Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film)

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Around the World in 80 Days (2004 film)
Movie poster Around the World in 80 Days .jpg
Jules Verne is rolling in his grave when he sees this.

Around the World in 80 Days is 2004 an action adventure comedy film directed by Frank Coaraci and based on the Jules Verne novel of the same name and the 1956 film of the same name. The film was produced by Walt Disney Pictures and Walden Media and distributed by Buena Vista Pictures. The film was released on June 16th, 2004 and was infamous for failing at the box office.


Inventor Phileas Fogg (Steve Coogan) is challenged to a bet made by Lord Kelvin (Jim Broadbent) in which he must travel the world in 80 days. Accompanied by his valet Passepartout (Jackie Chan) and aspiring impressionist Monique Laroche (Cécile de France), Fogg travels around the globe, getting into various adventures and situations along the way.

Bad Qualities

  1. The idea of adding anachronisms and adding original content in the film is somewhat questionable as most book based films use elements from the book while using slight originality.
  2. The humor is nothing more but poorly done slapstick.
  3. Even ignoring the fact the film detracts from the source material, The story is poorly put together and barely makes any sense.
  4. The characters aren't represented well in the slightest; an example being Passepartout, who is portrayed as Chinese rather than French.
  5. Unnecessary fighting scenes that look like they're from another film with Jackie Chan.
  6. Offensive stereotypes, with one old French lady being portrayed as a punching bag in one part of the film.

Good Qualities

  1. The CGI effects look really decent and are nice to look at.
  2. At least it follows the book's plot.
  3. The soundtrack is beautifully well composed.

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