Beauty and the Beast (2017)

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Beauty and the Beast (2017)
Just when you thought that the Disney live-action remakes couldn't get any more predictable...
Genre: Musical
Directed By: Bill Condon
Produced By: David Hoberman
Todd Lieberman
Written By: Stephen Chbosky
Evan Spiliotopolous
Starring: Emma Watson
Dan Stevens
Luke Evans
Kevin Kline
Josh Gad
Ewan McGregor
Ian McKellen
Emma Thompson
Photography: Color
Cinematography: Tobias A. Schliessler
Distributed By: Walt Disney Pictures
Release Date: February 23, 2017
(Spencer House)
March 17, 2017 (United States)
Runtime: 129 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Budget: $160–255 million
Box Office: $1.264 billion

Beauty and the Beast is a 2017 American musical romantic fantasy film directed by Bill Condon. The film is a live-action remake of Disney's 1991 animated film of the same name, itself an adaptation of Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont's 18th-century fairy tale. The film premiered at Spencer House in London on February 23, 2017, and was theatrically released in the United States in standard, Disney Digital 3-D, RealD 3D, IMAX, and IMAX 3D formats, along with Dolby Cinema on March 17, 2017.


An arrogant prince is cursed to live as a terrifying beast until he finds true love. Strangely, his chance comes when he captures an unwary clockmaker, whose place is then taken by his bold and beautiful daughter Belle. Helped by the Beast's similarly enchanted servants, including a clock, a teapot, and a candelabra, Belle begins to see the sensitive soul behind the fearsome facade. But as time runs out, it soon becomes obvious that Belle's cocky suitor Gaston is the real beast of the piece.

Bad Qualities

  1. It basically furthers Hollywood's ideology of "everything old is new again" by remaking this film.
  2. The story is way too similar to the original 1991 film. The new scenes and songs don't add much to the plot and are just there to escape the similarities. It basically feels more of a copycat rather than a remake.
  3. Emma Watson is a terrible casting choice for Belle due to her being an SJW.
    • Ewan McGregor's singing is also terrible; in addition, he tries way too hard to use a fake accent for Lumiere but ends up sounding annoying.
    • They also rely on Auto-Tune for the songs.
  4. Beast's character design is butchered, as he looks barely like the original Beast. He more looks like Faun from Pan's Labyrinth.
    • Also, he and his servants' character designs all look ugly and hideous, and fall away under the uncanny valley.
  5. The characters' personalities come across as unlikeable throughout the film and barely act like their animated incarnations:
    • Belle went from a quirky but nice, fun-loving, cheerful, patient, and polite action girl who isn't a pushover into an overly defensive, tomboyish, and arrogant snob who rarely ever smiles, all for the sake of shoehorned "female empowerment" on the part of actress Emma Watson.
    • The Beast is a much bigger jerk than he was in the animated original, which makes him and his character development in the remake far more difficult to be rooted for.
    • LeFou isn't funny at all, unlike the original who was used as comic relief. He is basically a filler character who serves no purpose at all in the film.
  6. High overuse of CGI, especially for the enchanted objects and the wolves.
    • While the visuals are gorgeous, it is highly repetitive and distracting from the story.
  7. Many of the new songs in the film are shoehorned just to distract from the poor writing, and they just feel boring.
  8. A scene where LeFou dances with a man for two seconds is just there to pander to the LGBT community, which caused a ton of controversy and the film to be banned in some countries.
  9. There are stupid decisions like how the enchantress at the beginning now erases the memories of the other guests. Nostalgia Critic criticized and mocked the choice with "And that’s how we solved that plot hole, but fear not. We will have many more to confuse you."
  10. Belle and the Beast spend less time with each other in the film, and their emotional scenes are shorter than in the original. For example, when Belle finds the rose in the West Wing and the Beast arrives, their argument only lasts for 7 seconds, while the original was 30 seconds long! The original argument was more than 4 times longer than in the remake!
    • Consequently, this results in both Belle and the Beast's romance having terrible chemistry, unlike their animated counterparts.
  11. Belle's signature ball gown is a massive downgrade compared to the original, as it looks more like a cheap modern-day prom dress as opposed to a super-stylized traditional ball gown from the mid-18th century, due to its lack of details. The main reason why the ball gown was designed this way was because Emma Watson refused to wear one for stupid feminism reasons claiming that it was 'sexist oppression against women, ignoring the fact that corsets were normal as a support garment back in the mid-18th century, the time period this film is set in.
  12. The scene where Beast is killed by Gaston is worse than in the original, as it is made to look like Gaston just shoots him from behind 2 times with a gun instead of stabbing him brutally with a knife. In addition, this film has Gaston plunging from the castle because the bridge he was standing on crumbles and collapses, unlike the original film when he falls from the castle after stabbing the Beast after losing his balance.

Good Qualities

  1. The visuals are very dazzling to look at.
  2. The new songs, while shoehorned, are still great.
  3. Beautiful cinematography, especially for the castle.
  4. We get somewhat decent backstories to how Belle’s mother died and how the Beast turned into a jerk.
  5. The idea that the Enchanted Objects would turn into unanimated objects if the curse wasn't broken in time adds drama and tension to the film, whereas this wasn't mentioned in the original film and nothing seemed to indicate that the Beast's failure to break the curse would kill the servants (even though it was planned).
  6. Despite LeFou's flaws, he is at least less of a Butt-Monkey than he was in the original.
  7. Despite Emma Watson's bad casting choice, her performance was pretty good.



Despite Beauty and the Beast receiving generally positively received by critics, with many praising its faithfulness to the original animated film, as well as elements from the Broadway musical, performances of the cast (particularly Watson and Stevens), visual style, musical score, songs, costume design, and production values, though criticism was drawn toward some of the character designs, its excessive similarity to the original and the lack of chemistry between the lead characters, hence the remake has been considered by many to be inferior to the original 1991 film.

On review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, the film has an approval rating of 71% based on 374 reviews, with an average rating of 6.69/10. The website's critical consensus reads, "With an enchanting cast, beautifully crafted songs, and a painterly eye for detail, Beauty and the Beast offers a faithful yet fresh retelling that honors its beloved source material.". On Metacritic, the film has a score of 65 out of 100, based on 47 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews". In CinemaScore polls, audiences gave the film an average grade of "A" on an A+ to F scale.

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