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Awful Movies Wiki:Rules regarding addition of videos from YouTube

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Any specific video can be included in any specific article, but only if either:

  • The channel that posted any specific video has a high amount of subscribers (i.e. 10K+), regardless of the amount of views the specific video currently has at this point, or;
  • The specific video has a high amount of views (i.e. 10K+), regardless of the amount of subscribers the specific channel currently has at this point.

It should also be only a critique discussing the bad and good aspects of the film; movie trailers and reaction videos are forbidden (although, any critique video with reaction clips within said video are acceptable).

Unacceptable YouTube reviewers and channels

This is a list of YouTube reviewers and channels whose videos are forbidden:

  • Any YouTuber on Terrible TV Shows Wiki or Rotten Websites Wiki — Self-explanatory.
  • CinemaSins — Their videos are completely unreliable and full of nitpicks that do not actually affect the plot or characters of any specific movie in any major way.