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This is a fake movie collab, meaning you can add whatever you want (you can even add yourself into the film). However, don’t vandalize it, cus if you do I will break into your house and steal your refrigerator. Anyways, let’s celebrate this new year with this fake movie.

2020: The Movie
If you thought 2001 was bad, this will change your mind.
Genre: Action, adventure, black comedy, musical, tragedy, disaster, drama (the latter 3 describes it very well)
Directed By: Basement dwellers
Produced By: Conspiracy theorists
Written By: Redditors
Starring: Everyone in existence
Cinematography: Literally every color
Distributed By: Shollywood
Release Date: January 1, 2021
Runtime: 3 days
Country: Literally every country (even North Korea)
Language: Literally every Language
Budget: $69 trillion
Franchise: The Years
Prequel: 2019: The Movie
Sequel: 2021: The Movie

2020: The Movie is an adventure musical black comedy disaster tragedy crossover film. It stars the Miraheze users as themselves, Michael and Cary Huang (along with other BFDI voice actors) as various BFDI characters, Yuri Lowenthal as Marth and Eliwood, Casey Mongillo as Allister and Shinji, Ben Schwartz as Sonic, Charles Martinet as Mario and Luigi, Marcus Bromander as Henry Stickmin, Tom Kenny as SpongeBob, Zack Callison as Steven Universe, Wendee Lee as Lyn, Matthew Mercer as Chrom, Dwane Johnson as Maui, and many more as this is a crossover.


The film retells the events of 2020, both on Miraheze and in the real world, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the Inkster controversy, the BLM riots, the rise of anti-maskers, The TPRisesAgain ban incident, and the KillerPyro controversy.

Why It Sucks

  1. A film based on the events of 2020 sounds like an interesting idea, but this film executed it poorly, especially since it seems to focus more on the bad events than the good.
  2. While a lot of the musical numbers are decent, some are really bad and seem unfitting for the film’s tone.
  3. Lots of filler that's not even comparable to some animes. An example is MrAnonymous walking around trying to find Vault 8166, only to get taken back.
  4. Overuse of 2020 memes and pop culture references, which means the film will already be heavily dated a few years from now.
  5. Some characters have been flanderized.
    • Mario is reduced to a pasta and pizza obsessed Italian plumber who hates America for no reason which is ironic as he likes Brooklyn.
    • Thomas is even more idiotic in comparison to his flanderization from season 12-16 of Thomas & Friends
    • The Muppets have no purpose to be in this film other than to be comic reliefs
    • Sid the Sloth is reduced to a sloth who is a pain to listen too as he complains a lot.
    • Steven Universe is a lolcow who always wishes death on other CN characters that are not related to Steven Universe and wants to force Rebecca Sugar to make another series involving SU.
    • Steve from Minecraft loves to mine everywhere.
    • Penny Proud is a hardcore SJW who defended the BLM riots.
    • Fuzzy Lumpkins is a hardcore anti SJW who thinks that Joe Biden rigged the election.
    • Manny the Mammoth is a grouch who is in the same lines as Shrek in Shrek Forever After. In fact, he even thinks that life would be better without Sid.
    • Luigi became a butt-monkey. At least he’s still likeable.
    • Stingy from LazyTown loves to steal toilet paper and claim that it's his.
    • Sackboy became an annoying sackperson who screams too much. Even more so compared to Sackboy A Big Adventure. At least he’s still a cute character.
    • The Among Us Crewmates became patheic characters who try way too hard to be hip and cool with the kids.
    • Katsuki Bakugo is even worse as if the film makes him look like he suffers from character derailment.
    • Peridot is reduced to a mentally unstable Gem.
    • Taco (BFDI) is even more unlikable than she was in The United States Movie.
    • Leafy is reduced to an offensive borderline personality disorder stereotype.
    • Liy is reduced to an offensive bipolar stereotype. He even laughs at times when it is not appropriate to do so.
    • Ripper Roo is now an obsessive cocaine and laughing gas addict who can't sit still.
    • Jonesy from Fortnite is reduced to an annoying anti-Minecraft psychopath who got jealous because Steve got into Smash.
    • Crazy Dave is now an unlikable gardener who is addicted to tacos.
    • Freddy Fazbear is now like Stevie from The Banana Splits Movie, always acting family friendly while performing for children, and then acting like an asshole when he's not performing.
    • 39 from Five Nights With 39 is now reduced into a punching bag. His personality is also cranked all the way Up To Eleven to the point where he is on par with Ren Hoek from Ren & Stimpy "Adult Party Cartoon".
    • MrAnonymous is now even more annoying and edgy, and even angrier, to the point where he looks like he's about to enter Unstoppable Rage.
    • SELOZAR has the worst Flanderization in all of the film's runtime: The film turns him, one of the most tragic Roblox myths, into a wangsting obnoxious jerk who constantly whines about ULEANRA and ZalcusOfSorrow (after AloneTraveler turned her into SARUNEM), who lashes out at people who call him out or criticize him for it by shouting: "YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!" or "YOU DON'T KNOW HOW I FELT!", effectively destroying any sympathy for SELOZAR and retroactively ruining his character arc by taking away the emotional impact from his article on Myth Community Wiki and in Flamingo's videos. Many would like to pretend that he doesn't exist or that it was all just an alternate universe version of SELOZAR.
    • Circley's charm was present, and forgettable back in many scratch projects, but in this movie, he severely deteriorated into an angry, and a puffle-obsessed person. That alone makes Circley far less happy than before.
  6. Even if they weren't flanderized, most returning major characters have deteriorated in some way or another. Overall, absolutely no one is happy enough to be healthy.
    • Portrock1566' charm, warmness, pleasantness has declined throughout the movies and became a constantly cold person adverse to any affection thus no longer has the ability to make others happy. Although this is forgivable due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and his scars from being mistreated by Inkster. He's still generally likable, easy to sympathize with, and his morality remains in the same place (although less confident).
  7. Disturbing scenes.
    • Gruesome on-screen deaths are rampant.
    • Characters bleed from even the slightest injuries.
    • Overuse of shock value.
  8. The Karens are super unlikeable as they don’t take the pandemic seriously, meaning they don’t wear masks, drive to another store that’s out of their state to get groceries because their local store requires them to wear a mask, want quarantine to end just so they can have a haircut, yell at people for recording them, and travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas despite being advised not to do it.
  9. For whatever reason, MAPs (Minor-Attracted Persons AKA pedophiles) rose to more power than ever. They also attempt to rebrand under the name PEARs (Pro expression, anti repression).
  10. Also, there's been more attention around CP and those who onjoh it.
  11. Corny dialogue.
  12. It covers internet drama, no matter how petty.
  13. There’s political content in this film, which is a red flag (namely the BLM riots and the 2020 presidential election).
  14. Very long scene where MrAnonymous loses his temper and goes all out on rabid haters for disrespecting opinions and attacking sane innocent fans while shouting and screaming insults and profanity at them for 9 minutes straight.
  15. An unnecessarily long, unsettling scene where Seph has a panic attack due to drama in the BFDI fandom.
  16. Scenes that have excessive padding, such as MrAnonymous and Stephenfisher2001 get chased in a subway tunnel by the Train Eater with Thomas.
  17. The innuendos are intended to be the movie's comic relief but it fails and is instead disturbing rather than funny.
  18. There's even some anti Gacha Life propaganda, such as when Tiny Tiger, Dingodile, and N. Gin are seen bullying the Powerpuff Girls, just because they are in a lot of Gacha Life videos.
  19. There's uncensored nudity and pornographic scenes in this movie, which is absurd because it's unnecessary as the previous films didn't have them. Some are erotic to certain people but it's not uplifting whatsoever. It makes Gantz look decent by comparison. Thankfully, there's no rape or other illegal sex acts as they're only implied.
  20. The movie is too passive to denounce discrimination and promote equality vigorously enough.
  21. A very mean spirited scene where MrAnonymous brutally beats the everloving shit out of Balloon Boy, which then ends with him literally ripping his head off, with sparks and wires exposed, JUST FOR BEING A UNIVERSALLY HATED FNAF 2 ANIMATRONIC
    • He even does the same to Toy Freddy, although the other Toy animatronics repair him at the end of the film.
  22. A very poor Take That! at SuperMarioLogan, where there's graffiti spray painted on a brick wall that says: "SMG4 > SML", which can easily offend SML fans.
    • There's even a Take That! at Encyclopedia Dramatica, when it's supposed to be a satirical wiki.
  23. Pointless background event where Not important from Hatred (2015) runs around gunning down innocent people thanks to his intense dislike of humankind.
  24. Pointless cameos of Mr. Sphitz from Perfect Vermin and The Kid from You Are Grounded.
    • The same thing can be said for SaintDasXII and G0Z.
  25. Very poor and unfunny attempts at humor.
  26. Some scenes are racist and offensive, an example is a scene where MrAnonymous reenacts the Racist SpongeBob meme, with the same title card with the N word on it, and when it appears, he says the aforementioned word out loud, and it's even uncensored.
  27. There is even a scene where TheRedSusMario starts a WAR with Bluestone. A, freaking, war. This feels VERY out of place for TheRedSusMario's reputation
  28. The scene where Lightning McQueen runs over a game cartridge of Super Mario 3D All-Stars was only added there because of Super Mario 3D All-Stars's bad reputation. While it can be understandable due to the emulation problems, limited release, AND the removal of Super Mario Galaxy 2, the scene was supposed to take place on March 31st, 2021
  29. It can't decide who is going to be the main villain as it keeps switching from ImJayStation, Daniel Robitaille/Candyman, Dr. Robotnik (movie version), AniMat, Nikocado Avocado, Strawberry Milk (YouTuber), The Ghost of Charles Manson, Chris-Chan, Dreamalgia, Antoons, Jake Paul, Doug Bowser, Butch Hartman, The Green Brothers, Turkey Tom, Morgz, Lovely Peaches, Astor, and Calamity Ganon.
  30. The infamous scene where Henry Stickmin does the Distraction Dance for 5 MINUTES.
  31. Morgana does nothing worth in the movie as he in the entire film wants to do cancel culture on Ryuji Sakamoto albeit it leads to disastrous results towards Morgana himself.
  32. The movie itself is a big rip-off of 2012, but tries desperately to seem different and fails.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. The movie mostly portrays 2020 accurately. But as mentioned earlier, it's poorly executed and gives little focus on the fortunate events.
  2. The beginning of this movie was ok until COVID-19 became a pandemic where it really stoops.
  3. Not everyone has been flanderized, luckily.
    • The characters that have not been flanderized are:
    • Candy The Cat
    • Lockjaw
    • Shrek
    • FNAS Mario
    • Photo Negative Mickey
    • FNAW Luigi
    • Aku Aku
    • Blossom
    • Bubbles
    • Rick Sanchez
    • Morty Smith
    • Henry Stickmin
    • Luigi (Mario)
    • Buttercup
    • Mumbo Jumbo
    • Stu Pickles
    • T.J. Detweiler
    • Sgt. Byrd
    • Cartoon Mouse (Bartholomew)
    • Eryi (Syobon Action)
    • Foxy The Pirate Fox
    • Circus Baby
    • Funtime Freddy
    • Bonbon
    • TheUltry
    • etc.
  4. Although not everyone remained static, there are some that realistically changed in a negative way and not flanderized.
  5. The soundtrack is mostly at least decent like always. Some musical numbers are really good, such as:
    • ”Come Die With Us” (a parody of “Come Fly With Us” from Total Drama World Tour”) sung by various Miraheze users
  6. The voice acting is great. In fact, all of the voice actors reprise their roles as their characters (sans the ones who died before production).
  7. Wonderful animation
  8. The message that people should learn from their past experiences instead of trying to forget them is preached well without being forceful.
  9. The film pays a tribute to celebrities who died in 2020, and tributes to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, memes, and Adobe Flash.
  10. The new year’s scene at the end of the film is epic.
  11. There's a funny scene in which Banjo and Kazooie destory the Horrible Vyonders Wiki, since it was shut down by the Miraheze stewards for being a drama based wiki.
  12. While overdone even for this franchise, the emotional moments are very touching and relatable such as SELOZAR breaking down crying after getting reminded of the torture AloneTraveler put him through.
  13. It coined the term “onjoh” which is used to mock pedophiles when Se famously mispronounced the word “enjoy”. As such, “X onjohs CP” has became a meme.
  14. MrAnonymous finally calms down at the end of the film.
  15. SELOZAR still has his size changing powers.
  16. The character designs are generally good.
  17. The scene where Dr. Cortex and Tiny Tiger reenact Tiger King was pretty good.
  18. Great fanservice to please audiences of all sexual orientations even if it's unfitting.
  19. The movie takes sensitive topics like depression, suicide, abuse, diseases, racism, pedophilia, rape, etc. very seriously and portrays them well.
  20. Despite his screaming and yelling being so loud and annoying, the scene where MrAnonymous rages at rabid haters does teach us that opinion disrespecting is not good.
  21. Most of the Takes Thats are good, such as the Take That! at Nikocado Avocado, since he went from a normal healthy man to a fat manchild.
    • The Take That! at Twitter is also well-done, due to how toxic that site is.
    • The Take That! at Butch Hartman was great, since he damaged his reputation as a well respected cartoonist by claiming that god can cure autsim and by scamming people with his Oaxis streaming service.
    • The Take That! at The Principal and The Pauper was amazing, since it ruined Principal Seymour Skinner's character and destroyed the Golden Age of The Simpsons.
  22. The Shoutout to Zach Choi ASMR is amazing.
  23. Pac-Man making a comparison to the Karens with the Ghosts in the franchise he's from is pretty funny.
  24. At least TheRedSusMario ENDED the war with Bluestone, and later decided to RETURN to his likability



  1. This is the first Year film of the 21st century to be rated R by the Motion Picture Association of America due to its transgressive violence, explicit sexual content, profanity, drugs, etc, despite the massive involvement of minors in situations like these (namely teenagers).
  2. Due to a mental breakdown in real life, Portrock1566 was absent throughout most of May 2020.

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