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Aladin (also known as Aladin und die Wunderlampe) is Dingo Pictures' longest movie, released in 1993 and their first movie to cash in with a popular animated film released around the same time. It was made into an English dub by east west entertainment and it is considered to be one of the WORST English dubs of all time.

Why It Sucks

  1. GOD...GOD awful voice acting, there’s only 2 people that voice everyone, and they did a horrible job at it, since it sounds like their reading something from an English class. At one point, the boy says EXIT SCENE, which is unacceptable.
  2. HORRENDOUS ANIMATION.... The characters move like they have a seizure or something.
  3. Tons of recording errors, you can hear them turning the page for the script, and you can also hear the voice director correcting them, Which is just SO terrible
  4. The music is even 'WORSE than the animation and the voice acting, there’s an 8 second loop of a dingo track with a crowd booing sound effect that just repeats itself throughout the whole film, except for the opening.
  5. Theres no lip-syncing at all
  6. The plot is poorly written
  7. lots of udio errors, whenever the characters do a musical, they sing it in the original German language Despite the movie being in English, there’s also a part when the characters finish talking, you can hear portions of the original German dub.
  8. The looping music still overlays with the musical song at the same time, which feels very uncomfortable to listen to.
  9. Hilariously bad dialogue
  10. It ripped off Disney’s Aladdin.
  11. the film is also very mean-spirited, the characters actually SWEAR!(IN A KIDS MOVIE!!!!!) Like when Aladdin says “That Bastard” after he found out that Saraiya is marrying a different guy. And the Sultan also calls Aladdin a Bastard.
  12. The EastWest DVD Box art for Aladin is Poorly made and very strange. The title even ended up being called Alladin, and the cover art looks very clickbaited

The ONLY Redeeming quality

  1. The German dub is a lot better than the English dub, since there are more voice actors in the German dub.



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