The Crazy-Ass Group Movie: The Movie, An Animated Feature Film (Fake Movie Collab)

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The Crazy-Ass Group Movie: The Movie, An Animated Feature Film
Imagine giving an already bad show an equally bad movie.
Genre: Animation
Black comedy
Directed By: Ryan Corbeil
Produced By: David Mirkin
Scott Rudin
Written By: Brandon Davies
Lindsey Bullock
Alec Sulkin
Based On: The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation
Starring: Charles Martinet
Samantha Kelly
Roger Craig Smith
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Tress MacNeille
Dave Mitchell
Billy West
Frank Welker
Jason Marsden
Wally Wingert
Eric Bauza
Tara Strong
Maile Flanagan
Debi Derryberry
Jeff Garcia
Rob Paulsen
Jess Harnell
Tom Hanks
Seth McFarlane
Jim Cummings
Tom Kenny
Morgan Berry
G.K Bowes
Teresa Gallagher
Lacey Chabert
Eden Sher
Ariel Winter
Anna Akana
Lucas Blake Ashton
Tawnee Bunker
Quin Darwin
Joseph May
Amelie Bea Smith
John Sparkes
Hynden Walch
Hugh Grant
Andrea Libman
Ana Sani
Photography: Color
Distributed By: Warner Bros. Pictures
Release Date: January 13, 2022
Runtime: 107 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $15-30 million

The Crazy-Ass Group Movie: The Movie, An Animated Feature Film (or simply The Crazy-Ass Group Movie) is a French-American-Canadian adult animated black comedy adventure action film directed by series co-creator Ryan Corbeil, produced by David Mirkin and Scott Rudin and written by Brandon Davies, Lindsey Bullock and Alec Sulkin. It is based on the HBO Max television series, The Crazy-Ass Group Show: The Series, Television Presentation.

The film was released theatrically in the United States and Canada on January 13, 2022, by Warner Bros. Pictures and was released on HBO Max on February 6, 2022.


The Crazy-Ass Group travel to Germany to host a film festival, with the help from Buster Bunny and Matt Damon. However, trouble lurks when a nasty anthropomorphic hamburger named Körbl, takes over Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium by making them all into his entire country and renaming it "Chickensandwichia", where people are only allowed to do what he orders them to do, such as opposing foreigners (including Polish, Americans and Canadians), greeting people by saying "dingbat shit", and other laws he wrote down. This also includes attacking the Crazy-Ass Group. After one big explosion, many of the members end up in the middle of nowhere in Asia, with some of them being put in prison by the citizens. They must get back to Germany, by traveling through different countries and stop Körbl, while meeting new friends, so they can back to hosting their film festival.

Why It Sucks

  1. While some characters have improved from the show, becoming more likable and even redeeming themselves, most of the characters in this movie still retains their unlikable personalities from the show, which few of them has been cranked up to eleven. And it also introduces so new characters that are also unlikable, such as:
    • The Little Blue Engine That Wanted A Drink is an absolute psycho who ambushed Thomas The Tank Engine and attempted to make him force-drink lava mixed with acid. Thankfully, he is stopped.
    • The Barbie Happy Holidays Special Edition Doll, though not unlikeable, her blocking The Crazy-Ass Group’s way to Chickensandwichia so she can take a selfie with her pet rock feels somewhat dumb and disrespectful to the group.
  2. It contains scenes with unnecessary filler that draws out for too long. These examples include:
    • Alastor singing a song about filler, which is called "Filler is King".
    • Sheen singing and dancing to "Dota" by Basshunter, for absolutely no reason, and Gogo Dodo just hops out of nowhere to join him.
    • George Liquor chanting about how great America is.
    • Richard Watterson buying pirated DVDs from an illegal Thai video store.
    • The tiresome running gag of Ness drinking vodka.
    • Steve doing the Rolly-Rollie dance.
    • Dirty Dog chasing Cigarettes the Cat around the city during the beginning of the film, which goes on for a solid three minutes.
    • The Among Us characters raiding a Chick-Fil-A restaurant.
    • Alisa Bosconovitch smoking outside a Convenience Store.
  3. This film came out almost a year after the original show premiered, which felt a bit too early for a film adaptation, even though it was in development before the show was released.
  4. The marketing relies heavily on pop-culture references, sometimes that nobody even knows of, the main example being one of the promotional posters parodying the 2001 German film adaptation of "Emil and the Detectives", which many people wouldn't understand due to the film's obscurity outside of its home country.
  5. Just like the show itself, the humor is predominantly terrible and immature, and there are a majority of moments that are either random, confusing, contrived, cringeworthy, low-brow, mean-spirited, sometimes even downright offensive or disgusting that it crosses the line. It doesn't help that it relies too much on pop culture references, toilet humor, sex jokes and gross-out jokes. Examples but not limited to include:
    • Nicole Watterson throwing Kirby out of a hotel room at the Marriott Royal Aurora Hotel in Moscow, Russia, in which Orlin calls her out for that.
    • Yoshi pronouncing Naples as "nipples", and then Stimpy suddenly makes a speech about his nipples, which felt out of place here.
    • Fliqpy graphically assassinating the leader of North Korea, Kim Jung Un.
    • Loona and Mr. Kat shoving Nicolas' avocados up Sherman's butt after Nicolas tried to say "Did somebody take an avocado and shoved it in your arm" which he didn’t get to finish.
    • Furrball getting aroused after seeing Fifi La Fume in Pepe Le Pew's class.
    • Bomb, well, bombing the Xing Xing Digital headquarters in Chaoyang District for Norman Price, though somehow and rightfully, he disapproves.
    • Dagget Beaver making a heartless joke towards autistic people, which caused Josie to slap him in the face.
    • Black Mamba P3 getting pleasure from looking at fat fetish art on the internet.
    • Alastor diving into a giant toilet, which was also just added for filler.


Redeeming Qualities

  1. Still capturing the original style of each character, the animation is amazing and a massive step-up from the original show.
  2. It does have a decent soundtrack.
  3. As mentioned before, some characters have improved from the show, becoming more likable and even redeeming themselves. This film also introduced some other likable characters like Starfy, Aang, Katara, Toph, Sokka, Zuko, Rosalina, Katarina Alves, Josie Rizal, Sven Höek, Nicholas Perry, Orlin Home, Calimero, Pepe Le Pew, Penelope, C. H. Greenblatt, Gazpacho, Austin Hargrave, Markiplier, Gorgonzola, Alice (Alice in Wonderland), The Pirate Captain (The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists!), Charlie Magne/Morningstar, Vaggie, Angel Dust, Nifty, and Husk.
    • Depending on your view, Körbl can also be an entertaining villain.


Dialogue from the Movie

Alastor: Ha! Filler time!






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