An All Dogs Christmas Carol

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An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Genre: Musical
Directed By: Paul Sabella
Gary Selvaggio (co-director)
Produced By: Jonathan Dern
Paul Sabella
Jymn Magon
Written By: Jymn Magon
Based On: Characters
by Don Bluth and David N. Weiss
Starring: Ernest Borgnine
Steven Weber
Dom DeLuise
Sheena Easton
Charles Nelson Reilly
Bebe Neuwirth
Distributed By: MGM/UA Distribution Co.
Release Date: November 17, 1998
Runtime: 72 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English
Franchise: All Dogs Go to Heaven
Prequel: All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

An All Dogs Christmas Carol is a 1998 American animated musical television film which was released direct-to-video in November 1998. The story is based on the 1843 novel A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


The movie begins in an alleyway with Charlie, Itchy, Sasha, and their friends decorating for a Christmas party. Everyone is enjoying themselves as Charlie and Itchy tend to the young puppies.

Bad Qualities

  1. Like the sequel, the animation is cheaply done. And like the sequel, Don Bluth had absolutely no involvement with this film.
    • Unlike the sequel, in which the animation (while still cheaply done) still looked decent enough, in this movie, the animation is even worse, with some of the characters being off-model in certain scenes, including some of their colors changing in between scenes, and inconsistent shading. This also occurs in the TV Series but in a movie, it is a big problem.
  2. Unlike the original film and the sequel where Charlie and Itchy are the main protagonists of the film, this film mainly focuses on Carface as the main protagonist of the film, despite Carface being an antagonist in the first film who ruthlessly killed Charlie.
  3. Charlie has yet another voice actor doing the role instead of Burt Reynolds (from the original film) and Charlie Sheen (in the sequel) and is voiced by Steven Weber.
  4. The plot is incredibly derivative and is based off of the Scrooge story from A Christmas Carol, which has been done to death.
    • Carface is Scrooge
    • Itchy being The Ghost of Christmas Past.
    • Sasha being The Ghost of Christmas Present.
    • And Charlie being The Ghost of Christmas Future
  5. Anne-Marie, who appeared in the first movie is still absent because of her dead actress.
  6. David, who appeared in the second film is absent too.
  7. Very lacking soundtrack, only having 4 songs, unlike the sequel which had 15 songs, and the original having 13.
  8. Belladonna is a forgettable antagonist, as all she did was plan to use a hypnotic dog whistle to hypnotize every dog in San Francisco into stealing the masters' Christmas presents so they can get kicked out by their owners just like Carface did.
  9. Like the sequel, it feels somewhat cheesy and lacks the charm and somewhat dark tone of the original 1989 film.

Good Qualities

  1. Like the sequel Itchy is still voiced by Dom DeLuise like he was in the original. As well as Ernest Borgnine as Carface.
  2. Carface later in the film, redeems himself and becomes a hero by turning off the switch used by the lever as well as risking his life so the dogs will no longer be hypnotized.
  3. Carface's childhood past is a good away to learn about Carface's character a bit more, although it contradicts the established time period of the first film.
  4. Despite the lacking soundtrack, some of the soundtrack is decent, such as the song "Clean Up Your Act": sung by Steven Weber and Ensemble.
  5. It was nice to see Killer again in an ADGTH film given that he was inexplicably absent in the second film.


The movie is mostly reviewed mixed by fans and negatively by critics, it currently has a 5.0/10 on IMDB, and a 32% on Rotten Tomatoes.