Are We Done Yet?

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Are We Done Yet?
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Is this movie done yet?
Genre: Comedy
Starring: Ted Hartley
Ice Cube
Matt Alvarez
Todd Garner
Photography: Color
Release Date: April 6, 2007
Runtime: 92 minutes
Country: United States
Prequel: Are We There Yet?

Are We Done Yet? is a 2007 American family comedy film starring Ice Cube. The film is a remake of the Cary Grant comedy Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House and a sequel to the 2005 comedy Are We There Yet? The film was directed by Steve Carr from a screenplay by Hank Nelken. It was produced by Revolution Studios and RKO Pictures and distributed by Columbia Pictures. The film was shot on location in Tsawwassen, British Columbia, Canada, but is set in Newberg, Oregon, United States.


Following the events of Are We There Yet?, Nick Persons (Ice Cube) has married Suzanne (Nia Long) and moved in with her, Kevin (Philip Daniel Bolden), and Lindsey (Aleisha Allen) into his apartment, also purchasing a 2007 Cadillac Escalade (after the destruction of his Lincoln Navigator SUV). He has also sold his sports memorabilia store to his best friend, Marty (played by Jay Mohr in the first film). While getting ready for an interview with Magic Johnson, Suzanne tells Nick that she is pregnant and they later find out that there will be twins.

For more space, Suzanne and Nick go check out a house, although Lindsey and Kevin – mainly the former – are against it. They meet Chuck Mitchell Jr. (John C. McGinley) there, and after some talking Nick decides to take the house. But he didn't get it inspected first and they find mold in the house, so Nick is angry with Chuck as he almost destroys their house. Meanwhile, Lindsey sneaks out to go to a party and when Nick finds out, he grounds her. He finally decides to fire Chuck, which causes Suzanne to take the kids and move to the guest house, with the parting shot You're the one who's tearing this family apart! After taking some time to think, Nick decides to fix the house on his own and also to apologize to Chuck especially when he was told that Chuck lost his wife few years previously. Chuck responds by bringing his friends to help, including Lindsey and Kevin.

When Suzanne goes into labor with the hospital half an hour away, Nick, Kevin and Lindsey have to deliver the babies. Chuck tries to get there, but his truck breaks down and he power walks down to the house. While she's still in labor, Nick gets a call from Magic. After Suzanne gives birth to a boy, the movie ends six months later with a big barbecue in their backyard at which Nick debuts his new magazine titled Are We Done Yet?, based on his experience building the house.

Why It Sucks

  1. The characters are even more unlikable.
  2. Things get more weird than the events in the first film.
  3. The story is arguably more lame than the first film.
  4. Pointless awkwardness that doesn't seem to stop.
  5. The jokes in this are way more nonexistent than the ones in the first film.
  6. Many of the same problems from the first film are present here.
  7. Product placement like the PlayStation Portable (which is owned by Sony, the company that owns Columbia Pictures, which this movie is distributed by).

Redeeming Qualities

  1. The opening sequence is animated and is pretty funny
  2. At least the kids were trying to fix things up, despite being nuisances
  3. Things work out at the end.

Awards and nominations

The film was nominated a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-off or Sequel, but lost to I Know Who Killed Me.

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