Balto II: Wolf Quest

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Balto II: Wolf Quest is a 2002 animated direct-to-video film produced by Universal Animation Studios. It's a sequel to the 1995 Amblimation film Balto.

Why it Sucks

  • The animation is a big downgrade from the original.
  • Plenty of animation errors.
  • Terrible lip-syncing.
  • In some parts of the film, the lips don't even move to what they're saying.
  • The main character, Aleu, can be annoying to some viewers.
  • Random songs that appear out of nowhere, despite the first film not even being a musical.
  • Despite having major roles in the first film, Boris, Jenna, Muk and Luk have almost no role in the movie.
  • Forgets that Balto was, in fact, a real life dog.
  • In real life, Balto never had pups. He wasn't even a wolf, either.
  • False Advertising:
    • On the poster, Aleu is depicted with a curving tail, much like a husky. In the movie, however, her tail is more wolf-like.
    • The wolf characters are treated as major characters. However, they only appear towards the end of the film.

Redeeming Qualities

  • Some of the songs are good.
  • Aleu is actually a pretty good character.
  • The wolf pup designs are cute.
  • The next sequel, Wings of Change is much better.