All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

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All Dogs Go to Heaven 2
All dogs go to heaven two poster.jpg
Genre: Musical
Starring: Charlie Sheen
Sheena Easton
Ernest Borgnine
Dom DeLuise
George Hearn
Bebe Neuwirth
Adam Wylie
Release Date: March 29, 1996
Runtime: 84 minutes
Country: United States
Prequel: All Dogs Go to HeavenGMW
Sequel: An All Dogs Christmas Carol

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2 is a 1996 sequel to Don Bluth's 1989 film All Dogs Go to Heaven.


Charlie (Charlie Sheen) and Itchy (Dom Deluise) return to Earth to find Gabriel's horn, but along the way, the two meet up with a young boy named David, who ran away from home.

Bad Qualities

  1. Cheap-looking animation, despite being made in the 1990's.
  2. In the last film, when Charlie left for Heaven, he looks as if he's changed his ways. But here, he acts like he hasn't learned anything from the first film at all.
  3. Awful plot holes. For example, when Charlie and Itchy see Carface in the bar, he somehow is able to talk to them as a ghost. However, when Charlie and Sasha are about to kiss, Charlie turns back into a ghost and they can't hear him.
  4. David is basically just a cardboard cutout male version of Anne Marie.
  5. Don Bluth was not involved, despite having worked on the preceding film.
  6. Carface goes from being an insane greedy villain in the first movie to Red's bumbling, idiotic lackey.
  7. Charlie is ACTUALLY friends with Carface and trusts him.
  8. The plot has nothing related to the first one and ignores a majority of the events of the first film.

Good Qualities

  1. The ending's rather heartwarming.
  2. Sasha is a good looking dog and her voice actress, Sheena Easton has a beautiful singing voice.
  3. The characters are still likeable for the most part.
  4. Red is a pretty terrifying villain.
  5. Some nice songs, especially "It's Too Heavenly Here" (fun fact: Jesse Corti, the voice of LeFou from Beauty and the Beast, provides the singing voice of Charlie).
  6. Adam Wylie did a good job voicing David.