting and then consistent close ups of Yacko and Wacko or should I say Disgusto and Disturbo
  10. Misleading trailer says it's for kids when it's not
  11. The only reason people came was for the war scene which was meant to be epic but in reality it was a pathetic war scene
  12. The scene where George Washington of all people steals 80 "bazillion" dollars and spends it all on a trillion foot diamond statue of himself
  13. The movie shows many cringe stars to be cool


On a 5 dollar budget they made 500 million dollars making it a success but a 1.9/10 on imdb and 19% rotten tomatoes



one month ago
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Troy Bobber? That name sounds like Troy Baker.


one month ago
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Thank you Itchy! He's the mascot of Troy Bobber Studios and is a copy of Mickey Mouse despite Troy Bobber saying otherwise

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