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Argentino QL

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That's not the way to make a biography about the famous boxer of Chile.

Argentino QL is a Chilean movie, made in 2016, focused in the autobiography of "Jorge Alís" a Chilean comedian born in Argentina and currently lives in Chile.


The movie talks about the Autobiography of Jorge Alís.


The movie starts with Jorge Alís hanged by the bridge over the River Mapocho, (a chilean River that currently is contaminated by tons of Poo and Pee, subsequently it smells so bad) and tells the tale of how he came to this situation.

¿Por qué apesta? (Why It Sucks)

  1. Jorge Alís is a very unlikeable character, he's a hypocrite, a xenophobe, and a racist, is foul-mouthed and only thinks of sex and likes sex-related jokes, while giving his own troubles to others people. Also he never learns anything in the transverse of the movie.
  2. Like the saying "Like Father, Like Son", Jorge's dad is very unlikeable, he's very much like his son.
  3. According to John Miranda, in the movie, wasted the talent of a competent Chilean comedian like Pato Pimienta and the Peruvian comedian Carlos Vilches, he thinks this was in order to make Jorge sound funny.
  4. In one scene a cab driver insults Jorge for being Argentinean, which makes him say "¡Que xenofóbo hijo de puta!" (What a xenophobe son of a bitch!), just for in a matter of minutes he insults a Peruvian guy, practically calling him "monkey", despite he didn't use those words.
  5. One of the fake reviews on the poster has the reviewer saying he didn't understand the film because it is very stupid, which literally happens to everybody that watches it.
  6. Many of the "antagonists" of this film tries hard to be hateable, but fail, and instead, they are likable, like Jorge's wife best friend they portrayed her as a hateable woman that looks and talks bad about Jorge or the Colombian Brothers, but instead you actually like them.
  7. Jorge doesn't respect his children and thinks they're annoying, in fact in one scene he says: "Que divinos que son, desde que estos llegaron nunca pude coger tranquilo, parece que huelen el semen estos hijos de puta" ("Look at how divine they're, after their birth I never could fuck in peace again, it's like they smell the cum those children of bitch"), in fact, John Miranda felt Embarrassed after hearing this. In other scenes after Jorge's oldest son says that he hasn't drunk milk, instead, he eats granola, Jorge says "¿Granola? ¿Que es esa mariconada? Chupa el pico" ("Granola? What is that faggot? Suck my cock") in fact her wife scolds him for that.
  8. Jorge embarrasses his wife on the birthday of his father-in-law (his wife's dad) and attempts to kill his own (Jorge's) grandmother.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. You can laugh with very few scenes, for instance, the scene when Jorge destroys the office of a bank boss and attacks the mascot dancing outside the bank.
  2. It's a bless ALL the characters keep reminding Jorge how he's the worst character of the film.
  3. Jorge's wife is very likable at the point you (even John Miranda) ask: "why she's not the protagonist instead?"
  4. Jorge's dad receives a "divine punishment" that leaves him in a comma, after that he lost his humor sense and stopped being annoying.


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